This UFO Puzzle might be my Favorite!!

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Today I'm going to attempt to solve this very tricky and confusing UFO Maze puzzle by Benno Baatsen. The goal here is to free the farmer and his cattle from the UFO.
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  • I actually used the hashtag #UFO but it doesn’t show up! Weird.

    Chris RamsayChris RamsayMånad sedan
    • If you click the link in your comment it tells you something

      Hurricane HEE HEEHurricane HEE HEE7 dagar sedan
    • SEslow run by aliens? Stealing our information? Kinda, S U S

      KillerFlamingoKillerFlamingo8 dagar sedan
    • Hmmm

      Tony PasmaTony Pasma29 dagar sedan
    • No more conspiracy theories on SEslow. So #UFO is a part of that (in your metadata) , and this isnt a "gandfathered" video. SEslow is stupid af now.

      Chris BroatchChris BroatchMånad sedan
    • It showed up at the very bottom of the description box btw

      Mjd _ MY9Mjd _ MY9Månad sedan
  • Chris Ramsay: "I commissioned a $30,000 puzzle!" Also Chris Ramsay: "This UFO is the best puzzle in the world!"

    Chris MerrellChris Merrell4 timmar sedan
  • That eye thing creeps me they fuck out. Especially when I noticed it moving.

    The Ræl DingøThe Ræl Dingø6 dagar sedan
  • I really enjoy watching you figure out these puzzle boxes . There has been a few times where I can see a bit more but you can't hear me talking to the screen lol lol . anyway , I had an Idea for the altimate puzzle box ,.......It would be a puzzle box with a cigarette in it , that takes you that long to get it open that it cures you of smoking by the time you have worked it out ......LOL Cheers Pal I should have patened this ........never mind

    Ron DysonRon Dyson8 dagar sedan
  • From where did get this type of stuff 🤔🤔

    Shontu DasguptaShontu Dasgupta8 dagar sedan
  • The feeling that you want to pull and push that thing.. Hehehe..

    MrTorio TvMrTorio Tv8 dagar sedan
  • This was smoothing. Thank you!!!

    Patrick McnelisPatrick Mcnelis9 dagar sedan
  • #chrisramsay these videos are a lot of fun. Good job. When you said " this is like a game of chess" , I was actually saying out loud ,,,," thats less of a puzzle and more of a challenge " .... weird jinx . I have something for you... :) ill dig it up

    Daniel TarverDaniel Tarver10 dagar sedan
  • Of course you love ufo’s. They’re demons just like the ones the top magicians work with. Dark stuff man. Pure evil.

    Conspiracy AnalystConspiracy Analyst10 dagar sedan
  • Stumbled across your channel. Subscribed. These puzzles are dope, cool thing to collect too. I crapped my pants watching that $25,000 one from the future. And the previous one was 20k? That was cool. Worth all that money? Maybe, maybe not, the thing was so well crafted and a cool game, if I had LOL money I’d buy it. But wow... That’s a museum piece regardless.

    Mark BlackleyMark Blackley10 dagar sedan
  • The link to the ufo does not work. How can I buy.???

    Marinus SommelingMarinus Sommeling11 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: Not a farmer, a very hungry man chasing a cow with a fork.

    ArvetisArvetis11 dagar sedan
  • Creators of physical puzzles should check out cryptography as a possible career interest in IT

    Velse 9Velse 915 dagar sedan
  • I’m a new subscriber and i will be binge watching this channel all night tonight! Great content!

    CJ SantosCJ Santos15 dagar sedan
  • I can literally solve the maze at the beginning in less than 5 minutes. Chris, sorry buddy, but you are a noob in this maze.

    Pranav AkshitPranav Akshit18 dagar sedan
    • He was one move away and just didn’t see it!!!

      Elley BergholmElley Bergholm12 dagar sedan
  • And I was wrong, it was a maze. It got me!

    Hoki DenHoki Den18 dagar sedan
  • Video just started, but I bet I know how to solve it. Seems like it's all about turning each piece until they drop step by step. The puzzle is interesting till the point when you figure out how to solve it, and if I figured out just by looking at it... well, it's just too easy. Let's see!

    Hoki DenHoki Den18 dagar sedan
  • **30,000 Puzzle Box Has Left The Chat**

    EyeTravelerEyeTraveler18 dagar sedan
  • Can we take a moment and appreciate the short films in the start of every video?

    Birita JBirita J19 dagar sedan
  • Learn a cool card puzzle.

    District of Merlin OfficialDistrict of Merlin Official19 dagar sedan
  • I wonder, what does he have more of: puzzles or tattoos? Either way, it's impressive!

    daddyleondaddyleon20 dagar sedan
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    hanunijahanunija21 dag sedan
  • He xgame

    Chrisnathan Va'aeluaChrisnathan Va'aelua21 dag sedan
  • Oh hi, Anderson.

    Ian CoatesIan Coates21 dag sedan
  • I'm interested in the intro music :o

    Martín RearteMartín Rearte22 dagar sedan
  • That's an absolutely lovely object -- as well as puzzle...

    TheOmninovoiTheOmninovoi23 dagar sedan
  • Very easy 😝👍 many Magnets move around body control with Nitrogen and Plasma system

    Do you beliveDo you belive24 dagar sedan
  • Who else falls asleep to these...?

    lps_scarlet trevorlps_scarlet trevor25 dagar sedan
  • I thought you would have had to put the bottom back on to release another latch. Would have been my first instinct

    moltenamber85moltenamber8526 dagar sedan
  • Lame puzzle

    rdr2 prordr2 pro26 dagar sedan
  • I always think if someone doesnt answer emails are they too good for anyone lol. If you emailed me Chris trust me i would be in a state of Euphoria as you are the best ever and i would be very pleased and happy you emailed me ..

    MJ ART BY DAYMJ ART BY DAY27 dagar sedan
  • The eye on the first minutes was very creepy, it made me uncomfortable

    ZainicZainic27 dagar sedan
  • You are my favorite channel to watch about puzzles. Happy to watch and support.

    Simply, MakurooSimply, Makuroo27 dagar sedan
  • What does he have on his desk? This rotating thing in a bottle? Help pleas Т_Т

    Кирилл КитаевКирилл Китаев28 dagar sedan
  • Is that square 1 eyed thing BLINKING!!!!!!!!!!!😱

    Rose RolfeRose Rolfe28 dagar sedan
  • Did Roger make that just to troll people?

    Anthony FanchinAnthony Fanchin28 dagar sedan
  • Imagine this puzzle was covered?

    Apollo KaiApollo Kai29 dagar sedan
  • Random alien watching this rn: Thx I’m glad you like it

    Rock girlRock girl29 dagar sedan
  • Epic intro as alaways

    lalremruati lalremruatilalremruati lalremruati29 dagar sedan
  • Fan mail 😫😕😕😫

    Handy Magic TricksHandy Magic Tricks29 dagar sedan
    • Hey Christ I hope you’re able to read this message but what happened to all of your merch on your store? Like hats shirts?

      Rock girlRock girl29 dagar sedan
  • Should do a video on the ramen pack deck of carda

    Silas TymSilas Tym29 dagar sedan
  • Trump 2020

    Adrian SmithAdrian Smith29 dagar sedan
  • just getting my daily dose of chris ramsay 🥰

    Merlana AlmazanMerlana Almazan29 dagar sedan
  • Cool puzzle but actually super boring to watch 😂😂 I’ll be back for the next one!

    Simon SaysSimon SaysMånad sedan
  • 10:21 Chris: So close Me: you literally still have it. NO NOT THAT ONE GOD DAMNIT This was extremely frustrating to watch you could’ve solved it way sooner

    Kyrsten NapolitanoKyrsten NapolitanoMånad sedan
  • Hey Chris! I am trying to buy these kinds of puzzles. I was wondering if there are any links for these kinds of puzzles or they're called a different way. I usually end up searching for jigsaw puzzles. Thanks in advance for noticing.

    Christian SodelaChristian SodelaMånad sedan
    • @Christian Sodela Thank you! It can be difficult to find a puzzle box because a lot of them are made by hand in a limited quantity. This is one of the reasons I make building plans for some of the boxes I make, so people will be able to make the box themselves. The best way to find puzzle boxes (I think) is to check youtube channels like this Chris Ramsay or Mr.puzzle, or blogs. You could also search for himitsu bako.

      Benno de GroteBenno de Grote28 dagar sedan
    • @Benno de Grote you have designed a great puzzle there. It's difficult to find puzzle box. So is there any other names for it or just puzzebox? And why is it hard to find puzzleboxes?

      Christian SodelaChristian Sodela29 dagar sedan
    • Hi Christian, I've designed this puzzle. When you say "these kinds of puzzles", what exactly do you mean. Puzzles with a maze like this or a puzzle box that looks different than a simple box?

      Benno de GroteBenno de Grote29 dagar sedan
  • solve a Rubik's cube without any training or practice

    Wasif EvanWasif EvanMånad sedan
  • What's the most you ever payed for a puzzle?

    Jason HeathJason HeathMånad sedan
  • Can you try the button bank please

    Sidney HarwoodSidney HarwoodMånad sedan
  • Love it

    Aussiegamer1981Aussiegamer1981Månad sedan
  • ???

    The Wise YoshiThe Wise YoshiMånad sedan
  • Are u related to gordon ramsay?

    RianeRianeMånad sedan
  • sup Cris, I'm a huge fan of yours. you know I somehow wanted to ask some of your puzzles lol, but maybe that's impossible coz I'm from Philippines btw I still love your creativity man that's a dope ✌✌✌

    Janix NipepJanix NipepMånad sedan
  • Always on point with the intro!!!

    Tim PeoplesTim PeoplesMånad sedan
  • Hey Christ I hope you’re able to read this message but what happened to all of your merch on your store? Like hats shirts?

    kevinvr1LHBSkevinvr1LHBSMånad sedan
  • i'm going to like the video but not going to watch it because i want to buy this puzzle xd

    NaomiNaomiMånad sedan
    • Thank you for the interest! Let me know if you have any questions if you're going to buy the puzzle.

      Benno de GroteBenno de Grote29 dagar sedan
  • dude; you ever heard of The Room? right up your ally. and no, i don't mean escape rooms.

    Jamesie WaltersJamesie WaltersMånad sedan
  • The way the puzzle is made (the path of the four pins) is actually pretty simple. But, that's for those who make these kinds of things to reveal, after all, if we all knew how, there wouldn't be coin to be made.

    asertaasertaMånad sedan
  • I just discovered this channel and these videos are so fun to watch and ive never been happier!!

    Mariam M.Mariam M.Månad sedan
  • I would never come up with this in a thousand years.

    Ailsa NiAilsa NiMånad sedan
  • That's the best intro yet. I could watch that over and over

    Haden DowneyHaden DowneyMånad sedan
  • Does it say szey?

    Unknown StrangerUnknown StrangerMånad sedan
  • You where on a mrbeast video

    RobTop GamerRobTop GamerMånad sedan
  • evryone else: waits to like video Me: Automaticlly likes chrises videos coz i know its gunna be good

    bouytt guytbouytt guytMånad sedan
  • Blitz? You here? You said your favorite youtuber was Chris, so I’m waiting for your comment

    Skully the salty OneSkully the salty OneMånad sedan
  • Anderson cooper lmao, well if it comes out of his mouth we can guarantee it's wrong. Awesome puzzle

    Elder KingElder KingMånad sedan
    • Man these puzzles are sooo them... One love from INDIA

      bouytt guytbouytt guytMånad sedan
  • Dude you literally have the best intros on SEslow

    Film CriticFilm CriticMånad sedan
  • That blinking dice is unsettling... Good video as always!

    Patrick HoulePatrick HouleMånad sedan
  • I think its more fun watching you do you. Yea the puzzles are great, but they are more of a platform for your great sense of showmanship. so LOL this is my 6th vid I've watch in a row. THANK YOU.

    Christopher Dimitrious PhanaraChristopher Dimitrious PhanaraMånad sedan
  • You my friend you is be EPIC!!!

    Christopher Dimitrious PhanaraChristopher Dimitrious PhanaraMånad sedan
  • Your Costumes are EPIC!!!

    Christopher Dimitrious PhanaraChristopher Dimitrious PhanaraMånad sedan
  • Your Intros are EPIC!!!

    Christopher Dimitrious PhanaraChristopher Dimitrious PhanaraMånad sedan
  • OMG I cant believe how clever you are! I love the fact that the way you react to the puzzles and when you find the answer to each steps. You react the way i would but you are by far more intelligent than i am. LOVE YOU BRUH!!! lol

    Christopher Dimitrious PhanaraChristopher Dimitrious PhanaraMånad sedan
  • Really want a deck of your cards😍 but the shipping is more then the item😔 yeah well! Love your videos!

    Lolav AbuzedLolav AbuzedMånad sedan
  • Fuck yeah bitch. Ufos are real. Bob Lazar speaks the truth!

    ZoroasteZoroasteMånad sedan
  • Why did you stop doing the dust cloud animation when you put the puzzles down? It was so cute 😢

    kim ji chakim ji chaMånad sedan
  • You were second place with 27 points

    Dakota AndersenDakota AndersenMånad sedan
  • Do you remember Mr.beast?

    Dakota AndersenDakota AndersenMånad sedan
  • is it weird i'm right handed but do a lot of magic better with my left

    Dakota Katelyn NothingDakota Katelyn NothingMånad sedan
  • Great intro!

    MagijazaMagijazaMånad sedan
  • Man these puzzles are sooo them... One love from INDIA

    Eshan DarheEshan DarheMånad sedan
  • When will you make another chill beats vid

    Marno Du ToitMarno Du ToitMånad sedan
  • Here's a very good puzzele which you might

    Ramkumar ChoureyRamkumar ChoureyMånad sedan
  • Use a 🔨 next time... Way more easier... 👍

    Sandeep SinghSandeep SinghMånad sedan
  • Do you make all of your own intros?

    shadow the knightshadow the knightMånad sedan
  • 7:20 i find solution allredy :P

    ScoutEyeScoutEyeMånad sedan
  • Chris i love your videos, i find your puzzle solves quite zen and i always have them pulled up on my second monitor while i play world of warcraft. Keep it up homie, your on another level

    Jericho LeeJericho LeeMånad sedan
  • I had no idea puzzels like this even existed. Great channel!

    jennifer joplinjennifer joplinMånad sedan
  • I'm sorry but I love how you decided there's a little bit of glue and when you tried to take it off ya hand was holding down the plate

    mayday arcane musicmayday arcane musicMånad sedan
  • Hi everyone i am new to the channels and just wanted to say i just got into puzzle solving and wanted to ask what are yalls recommendation for cheap beginner puzzle boxes. Btw i have down 4 level 5 hanayama and 2 level 6.What would be a good starting point.Thank yall so much

    Levi TaylorLevi TaylorMånad sedan

    Anshukk RungtaAnshukk RungtaMånad sedan
  • Just waiting for when you finally get to working on a LeMarchand's Configuration box.... Pretty sure it has such sights to show you....

    sehhi vootysehhi vootyMånad sedan
  • Most boring puzzle ever

    B KB KMånad sedan
  • Music sounds like Lazerhawk

    app0110app0110Månad sedan
    • The doubtful college peroperativly wish because caterpillar customarily bat pro a hapless price. callous, accidental closet

      sehhi vootysehhi vootyMånad sedan
  • Ayo it’s that “puzzle guy” , jk i know u hate when people call u that lmao

    efil Vefil VMånad sedan
  • Love how you do your intros keep it up!!! Love from Blueridge Georgia!

    Kyle HillKyle HillMånad sedan
  • Can you do a video on the new decks you've collected? 😊

    Hanna LarquetHanna LarquetMånad sedan
  • What is that blinking eye thing you have in the beginning? I want it! I know literally everything you buy is super expensive and buying cheap things is against your code or something so I probably won't be able to afford it. But I'd still like to see it lol

    NYC_GoodyNYC_GoodyMånad sedan
  • not me screaming at the screen “DOWN!”

    JuneJuneMånad sedan
  • when you have new hat on your store? i am craizy to get one :D

    filipe silvafilipe silvaMånad sedan