The Split Flap - UNUSUAL

2020 Yule Log:
Today on UNUSUAL, We're taking a look at a custom Made SPLIT FLAP by Oat Foundry! Enjoy!
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  • how much did the split flap cost

    cape coddercape codder3 dagar sedan
  • Awesome! Great possibilities there for the channel hehe I wonder, how about, with different characters/symbols, displaying from digital images? Hum...

    KDDBKDDB5 dagar sedan
  • Best series

    Natron Fa†u'MallaFallaNatron Fa†u'MallaFalla5 dagar sedan
  • For the next unusual you should get the monkey calculator by art of play

    the magic mangothe magic mango8 dagar sedan
  • What is that red puzzle and have you done a video on it

    Xainder WillardXainder Willard10 dagar sedan
  • Would love to see Oat Foundry expand this into the consumer market with smaller versions totally want one of these now!

    phoenixtwo87phoenixtwo8710 dagar sedan
  • So useless and so awesome at the same time!

    dkchendkchen18 dagar sedan
  • I feel like your excitement about this is the equivalent to a kid in a candy shop.

    MarsMars22 dagar sedan
  • Sorry to say this, Chris, but imo your logo kinda ruins the ascetics of that split flap. Edit: 4:26 It would look so much better in white.

    xcho20xcho2025 dagar sedan
  • That things awesome

    gavinislamegavinislame29 dagar sedan
  • I would literaly by one only to reduce my stress and anxiety

    ThaKiller OfDeathThaKiller OfDeathMånad sedan
  • Curious what's the ballpark hit to the wallet for one that size?

    Jeremiah BlackwellJeremiah BlackwellMånad sedan
  • Wow, Chris. I love that split flap. The sound of the clickity click is so satisfying. I was wondering where you got that Hot Dang from. Now I know. Thanks for sharing.

    KG's LoungeKG's LoungeMånad sedan
  • Should have a green button to start the countdown on the board when solving puzzles.

    MuuipMuuipMånad sedan
  • hola buen video saludo des de argentina.

    romeo vidal rodriguezromeo vidal rodriguezMånad sedan
  • Thats so cool. Maybe someday.

    Karthig1987Karthig1987Månad sedan
  • Where I can get one of those how much is it the one you got in your behind you

    Francisco FriasFrancisco FriasMånad sedan
  • I like that, I want one!

    MrTorio TvMrTorio TvMånad sedan
  • So are we ignoring his friend looks like Kyrie Irving

    18 SZNZ18 SZNZMånad sedan
  • Danny the split flap.

    sita1993msita1993mMånad sedan
  • &&& I’m jealous asf😩😩😩😩 I want one

    LucyLoves_ ASMRLucyLoves_ ASMRMånad sedan
  • During this video, I got the idea of putting a ton of these down a hallway in a haunted house and making scary messages appear and disappear from them

    Tedious TotoroTedious TotoroMånad sedan
  • Is it me or are you always wearing a James Coffee and Co hat? Really cool stuff!

    Nathaniel MenanteauNathaniel MenanteauMånad sedan
  • That isn't the most satisfying sound I've ever heard.

    The Third HandThe Third HandMånad sedan
  • So how much would one of these cost?

    Shipwright1918Shipwright1918Månad sedan
  • Cool, I want one.

    Big Screen QuizBig Screen QuizMånad sedan
  • I WANT!!!!!

    Riaan MostertRiaan MostertMånad sedan
  • Chris this is cool. You know what would be bad ass doing all of your card deck designs on one board of 54 flaps, so each flap change would be a card from that deck.

    Richard FugateRichard FugateMånad sedan
  • Ummmm..... I really really really really really really really really really really really really really want 1!!! 😫😫😫

    OH10 MADEOH10 MADEMånad sedan
  • What you should do is use the board as your timer when your solving puzzles

    Shaun ClarkShaun ClarkMånad sedan
  • I love the split flaps, I wish I had the nightstand clock version.

    AnalogX64AnalogX64Månad sedan
  • Hey Chris! You should check out the works of Mario Klingemann, and in particular, the one titled "Appropriate Response". If you like old school airport/train station boards, you'll love it.

    Tomás Paradela CamposTomás Paradela CamposMånad sedan
  • 3:40 It looks like Anton got hit in the face

    Stephen CechStephen Cech2 månader sedan
  • Maybe I'm just old, but I don't find this technology "unusual." It use to be common in alarm clocks before digital displays took over....

    britshellbritshell2 månader sedan
  • I want to know what puzzle that was near the end!

    Kye EthertonKye Etherton2 månader sedan
  • The thats what she said joke gained a like from me 😂

    Ezra DEzra D2 månader sedan
  • Chris!! You should do like Easter Eggs in your videos. Idk put some clues in there or a quote or words. And in like 3,4 videos we have to decode a message. Put it in random times of the video so you know the true OG’s who watch the entire video!! Hope you see this message. Love ya brotha

    Josh EphraimJosh Ephraim2 månader sedan
  • Ooo... I want to push the button. lol

    Jesse ShackletonJesse Shackleton2 månader sedan
  • 4:12 That punchline tho it killed him xddd

    Andrew SYHAndrew SYH2 månader sedan
  • I absolutely don't need one of those in my life but would also absolutely would buy one...

    Steve BoundsSteve Bounds2 månader sedan
  • A restaurant near me (Honey Grow) still use these

    PWR TRIPPWR TRIP2 månader sedan
  • would be sick if you could have the time and date as the default while nothing else is on the screen

    Sam RanapiriSam Ranapiri2 månader sedan
  • I'll be honest , i was expecting a split flap timer on the button press.

    Gordon ChristieGordon Christie2 månader sedan
  • Is that the steam punk puzzle your solving

    itz mish13itz mish132 månader sedan
  • Oddly satisfying!

    Justin CarawanJustin Carawan2 månader sedan
  • Nice

    BIJAN 3BIJAN 32 månader sedan
  • U should let people send u messages to put on YOU'RE "Split Flap" u said tha other people r doin...jus sayin...#cr4life

    Mikey DwyerMikey Dwyer2 månader sedan
  • Keep up the amazing content! Loving the unusual serie!!

    F52 _F52 _2 månader sedan
  • so your gonna put the Puzzle Name and a Timer on the split flap board and put it in the background of each video now right?

    Josh StinsmanJosh Stinsman2 månader sedan
  • badass.. great addition.

    Ben CampbellBen Campbell2 månader sedan
  • Incredible! :)

    Jason CousinsJason Cousins2 månader sedan
  • Is this going to be your new timer?

    Dave StennettDave Stennett2 månader sedan
  • This is awesome

    Jessica Alice PayneJessica Alice Payne2 månader sedan
  • You could use that bad boy as a timer while you solve puzzles! That's what I thought the red button was going to do haha... It would make for great background aesthetic

    Zed GamesZed Games2 månader sedan
  • Some old school game shows used the split the effect. This is an awesome addition!

    Cory HouserCory Houser2 månader sedan
  • Today on 'how to get 100K people to water a 5 minute ad'

    Adam CourchaineAdam Courchaine2 månader sedan
  • Are you going to use this as timer when solving puzzles? :)

    Strudi88Strudi882 månader sedan
  • so satisfying!!!!

    Rokas MagicRokas Magic2 månader sedan
  • You should use is for your timer in each video!!!!!!!

    James BrazeauJames Brazeau2 månader sedan
  • dope

    Zesty ChocolateZesty Chocolate2 månader sedan
  • Dude so freaking cool! One day!

    Mix & TricksMix & Tricks2 månader sedan
  • Need to put the timer on it

    Luca StambaughLuca Stambaugh2 månader sedan
  • this is so cool!

    Emad Van-Emad Van-2 månader sedan
  • I have a challenge for you I noticed that you know how to play chess, but can you solve a chess puzzle? I succeeded in solving it, but it took an entire week

    naeem hanoofnaeem hanoof2 månader sedan
  • I remember those at the train station . .. memories . . .its a sound of summer vacation :)

    Serio życie ?Serio życie ?2 månader sedan
  • rEAD THIS : i dont know if u know about David Dobrik, but you should buy his puzzle and record how u solve it! it will make u get millions views :D and btw.. he sold out like 50k puzzles ..till now and no one post how he solve it, because is a very hard puzzle and many of them quit solving! you should buy a do a video solve it..will make millions of views and maybe david will get your attention! who knows possible colab..etc.. just do it! good luck!

    KIRA LOL WRKIRA LOL WR2 månader sedan
  • "Tell me that's not the most satisfying sound you've ever heard." It's great, but it's not Fett's seismic charge.

    N7MithN7Mith2 månader sedan
  • Love this thing, the noise it makes is extremely satisfying!

    Kim SoerensenKim Soerensen2 månader sedan
  • I looked at getting one of these a couple years ago. But then I saw the price $2500.00. I don’t know what brand it was but very cool. Just a little too rich for my blood.

    Colin DouglasColin Douglas2 månader sedan
  • The this is unusual is just the best thing of the video😂

    IceyIcey2 månader sedan
  • Pretty cool. Always one of my fav thing ever. Didn't know the name of it until now.

    Tracy BowlingTracy Bowling2 månader sedan
  • I know it's an older vid, but we hit that 43k like goal for the omegle video. When are we getting that?

    [F3AR] F0RESAK3N[F3AR] F0RESAK3N2 månader sedan
  • Such a funny video - I really enjoyed this! And big respect for supporting the next gen of entrepreneurs.

    Ben MurrayBen Murray2 månader sedan
  • Are you kidding i just didnt like this UNUSUAL video i loveddddddd it .. what an awesome Split Flap .. thanks Chris for sharing x

    MJ ART BY DAYMJ ART BY DAY2 månader sedan
  • I remember when these were used for electric clocks! I used to watch them while laying in bed.

    StvPaterekStvPaterek2 månader sedan
  • Dude that’s so dope always wanted to have one in the garage

    clay stanhopeclay stanhope2 månader sedan
  • Insane

    LatoLato2 månader sedan

    GAME BOOMGAME BOOM2 månader sedan
  • I thought he was going to use it as a timer.

    kimobugmankimobugman2 månader sedan
  • Ok Chris, it isn't the most satisfying sound I've ever heard. The ocean is. But that is a very cool flip board you got there. Haven't seen those in a very long time .

    Amanda AndersonAmanda Anderson2 månader sedan
  • can you give away one of those chris? 👉👈

    kimi nunawakimi nunawa2 månader sedan
  • What about card magic

    Carson FavorsCarson Favors2 månader sedan
  • Bruh do the cat 8 puzzle!

    JoseFactionJoseFaction2 månader sedan
  • That red button! Purple is sus 😆

    Charlotte FernandesCharlotte Fernandes2 månader sedan
  • Awesome just awesome

    Shane'anigansShane'anigans2 månader sedan
  • Great design! Really unique in a round about way. Love what they've created there for you, lots of fun, retro, and very satisfying! 🥰

    Simon BrownSimon Brown2 månader sedan
  • if the Split Flap could also display the time behind you when you solved the puzzles :) that would be quite awesome.

    Jeff MaesarJeff Maesar2 månader sedan
  • That's so sick! You probably could do some kind of number puzzle with it.

    Chris SchreierChris Schreier2 månader sedan
  • That’s awesome

    T BT B2 månader sedan
  • Wow. Computerized split flap. Woh

    T BT B2 månader sedan
  • 4:15 I was expecting that joke 😂😂

    Mirian ZenónMirian Zenón2 månader sedan
  • Love the unusual series

    Will JonesWill Jones2 månader sedan

  • Hot Dang ... Thats Cool !

    EJFXxxEJFXxx2 månader sedan
  • Hey, Chris! Big fan, I love your thinking and videos of puzzles. I thought, maybe I could give you an idea for a really big project, a video that would probably take you pretty long to make, but I believe with your logical thinking and with help of some of your friends, you could make this project happen. Have you ever thought of making your own escape room or a whole house with puzzles? First of all, you have a huge collection and many of them could be put in rooms with different themes, like Chinese, steampunk, futuristic etc... And your skills in illusions are great. I know, you consider yourself *just* a street magician and give credit to other magicians in reacion videos, but you surely are a genius in logics and you also have some friends who create escape rooms already. You could surely come up with something and many of your puzzle boxes could be used to hide keys to pass rooms or important parts to solve some other boxes. You could let a friend solve it. Hell, you could even give them clues using this split flap in a room where they would need it the most. I have not seen all your videos, so I am not sure if you ever planned to do this, but it would be awesome to watch. And I believe people would pay for this to experience it. I would really love to see Chris Ramsay's puzzle escape house✊

    Peťo UríkPeťo Urík2 månader sedan
  • Skyrim will be out on it soon

    SoggyHighlandersSoggyHighlanders2 månader sedan
  • Chris can I be your friend

    heyyou20121221heyyou201212212 månader sedan
  • So satisfying

    Ricardo Sidney Vazquez PerezRicardo Sidney Vazquez Perez2 månader sedan
  • You could use it as your timer as it always is around.also must be fun having the constant clicking :D

    Padi EngelPadi Engel2 månader sedan
  • O man 👍👍👍👍👍👍crayzy staf you collect 😜😜😜😜 Go man I enyoj in ewery ckip you post 👍👍👍go man

    Miha KunstlerMiha Kunstler2 månader sedan