Solving an INCREDIBLE 11 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle!!

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  • 1:05 yo Chris I'm digging that song what's the name of it and I like the vids you do they fire 👌

    Corrupted KeitoCorrupted KeitoDag sedan
  • ❤️

    Touleen SalamehTouleen Salameh2 dagar sedan
  • 😅 it hurts to watch, as he struggled with that last piece.🤕

    IrmeliIrmeli3 dagar sedan
  • When he didn't use the triangle the fist time I knew I had to go to the comments, The first comment I read is about that triangle! XD

    BadKarmaBadKarma6 dagar sedan
  • 1:16 the Hindi word (संसार) written on shoe means WORLD

  • Are you Realated to Gordon Ramsay

    Krazy ApolloKrazy Apollo13 dagar sedan
  • I havent even watched this but I swear you've all been trolled hard.

    shanman.shanman.13 dagar sedan
  • it looks like Chris was solving this one with eyes closed XD

    Gytis StugisGytis Stugis13 dagar sedan
  • do you think you can tell the difference between a hard puzzle and a puzzle you got lucky on? its possible that you get a 10,000 piece puzzle thats all the same color and every piece happens to go exactly where it needs on your first try but its unlikely. I'd assume that even if you did get that lucky you'd still know its a hard puzzle.

    Tristin PriceTristin Price13 dagar sedan
  • That is dope that a viewer made these! You should do all of them!

    Jacob ValoreJacob Valore13 dagar sedan
  • Why did i read one piece😂!?

    QuasarQuasar15 dagar sedan
  • what is the name of the song in the yootooz part of the vid

    TooDudical4UTooDudical4U15 dagar sedan
  • this is the man who can fool anyone and solve level 10 puzzles, yet did not see how to put a last piece in the puzzle

    Orlando SajoeOrlando Sajoe16 dagar sedan
  • 2 solves in one video nice

    The pogosticking ChampThe pogosticking Champ16 dagar sedan
  • Where did he get the hoodie. Every time I see it I want to buy one

    Whiskey Romeo JulietWhiskey Romeo Juliet16 dagar sedan
  • not me yelling at my phone at midnight because i found the solution after the few pieces

    BigScoot72BigScoot7216 dagar sedan
  • What are the matts you use called? Like the grey one in this video?

    Cristina TCristina T17 dagar sedan
  • To long intros g

    Luca MaldonadoLuca Maldonado17 dagar sedan
  • Other SEslowrs: uploads the same things everyday, everyone hates. Chris: does the same thing over and over again in one video, everyone likes it. Haha idk how you do this dude

    GodLikeANoobGodLikeANoob17 dagar sedan
  • This has to be one of the most frustrating videos on the internet...

    HgmiddHgmidd17 dagar sedan
  • Please tell me I’m not the only one hitting my face against a table with that place pice placement.

    JammarartJammarart18 dagar sedan
  • you need to live stream you doing a puzzle

    Blake ThomasBlake Thomas19 dagar sedan
  • I really like the 3d printed puzzles however I think its easier because you can see the print lines. I think it would be fun to sand both sides down a little so you cant see the difference! Would be a lot harder though

    Sanne de muijnkSanne de muijnk20 dagar sedan
  • yep screaming TRIANGLE. TRIANGLE! in my head

    Liam McCoyLiam McCoy20 dagar sedan
  • He should have put hexagonal pegs in the base so that odd solutions couldn't be done.

    Aaron RhodesAaron Rhodes21 dag sedan
  • 6:38 : people who saw it when he didnt \/

    ClxudClxud21 dag sedan
  • has there ever been a puzzle you solved in like 30 secs so you just didnt post if so do pls lol

    ClxudClxud21 dag sedan
  • Chris: I can't even fit 2 pieces in here. Genius Viewers solving the whole puzzle in their head.

    Invasion Of RandomnessInvasion Of Randomness21 dag sedan
  • Bruh this dude for sure drags out his video, obviously you can’t fit something where something already is. Obviously that piece is too big. Like bruh

    Phantom777Phantom77722 dagar sedan
  • Hands.. down.. dopest intro

    TonkaTruckk636TonkaTruckk63622 dagar sedan
  • I was having a stroke the entire time 😭 it was so frustrating watching that l a s t piece where he couldn’t finger out how to fit it.

    Luna MoonaLuna Moona22 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone else feel like he was faking the struggle on this one. I mean I have seen him do a lot harder jigsaw puzzles and his techniques were a lot better on those. I just felt like he could've done it in 5-6 minutes.

    Ville HailaVille Haila23 dagar sedan
  • Ngl I think Chris's brain turned off because it just turned into a jigsaw. Idk

    akionlizardakionlizard23 dagar sedan
  • Question. Are you related to Gordan Ramsay?

    Austin The ManiacAustin The Maniac23 dagar sedan
  • This is totally of topic but i love that you have a “Avada Kedavra” tattoo because i am a big Harry Potter fan lmao

    Britt van WaardenburgBritt van Waardenburg24 dagar sedan
  • Seriously, I think he does it on purpose now

    Jaws TrockJaws Trock25 dagar sedan
  • I have never been so mad at someone doing a puzzle before and I never will be

    Glacias was the best WebcomicGlacias was the best Webcomic25 dagar sedan
  • It feels like you dont know shapes

    kulartüpkulartüp26 dagar sedan

    BigShark BigSharkBigShark BigShark26 dagar sedan
  • That into tho

  • In my head been screaming the triangle the whole time I seen and then the last piece. Ugh

    QuinnQuinn27 dagar sedan
  • Chris: oh I found the solution Me: move the damn piece over so it makes the hexagons Chris: oh I found the correct solution Me: you made my OCD go freaking crazy I hate you Also me: as I watch another video ok fine I guess I don't hate you but still toooootally unacceptable

    Zoe ShiremanZoe Shireman28 dagar sedan
  • Literally the only time I actually screamed at a video. First the triangle, then the last piece...

    Reuben BaileyReuben Bailey29 dagar sedan
  • A strong feeling of ...uhhh let me do that!! 11:56 😒😒seriously bro?

    Afifa AnsariAfifa AnsariMånad sedan
  • I love the color of those pieces! And I agree with the new era of 3D printing, people are making some really wild puzzles. This one is super cool btw, props to the creator. Thanks for this awesome video Chris and I loved both those intros, they were of course superb! Also, do those pieces glow in the dark??

    Queen CarterQueen CarterMånad sedan
  • I love jazz, but the background music on this video was like elevator music. OMG! Chris! Please! You’ve got better taste in music than this! 😂🤣😂🤣 Loved everything about the video except that lol

    Megan BerenottoMegan BerenottoMånad sedan
  • this was one of the most frustrating videos i've ever seen

    IzzyIzzyMånad sedan
  • Right when you put the last peace in 10:50 I was saying to myself "Move it over to the right." and all I could do is sit here and...... W A I T...... Great Puzzle BTW.

    Urbex TrollUrbex TrollMånad sedan
  • cant belive i just watched a man make a jigsaw puzzle for 14 min

    kvistykvistyMånad sedan
  • Where can I get that NASA sweater at Chris?

    sillysausage72sillysausage72Månad sedan
  • "Gotta figure out how these pieces fit, first of all." Always a good strategy for doing a puzzle.

    John RJohn RMånad sedan
  • Personally, I feel like Ramsey’s fatal flaw with puzzles, is that he never tries something new, and just goes in a cycle. I saw this a lot in his videos, and he always just doesn’t try new things with the puzzle

    PlasmidistPlasmidistMånad sedan
  • he had almost solved it around 6:40 and it looks like he hadn't done it on purpose and didn't use the triangle so that the video goes longer. sry if i'm wrong but it really looks like it

    Christian RaschkeChristian RaschkeMånad sedan
  • Bruh was anyone eles kinda frustrated at the fact at like 6:37 he needed that singular triangle price like come on

    Jonathan McFerronJonathan McFerronMånad sedan
  • i got the solution like at min 4....

    Jinzishi JJinzishi JMånad sedan
  • This is one of my fave puzzles i like how it looks like its glow in the dark green if it did that would be amazing

    Paul CuenPaul CuenMånad sedan
  • 10:48 the music pause was good

    grxn.grxn.Månad sedan
  • i love your tattoos

    Michael McAuleyMichael McAuleyMånad sedan
  • At 10:56 you had all pieces at there places and just misplaced the last piece and i was just shouting at the video:,, pls see your mistake don't let it end like this!'' And you almost closed it on that finish 😫😲 But in the end you seen the true ending, what a journey of feelings 😅 P.S. 10:56 was your first found solution and the aktuell time whit the real solution was 10:56 too 😱😱😱😱

    1u2bemndhe41u2bemndhe4Månad sedan
  • Idk if I’ve ever seen Chris so focused

    John RJohn RMånad sedan
  • Oh my lord ive never shouted so much at a puzzle😂😂 where can you buy this?

    jack hartshornejack hartshorneMånad sedan
  • That was literally one of the most unsatisfying videos I've ever seen, how he just ignored the triangle piece then took a load of pieces out, then put them all back in again and had the last piece just one space off AARRGGHH

    Matthew ShawMatthew ShawMånad sedan
  • When he was trying to place the last 2 pieces I nearly started screaming!!! It was as clear as day

    tomato010010tomato0100102 månader sedan
  • Omgg nice video and content! good job team.🥰🥰 Puzzle from Puzzgo come already sorted, it's magic-----

    Osons investirOsons investir2 månader sedan
  • Where can i get this close up mat? This exact one.

    djsdannydjsdanny2 månader sedan
  • Anyone here noticed a hindi word in the whole video😎😎😎

    Bibekananda BeheraBibekananda Behera2 månader sedan
  • What’s the intro I need to know

    Tony ToneTony Tone2 månader sedan
  • Dude I freaking love these videos but sometimes.... I get so frustrated when he does the thing where he's really close to the answer and I see how it's supposed to go together and then he takes like six pieces out. And those intros, legit the coolest

    emily fytrosemily fytros2 månader sedan

    Mike MarinoMike Marino2 månader sedan
  • Does any one know the brand of the nasa hoodie he's wearing?

    Valerie PearlValerie Pearl2 månader sedan
  • what is the jazz piece in the background?

    TheShnitzelTheShnitzel2 månader sedan
  • He should send the puzzles to Karen Puzzles too, she beat Chris with all the cloud nine puzzles 1-0 😂

    EmmuzkaEmmuzka2 månader sedan
  • I hate that you had to build it in that I was grinding my teeth the whole time hearing it just to see how you did Did damn good too Not to toot that personal horn too much,, but it reminded me of those times back in middle school's arithmetic classes; finding an unclassified solution

    Joshua LawrenceJoshua Lawrence2 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one who twerks to his intro??

    Alauna BanksAlauna Banks2 månader sedan
  • I think it would be better if both sides of the pieces were the same.

    TerraHv1TerraHv12 månader sedan
  • 8:15 my brain hurts

    rebecca strongrebecca strong2 månader sedan
  • Was legit yelling triangle at the tv when it was first missed. Haha. Nice puzzle though!

    Meredith RadwanskiMeredith Radwanski2 månader sedan
  • This was painful to watch so many times. I was literally yelling at you to slide that last piece up. Wtf dude

    Spokadin VuuvaxathSpokadin Vuuvaxath2 månader sedan
  • as a matter of fact, I did not enjoy that intro alsoo, what's up with the rapping?!?!

    unigozpoppoppopunigozpoppoppop2 månader sedan
  • If you make parts flippable it would be at least level 8 puzzle with 4 possible solutions

    Marine3DMarine3D2 månader sedan
  • Ya know, the funny thing is that he does these prehand so before doing a video he pretty much knows where the pieces go bit by bit but that the whole point of making a video so it's fun for us to watch an see how its all been put together

    Deleted Account 666Deleted Account 6662 månader sedan
  • Good vid and fun but the sound of the pieces on the back board thing was awful and triggering like nails on a chalk board. Need to change the position of the microphone or something

    Philip LabriePhilip Labrie2 månader sedan

    Mariam KhutsidzeMariam Khutsidze2 månader sedan
  • I'm screaming use the triangle!!!

    Philly SpecialPhilly Special2 månader sedan
  • Literally me at 10:10 THE TRIANGLE THE TRIANGLE

    Rainbow DemonRainbow Demon2 månader sedan
  • It’s just, gaah it’s just such a pretty puzzle

    Rainbow DemonRainbow Demon2 månader sedan
  • Chris Ramsay solving a puzzle, orrrrrr... as my wife always says: 'please-stop-shouting-at-the-screen-just-dont-watch-it-if-you-cant-handle-him-taking-so-long'

    Steve LambeerSteve Lambeer2 månader sedan
  • damn, i am wondering if you can procedurally make puzzles like this

    Александр АндреевАлександр Андреев2 månader sedan
  • 10:07 Triangle! Triangle! Triangle! Triangle! Triangle! Triangle! Triangle! Triangle! 10:40 Yessssssssssssss! 🥳

    Natan LuizaNatan Luiza2 månader sedan
  • The music makes me very impatient 😆

    Natan LuizaNatan Luiza2 månader sedan
  • His left hand has an Unus Annus reference.

    Blu3Dud3Blu3Dud32 månader sedan
  • Haha unlike the first couple comments on my screen...I was not screaming...I was in awe lol I was puzzled at how you did that in under 11min. I know I couldn't

    Nette IVNette IV2 månader sedan
  • Watching you miss the triangle piece over and over and just skip over it drove me up the wall. I saw that piece was supposed to go there and I kept thinking to myself "c'mon try the triangle, TRY THE TRIANGLE ALREADY!" Lol thanks for the vid!

    Joshua JohnsonJoshua Johnson2 månader sedan
  • chris at the end omg i had to pause it to gather myself lol

    zoëzoë2 månader sedan
  • Chris Ramsay got it wrong. Also Chris Ramsay: I found a solution!

    Mr. CaligosMr. Caligos2 månader sedan
  • Beautiful, Phenomenal intro. Not a fan of this type of puzzle, however it is a very visually pleasing puzzle!

    shad covertshad covert2 månader sedan
  • Chris fix the arrow light

    Ruurd van BuitenRuurd van Buiten2 månader sedan
  • The end just gives me anxiety

    Shadow_KTMShadow_KTM2 månader sedan
  • I actually have one of these when I was a child, broke my self esteem back then tho...

    Sam ChoongSam Choong3 månader sedan
  • 12:50 It was a very obvious move😂

    WoldemarWoldemar3 månader sedan