Riot Games built me a ONE-OF-A-KIND Puzzle Box!! - Legends of Runeterra

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This video is sponsored by Riot Games.
Today I’m going to attempt to open a one of a kind custom Legends of Runeterra puzzle box built by the Riot Games team and Puzzlebox Creations.
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  • god damn. what a perfect collaboration

    iDubbbzTViDubbbzTVMånad sedan
    • Where did you come from lol

      KillerFlamingoKillerFlamingo8 dagar sedan
    • Learn a cool card puzzle here: (Alice in wonderland inspired puzzle)

      SnowflakesXYZSnowflakesXYZ17 dagar sedan
    • Oh hey ian

      Mystic RaizinsMystic Raizins26 dagar sedan
    • @Ionrenaline the king 😈

      Nailgut101Nailgut10127 dagar sedan
    • Its him!

      IonrenalineIonrenalineMånad sedan
  • As much as I hate Riot Games that's quite an epic puzzle!

    Momchil AndonovMomchil Andonov3 timmar sedan
  • I just love seeing a creator genuinely love what they do. The joy and excitement he has for each and every change in the puzzle is amazing!

    2drumaster2drumaster19 timmar sedan
  • cheap like their games:D

    YAAAHAYAAAHA21 timme sedan
  • Amazing!!

    Ashley ConradAshley ConradDag sedan
  • Damn! This is absolutely crazy! I want one! Gibe 🤣

    Lightning GamerLightning Gamer2 dagar sedan
  • He only had 2 ozt of 3 mana :(

    blood hunterblood hunter2 dagar sedan
  • Is it cheating if you label parts of the puzzle?

    Quienton PerkinsQuienton Perkins3 dagar sedan
  • Yes but it isn't riot who built it, it is a company or specialist they hired to make the box that built it...Business is interesting.

    Sprint WyvernSprint Wyvern3 dagar sedan
  • That was insane

    Adam BrumlAdam Bruml3 dagar sedan
  • Who ever created this deserves a love

    Daz AlenkoDaz Alenko4 dagar sedan
  • 23:08 epic

    Daz AlenkoDaz Alenko4 dagar sedan
  • Even though this puzzle was so cool.... it got me thinking.... what if Hearthstone does the same thing? That would be awesome

    찬찬찬찬4 dagar sedan
  • Very, very fun to watch :D

    KDDBKDDB5 dagar sedan
  • What a box. Amazing bro

    Steven ConnonSteven Connon5 dagar sedan
  • You need better lighting man. Can’t see nothing!

    Ch HaCh Ha5 dagar sedan
  • The Key was never used though......

    Bobby SeelyeBobby Seelye6 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how riot games made that

    Lix TvLix Tv6 dagar sedan
  • that box is better than the game itself

    Agustin DemarcoAgustin Demarco6 dagar sedan
  • So what about the key ???

    Việt HuyViệt Huy7 dagar sedan
  • this is the best puzzle i've ever seen

    Breece BossyBreece Bossy7 dagar sedan
  • Ditto Jakes comment!!!!

    Grammadonut SquashdogGrammadonut Squashdog7 dagar sedan
  • That definitely could give the alien technology puzzle box a run for it's money for coolness.

    Me my opinion ScheMe my opinion Sche7 dagar sedan
  • That is pretty dope.

    Me my opinion ScheMe my opinion Sche7 dagar sedan
  • 5:47 what about the key? It do not work and do not use after

    Kiet NguyenKiet Nguyen7 dagar sedan
  • What’s the use of the key

    Raleigh JustadoRaleigh Justado8 dagar sedan
  • Did you start to play league of legends? Is a really god game, and would be awesome if you create a YT channel of it! Btw, im from Brazil, sorry for bad english!

    raturooraturoo8 dagar sedan
  • how about a big key?

    Team NvM OfficialTeam NvM Official8 dagar sedan
  • Hey anyone ever tell you you sound like Rick Kackis

    Lincoln ReinwaldLincoln Reinwald8 dagar sedan
  • Salut Chris, j'ai vue que tu avais du mal a montrer ce que tu voyais a l'interieur de la sphère transparente. Du coup j me disait que quand ça arrive, tu pourrais faire un petit schéma de ce que tu voyais pour le rajouter plus tard au montage, ça permettrai de compenser les problèmes de caméra avec gros casses-têtes. Même si j te suivais que pour apprendre des tours de magie (en trichant et en utilisant la fonction ralenti de youtube principalement pour comprendre) j suis ravi que tu ai l'opportunité d avoir des casses-têtes du genre et de nous les partager ;) Merci pour ton taf Chris.

    Twin CrashTwin Crash8 dagar sedan
  • Did you edit in the sound effects or was that the box?

    Late Night EnergyLate Night Energy8 dagar sedan
  • of course mobile games find away to collaborate with anyone but still it was amazing

    Split ScreenSplit Screen8 dagar sedan
  • Riot Games have good designers :D .

    Aleksandra JanickaAleksandra Janicka9 dagar sedan
  • Man this is such a cool puzzle but I'm still never coming back to this game.

    GreedCGreedC9 dagar sedan
  • Most insane puzzle box ever

    verry supandiverry supandi9 dagar sedan
  • wow.. phenomenal puzzle

    Mike FolmarMike Folmar9 dagar sedan
  • really wish you could buy one of these boxes but cant seem to find em anywhere

    Knightfall _Knightfall _9 dagar sedan
  • Fucking Riot Games should start balancing Yone instead of doing one of a kind stunts like this.

    Vittorio VendettaVittorio Vendetta9 dagar sedan
  • Imagine putting all those things back!😂

    EXE .GAMINGEXE .GAMING10 dagar sedan
  • So you kep all the puzzles or do the companies loan them to you? If you keep them you must have one heck of an impressive collection!!

    Becky LGBecky LG10 dagar sedan
  • That's one of the coolest puzzles i've seen you solve. Just going all over the box, over and over. Little intricacies everywhere, while still looking linear. Wow.

    GimmisomesoapGimmisomesoap10 dagar sedan
  • Ok did I miss him using the key??

    shane hubbershane hubber10 dagar sedan
  • Didn't even know u digged this shit thats whats up 😅✊

    Rizzity RexRizzity Rex10 dagar sedan
    • Let me find out u play its on lol

      Rizzity RexRizzity Rex10 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been playing League for years, loved LoR when it got released, been watching you for the past year and more HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS VIDEO THIS IS BEYOND SICK!!! 😯😧👌🏻💙

    Lucinda PayneLucinda Payne10 dagar sedan
  • This was the dopest I’ve seen yet

    jade careyjade carey10 dagar sedan
  • He had a magnifying glass which was the thing he found covering the red crystal. He was supposed to use that to be able to see the code easier lol

    Conrad PirimonaConrad Pirimona10 dagar sedan
  • This is just amazing. Some national treasure type puzzle

    Richard JneiderRichard Jneider10 dagar sedan
  • Could I have that deck box? o3o

    Cthulu RoxCthulu Rox11 dagar sedan
  • so the key is a red hearing?

    SupremoX13 GamerSupremoX13 Gamer11 dagar sedan
  • QUESTION: The key, the cylinder and the 2 plastic trophies.... have not been used for anything finally! So I wonder, is it possible that there are still some things to discover/open/activate on that giant puzzle box?

    CameleonfleuriCameleonfleuri11 dagar sedan
  • Malaaaade! Mon préféré à date. Le look d'ensemble est superbe ainsi que le fin mariage entre le style médiéval fantastique (bois ,gravures, cristaux) et futuristique (lumières, fils électriques, sons). Et il y a tant de petites énigmes qui surgissent constamment, amenant de nouveaux outils et/ou faisant bouger des pièces que ça garde en haleine et que c'est vraiment satisfaisant en même temps !

    CameleonfleuriCameleonfleuri11 dagar sedan
  • Got me so upset I couldn’t type... *PLACE

    FIRMALAB 28 years AgoFIRMALAB 28 years Ago11 dagar sedan
  • The thing is SHOULDNT YOU BE MAKING THE FKN PUZZLES AND HANDING THEM OUT , WITH ALL YOUR KNOWLEDGE ON PUZZLES??? What kind of backwards world is this. I don’t make a pizza and send it to the pizza pkace

    FIRMALAB 28 years AgoFIRMALAB 28 years Ago11 dagar sedan
  • Wowowow! This one is by far my favorite puzzle of all the ones you have done ! The mix of intricately carved wood and electronics, the medieval-fantasy style mixed with the futuristic style.... But more than anything, there where soooo many cool things going on all the time: so many little things to solve, so many tools to use and so, so many thing moving here and there, that it made it extremely satisfying! So pretty too! And well, you solved it like a champion! ;)

    CameleonfleuriCameleonfleuri11 dagar sedan
  • I wonder for what that would sell

    TheCheetahTheCheetah11 dagar sedan
  • Ooooooo

    Cloudatlas10Cloudatlas1011 dagar sedan
  • What about the key

    Cloudatlas10Cloudatlas1011 dagar sedan
  • You don't need the like, the people who made the puzzle deserve the like. You were given a gift, by a craftsman, and YOU want to be acknowledged for it. Yep youtube in a nut shell. I'm going to make a channel re doing everything you have done, and when I demand that I get likes, I expect you'll be one of the first.

    Bill DavisBill Davis12 dagar sedan
  • Great puzzel

    tom coxtom cox12 dagar sedan
  • I want it so bad

    Christina PullenChristina Pullen12 dagar sedan
  • It’s incredibly hard to pick my favourite puzzle, they are all amazing in their own way.

    jack smithjack smith12 dagar sedan
  • Well my brain committed suicide.You seem alien to me man.

    Amon RopAmon Rop12 dagar sedan
  • Bro that box is dope as fuck now I want one. Where did you get it?

    Sir HaxorSir Haxor13 dagar sedan
  • 18:15 He didn't notice the small light near the crystal, which went off after the card was taken out

    Ananya PatnaikAnanya Patnaik13 dagar sedan
  • Every thing that riot makes is so dope

    JustGAminG OfficialJustGAminG Official13 dagar sedan
  • Worthless Key LMAO

    twistedmetalplayer21twistedmetalplayer2113 dagar sedan
  • I’ll give you 5$ for the box take it or leave it

    Old man OzpinOld man Ozpin14 dagar sedan
  • i swear i love riot games

    rebeca cosirebeca cosi14 dagar sedan
  • This is such an awesome crossover!!

    aaron lippmanaaron lippman14 dagar sedan
  • This was the coolest puzzle and best way to do advertisement

    Karine BélairKarine Bélair14 dagar sedan
  • where's zaun :(((((

    Hiraeth Neko-chanHiraeth Neko-chan14 dagar sedan
  • wow that is an amazing work of art.

    Anthony Wayne DaniellAnthony Wayne Daniell14 dagar sedan
  • it wouldve been more sick if the deck of cards are the cards from runeterra. still a really good puzzle!!

    xianelexianele14 dagar sedan
  • Are you Gordon’s son ?

    Vinh VănVinh Văn14 dagar sedan
  • I really love this puzzle. More than just solving, it has a story to it. Even I don’t know any lore I still enjoy it a lot

    Pamz TwPamz Tw14 dagar sedan
  • Why didnt they make the key the hextech key

    billy johansenbilly johansen14 dagar sedan
  • I've seen many puzzles. But this one tops them all. And it's badass.

    Jordan GrayJordan Gray14 dagar sedan
  • What did the cylinder do?

    Biagio PlantamuraBiagio Plantamura14 dagar sedan
  • "Oh wow it lit up on the inside,of course is lit up on the inside tnats where the light is coming from ,dummy" 18:03 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Alani HaynesAlani Haynes15 dagar sedan
  • I bet if EA sent you one you'd have to pay money to open it

    CloudandZack1stCloudandZack1st15 dagar sedan
  • Bruh, all your shit is scripted... Like I can tell. What's the point of a puzzle if you know the answer and are just faking it throughout the video? You're channel started off so great until you started doing stupid $10k - $30k puzzles. They aren't fucking hard and they are boring as hell to watch...

    Project UtopianProject Utopian15 dagar sedan
  • The best openers on youtube. And then add puzzles. Brilliant.

    tardis moletardis mole15 dagar sedan
  • Sword with dragon:Bingewater Sword with wings:Demacia Ice thing:Freljord(dont know how to spell it) Cogwheel:dont know

    toastertoaster15 dagar sedan
  • Did he not actually use the key?

    Zeek NashZeek Nash15 dagar sedan
  • Insane puzzle

    Torben SørensenTorben Sørensen16 dagar sedan
  • That was amazing tbh

    ok goodok good16 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely dope puzzle! :D

    SpliddaSplidda16 dagar sedan
  • The horrible polo july coach because tachometer exceptionally excuse notwithstanding a past year. stereotyped, plastic example

    Roger KalarisRoger Kalaris16 dagar sedan
  • Oh wow this was AMAZINGLY fun to watch not only was it a puzzle but also a game🥰😀

    Nikki BooNikki Boo16 dagar sedan
  • This is legit one of my fav puzzle boxes he solved

    Mahelania RektBBMahelania RektBB16 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    Hassan AhmadHassan Ahmad17 dagar sedan
  • Damn, this is the best puzzle I’ve seen in my life, would love to have one!

    赫子Kagune赫子Kagune17 dagar sedan
  • Dem intros tho

    Sam HellierSam Hellier17 dagar sedan
  • Riot did it again, cant even handle a champion release but is amazing at marketing

    Mustafa zzMustafa zz17 dagar sedan
  • It is the same as magic the gathering it is a fake

    GizGiz heathGizGiz heath17 dagar sedan
  • 12:46 Yup First Time Actualy! ha

    Im3iac YTIm3iac YT17 dagar sedan
    • 17:46 Actually Yup

      Im3iac YTIm3iac YT17 dagar sedan
    • o wate no

      Im3iac YTIm3iac YT17 dagar sedan
  • I love that all these places know to give you a deck of cards for your trouble haha

    Nathan LongNathan Long17 dagar sedan
  • What’s with all the decks of cards? There’s always one in every puzzle solving video I’ve watched 😂

    Sisse ChristiansenSisse Christiansen17 dagar sedan
  • You somehow sound like "DREAM"

    TatsukeたたけTatsukeたたけ17 dagar sedan
  • This dude speed runs all the room games

    Ctrl_RainyyCtrl_Rainyy17 dagar sedan