My Best Friend Built Me THE WACKIEST Puzzle!!

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Today, I'm going to attempt to solve Wes Barker's Puzzle which he made for me... Enjoy!
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  • Hope you enjoyed this one! If you want it, and want to help Wes buy a new camera, you can bid here lol:

    Chris RamsayChris Ramsay3 månader sedan
    • @Butt Hand 0.1 awww thanks for letting me live in your little head rent free Butt hand?? So cute. You actually think someone cares enough to be considered a hater. Awww I remember my first comment. 🤣🤡

      Matt ZeccardiMatt ZeccardiMånad sedan
    • @Matt Zeccardi awwwwww. Thanks. My first hater. Thank you so, so much. P.s I think if sumit so small as this triggers u, I think ya need a life little fella 😂 ✌️

      Butt Hand 0.1Butt Hand 0.1Månad sedan
    • @Butt Hand 0.1 your name is Butt Hand!! Who’s going to take you serious?

      Matt ZeccardiMatt ZeccardiMånad sedan
    • If you can find the person who bought it for around £17.000.00 I will pay them £45.000.00 right now! £50.000.00 if Chris signs a picture of him holding it! This is a REAL OFFER! It would be such a shame if you pass on this opportunity.

      Butt Hand 0.1Butt Hand 0.13 månader sedan
    • What is that

      kayla and jonathan mckayla and jonathan mc3 månader sedan

    Nikki BooNikki Boo5 dagar sedan
  • Woooah! This is the best puzzle box on this channel.

    Aleksandra JanickaAleksandra Janicka5 dagar sedan
  • How much did it end up selling for?

    Richard JneiderRichard Jneider12 dagar sedan
  • What did it sell for??

    Brennon Van WieBrennon Van Wie13 dagar sedan
  • how much did it end up selling for?

    SamanthaSamantha15 dagar sedan
  • This was incredible! I was smiling at your happiness. Honestly so impressed because it’s got to be so hard to make one!

    Stephanie jean #mumlifeStephanie jean #mumlife16 dagar sedan
  • Sold for $16,000 in case you wanted to know

    Quiet TimeQuiet Time22 dagar sedan
  • 0:00 0:12

    WobblyorbeeWobblyorbee22 dagar sedan
  • * 9:14 , how minecraft got the hit sound.

    * error sans* error sans23 dagar sedan
  • i feel like the puzzles that require you to just guess and spin aren't great as "puzzles", but given that this was was made specifically for chris, and he does puzzles like that all the time, it's actually pretty genius as a puzzle? it's not guessing because it's based on prior information of who it's being made for . that's cool i think

    ASTERASTER25 dagar sedan
  • Two thumbs way up love it

    Ken FrikujKen Frikuj25 dagar sedan
  • Now I want Chris who creates a puzzle and Wes solves it

    Stacarlsonlaus P.Stacarlsonlaus P.26 dagar sedan
  • It went for $16350.5 wow did not think it would me so high

    GamingDragon006GamingDragon00627 dagar sedan
  • eBay item I want to include pictures of you to or something like that your cards etc.

    Betty JaneBetty Jane27 dagar sedan
  • I think it looks awesome. Congratulations Wes and Chris for having such a great friend! I can’t imagine you would sell it when it’s such a work of love! And a beautiful memory!

    Betty JaneBetty Jane27 dagar sedan
  • I feel as though making a puzzle is a lot harder than solving it. This was so well done for it being his first puzzle craft!

    FAnn CosplayFAnn Cosplay29 dagar sedan
  • OMG you guys look like your brothers. Are you guys related???

    Christopher Dimitrious PhanaraChristopher Dimitrious PhanaraMånad sedan
  • Does anyone else hope he gets a side business going making more puzzles? I would love buy something like this for Xmas gifts

    HelenHelenMånad sedan
  • This was absolutely amazing 🤩 😍😍

    antonio ziccardiantonio ziccardiMånad sedan
  • Did you think of ever getting a real job

    Joe DittaJoe DittaMånad sedan
  • Best one yet. So much enjoyment. For his first ever puzzle that was great and a great prize at the end.

    John ClowesJohn ClowesMånad sedan
  • I loved this video ,you look so happy

    Kris MarshallKris MarshallMånad sedan
  • Chris Ramsay: I never get to knock around puzzles! Bad Radio: cries ok, there was exactly 69 bids on the puzzle lmao

    Crimson FhangCrimson FhangMånad sedan
  • Oh wow I just searched up how much this puzzle sold for.......16,000$ holy shit 🤭 he must’ve got one good ass camera

    Emmma ChanelEmmma ChanelMånad sedan
  • Nice puzzle but don't smoke kids but your drinking whisky 🤔 yea should of just left that out

    ESFJohnsonESFJohnsonMånad sedan
  • He solves complex puzzles of all kinds and difficulties but doesn't figure out that the other side of the cigar holder is filled with whiskey until it's spilled all over the box XD

    E ToyoE ToyoMånad sedan
  • 7:56 me see bug

    The illusion master Tutorials and videosThe illusion master Tutorials and videosMånad sedan
    • Me see bug

      The illusion master Tutorials and videosThe illusion master Tutorials and videosMånad sedan
  • WOW Is went for $16,350.50 this is amazingly a lot of money 💸

    rabbid foxrabbid foxMånad sedan
  • Honestly for someone who never made a puzzle box and didn’t know how this is impressive

    Bloodmoon MonstersBloodmoon MonstersMånad sedan
  • yes...maybe it goes away for 50, maybe for a thousand.... Or 16.350,50$. Who knows.

    MoreVolumeNOWMoreVolumeNOWMånad sedan
  • Who else thinks it looks like a dif guy in the thumbnail

    Rylan BroshRylan BroshMånad sedan
  • “One of my favorite puzzles in the world I don’t even care how it works.”......That’s what a awesome friend sounds like ;)

    0fficial_Ivey0fficial_IveyMånad sedan
  • This one was fun to watch. Change the metal bearings to wooden ones or copper

    Steven PaigeSteven PaigeMånad sedan
  • I want Mark Robles to build you a puzzle

    LLMånad sedan
  • It sold for £16,000!!!

    Luke CookLuke CookMånad sedan
  • Yo can i just say genius yall sold it for almost $17 grand kudos to u both!!👏👏

    kATiEWhOkATiEWhOMånad sedan
  • Awesome makes me wanna drink some fireball after dinner tonight

    Paul CuenPaul CuenMånad sedan
  • 16k for that puzzel thats an damm Good cam for him

    Juri BonettJuri BonettMånad sedan
  • Like a kid on Christmas morning. Absolutely epic.

    Pete Top Kevin BottomPete Top Kevin BottomMånad sedan
  • That was cool puzzle Wes. I also watched you making it before this video. Someone actually paid over 16k for that puzzle :O

    TärskyTärskyMånad sedan
  • Wow, 12+grand, Wes?!?! Way to rock puzzle making. Not only was this one of my fav watches so far, it was so cool to see what it went for at auction. What kind of camera did you buy?

    miss demimiss demiMånad sedan
  • Amazing 🔥🙌🏻

    TAVIDTAVIDMånad sedan
  • Haaa y’all made a great team gd video

    Jace TorreJace TorreMånad sedan
  • $12k USD for the Wes Puzzle...... wow

    Docc JohnsonDocc JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Wes loved seeing this puzzle!, another awesome solve Chris 😎😎

    Simon T’eSimon T’eMånad sedan
  • This is absolutely awesome!!!

    Ashley McCartyAshley McCartyMånad sedan
  • man 16350.50 Canadian Dollars for that puzzle? geez. maybe I should get into the puzzle making business.

    James ShelnuttJames ShelnuttMånad sedan
  • Video.. 16.3(+)min... puzzle sells 16.3(+)k... lmao, interesting

    Crimson RayneCrimson RayneMånad sedan
  • It sold for $16,000

    SmartandSmarterSmartandSmarterMånad sedan
  • My only question is, what kind of crazy person do you have to be to come up with something like this.

    Wisdom SPWisdom SP2 månader sedan
  • Very cool to get a glimpse inside the mind of Wes Barker! Great puzzle, great video and as always, great fun! Take care guys!

    99 Red GGs !99 Red GGs !2 månader sedan
  • Loving it! Especially the prize! And as usual, I find myself yelling at you through my phone and telling you what to do to solve it! Lol. My guess is usually correct about 60% of the time. But this time, I had it figured out almost immediately. Keep em coming bro!

    Bruce TyndallBruce Tyndall2 månader sedan
  • Might sell for 50 bucks might sell for a thousand.... might sell for 16 thousand too who knows

    Vinutha VenkateshVinutha Venkatesh2 månader sedan
  • I’m most impressed with the craftsmanship! Who knew WES was so talented?

    Anim8ed by MAD DADAnim8ed by MAD DAD2 månader sedan
  • it went for $16,350.50 jesus

    GregRyanGregRyan2 månader sedan
  • Loved it

    Milan SkokanMilan Skokan2 månader sedan
  • holy cow it sold for 16k WOW

    Zero GearZero Gear2 månader sedan
  • Really should use that as a prototype. Make more, heavy duty and possibly upgrade. Best treasure ever.

    Jerel MercurioJerel Mercurio2 månader sedan
  • For a guy who never made one before, it was amazing. We want to see you make one Chris!

    Jerel MercurioJerel Mercurio2 månader sedan
  • Will that get you a free drink at the bar?

    Also JoshuaAlso Joshua2 månader sedan
  • If u wer wondering i will save you time: the final bid was $16,350.50

    Alexander KagyAlexander Kagy2 månader sedan
  • it acualy sold for = Price: C $16,350.50 woww!!!!

    Rizzle DizzleRizzle Dizzle2 månader sedan
  • this was amazing!!

    Rizzle DizzleRizzle Dizzle2 månader sedan
  • Help the gentleman wake

    Meri MarziMeri Marzi2 månader sedan
  • We need more Puzzles by Wes! That was so different and unique.

    M WelchM Welch2 månader sedan
  • Looks like Wes barker found a new calling. Building puzzle boxes and having Chris Ramsay sell them on eBay. $13,500 C, $12k US... smdh. Shows that money doesn’t mean you have brains. But hey, who am I to judge?

    Joshua DavidsonJoshua Davidson2 månader sedan
  • Wow he is getting ba NICE camera lol

    skeeter 793skeeter 7932 månader sedan
  • The thumbnail looks like he is giving you a vibe check.

    ÁngelTheOne.ÁngelTheOne.2 månader sedan
  • That was a cool puzzle! I didn’t think it would be as complex as it turned out to be knowing Wes is not a puzzle maker. He did a fantastic job!

    PeggyPeggy2 månader sedan
  • Wow ya he is getting a way nice camera for 16k

    Cody BlackburnCody Blackburn2 månader sedan
  • So tired of all these bearded, tatted, millenials playing at magic. You're not that original.

    david ludwigdavid ludwig2 månader sedan
  • I love how thought out the steps were.

    WhateverWhatever2 månader sedan
  • They really sold an arts and crafts wooden box for 16k on ebay???

    channelnamechannelname2 månader sedan
  • magic wand

    Bill GreenBill Green2 månader sedan
  • cool wes pal

    Bill GreenBill Green2 månader sedan
  • Chris: buys $10k puzzles Wes: I can do better with some wood, a nail and a mousetrap Great video :D

    Axel UndinAxel Undin2 månader sedan
  • Hahaaaaa! That was deep! Loved it! Cheers to WES!

    Immortal-47Immortal-472 månader sedan
  • LMFAO the “2nd” logo has me dead! Such great thinking!

    Savannah SutherlandSavannah Sutherland2 månader sedan
  • Hi Chris :) I'm from Poland - me and my fiancee are your big fans, really aprecciate your work, especially in this covid time (we both working from home, so there are some tough times :) but really enjoy this one, especially created by your friend. While watching my fiiancee said - "I must make some puzzle for your birthday" - so I thought - "wait a minute, maybe I will ask Chris for an authograph for him". So if there is any possible way to buy your signature, please let me know, it will be a real pleasure to give him something like that. Thank you, and we're waiting for the next puzzle to watch :) wonder what could that be :)

    Ewa CzeżykEwa Czeżyk2 månader sedan
  • If anyone wants To know, it sold for over 16k . 🤓

    LifeJustLiveLifeJustLive3 månader sedan
  • Did the bidder actually pay the 16.5k

    Duncan AtkinsDuncan Atkins3 månader sedan
  • Sold for $16,000! jesus!!

    ACOGLMT556ACOGLMT5563 månader sedan
  • I greatly enjoyed that. The reward at the end was a perfect choice lol (keeping it vague to not spoil)

    SifSif3 månader sedan
  • It really was a cool of the better ones that Chris has solved. Good job Wes 👍

    Eric DavidsEric Davids3 månader sedan
  • Please do it again👍👍👍👍

    Gerry GerryGerry Gerry3 månader sedan
  • For what that puzzle sold for... Wes can buy a damn camera that’s used for movie production 😂

    Colin R6Colin R63 månader sedan
  • That moment when you realize the puzzle sold for a little over $12,200 USD

    LukrativLukrativ3 månader sedan
  • Thats was amazing I've never been into magic until I started watching this channel I want that box that is AWSOME great work

    Sean HobbsSean Hobbs3 månader sedan
  • Jesus loves u all so much

    I LIKE BEANS!!I LIKE BEANS!!3 månader sedan
  • ....and then he went back to flying the Serenity.

    Marko MilovacMarko Milovac3 månader sedan
  • By any chance were you an unus annus fan cause of your memento mori tatoo (No i hvnt realised it before, and yes i have been subd forlike half a year)

    cozoltcozolt3 månader sedan
  • That’s a great puzzle and a great reward ! Buy that man the best camera!

    Steve DingmanSteve Dingman3 månader sedan
  • The ball lock was amazing wes. Your smarter than you look

    Keith RenaudKeith Renaud3 månader sedan
  • Sold for over $12,500 USD. Good for you Wes

    Russ LoudRuss Loud3 månader sedan
  • Did he ask for a "Ska Towel"?? If so what the hell is even that then??

    Ziggy GunzZiggy Gunz3 månader sedan
  • Should do a raffle to raise money instead

    jonathan colemanjonathan coleman3 månader sedan
  • Wes ended up selling the puzzle on eBay for almost $17,000!!!!! THAT'S CRAAAAAZY!!

    Leah LowuhLeah Lowuh3 månader sedan
  • Share your blessing bro... just for our recovery after the hit of super typhoon. Big fan here from the Philippines❤ BTC: 3P3uqX1RhvmkytsCpfd6ktctfU8yZC8S7b

    rpaul sandersrpaul sanders3 månader sedan
  • 16K !!! 1. Good job for the puzzle ! 2. I'm drunk, not sure, but the puzzle got sold for 16k ? 3. That's going to be a pretty sick camera ! 4. Cheers. 5. Still drunk.

    Philippe RoyPhilippe Roy3 månader sedan