Japanese Packing Puzzles are WEIRD!!

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Today I'm taking a look at my new Youtooz figure! We're also looking at three unique packing puzzles! Enjoy!
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  • Check out the Youtooz Giveaway!: chrisramsay.youtooz.com/

    Chris RamsayChris Ramsay3 månader sedan
    • Just placed my order! I collect Funko and this will take pride of place!!!! Awesome collaboration Chris

      Simon T’eSimon T’eMånad sedan
    • Depends on what you define as personal information on digital could be all faked

      Listen to MORE MUSICListen to MORE MUSIC2 månader sedan
    • Just a friendly comment those look more like mandarin oranges instead of peaches

      Yanni PaloukasYanni Paloukas2 månader sedan
    • Pero p local la poblacióny vivienda de

      Shar ÁvilaShar Ávila3 månader sedan
    • 4:51 is when the video starts man c’mon

      danieljoyce18danieljoyce183 månader sedan
  • Mind blown!!

  • 4:50 thank me later

    Beatrix PoleyBeatrix Poley8 dagar sedan
  • the magic trick....how?

    Rhjklgrt MaaxsdgosnRhjklgrt Maaxsdgosn12 dagar sedan
  • hi

    GeorgiboiiGeorgiboii13 dagar sedan
  • why not solve the puzzle??? why only show??? >:(((

    E5vaE5va14 dagar sedan
  • These Are Some Cute Small Puzzles... I Was Looking Forward 2 Them Getting Solved. 😩 ~ 1 Amor

    Reína Latina87Reína Latina8715 dagar sedan
  • Wasnt aware communism made shoes... hm.

    Blah DedahBlah Dedah15 dagar sedan
  • 1:17 - a little bit of a flash with the left hand index finger that kinda reveals the gimmicked envelope. Cool trick though.

    Cassandra JanelleCassandra Janelle15 dagar sedan
  • Sloppy palm....you can see the white of the card as you dig in your back pocket.

    tom langleytom langley15 dagar sedan
  • Fuck, I’m stuck in the trick in the beginning

    Alex SeraphimAlex Seraphim17 dagar sedan
  • The subway puzzle looks like milk chocolate... And *I want to eat them.*

    Lily VuongLily Vuong21 dag sedan
  • Those of us who work in retail or packing should have very few issues with puzzles like those. lol

    Diesel DawgDiesel Dawg21 dag sedan
  • *Japanese are WEIRD!! And we love them! lol

    Diesel DawgDiesel Dawg21 dag sedan
  • How long before a "And is your card ...........the one the vinylpop is holding??!"

    Tzisorey TigerwufTzisorey Tigerwuf22 dagar sedan
  • awesome intro, but that right hand (left side from our perspective) was a little sus immediately after you put the deck down

    Kai Lucas ZacharyKai Lucas Zachary24 dagar sedan
  • 5 minutes before the video starts are fn kidding me

    chantz888chantz88824 dagar sedan
  • Omg i dont know hpw but i saw how you did the trick you took the card put it in your right hand slipped it you left and then snuck it in the envelope that was so sneaky just look closely at his hands!

    Fade _NatsumaiFade _Natsumai24 dagar sedan
  • Wait what!!!!!! So cute no clue how you did it !!!! No one tell me either I love the magic feeling

    Deanna WorleyDeanna Worley25 dagar sedan
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Natalie YuanNatalie Yuan25 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of that German show that had an intelligence team finding information from the web and a guy speaking it to that person. They then dropped the black cover revealing the computers and the team finding the information. It was a website data awareness

    Jack GreenwoodJack Greenwood25 dagar sedan
  • Nice magician smartphone vid#335

    DrgSuperDrgSuper25 dagar sedan
  • The trick at the beginning was so easy to figure out😂

    KawaiiKairiKawaiiKairi26 dagar sedan

    Nena_ShadowslayerNena_Shadowslayer28 dagar sedan
  • I think I know how he done the card trick in the beginning, he signed the card and slipped it into his hand then reached for his pocket while folding the card, slipped the card in the hole of the phone then slips the card behind the envelope, fixes where the card is placed with his index finger while trying to take it out and boom the card I might be wrong tho lmao

    Yasmin JelanyYasmin JelanyMånad sedan
  • Good flash

    AJ AJAJ AJMånad sedan
  • The card was in his right hand he used fast left hand as a diverson and grabbed it when he went off screen 0:54

    Jeremy StachoJeremy StachoMånad sedan
  • I was about to leave yt and that thumbnail bait me. THAT INTRO THO

    Ana Carolina Buzelim dos SantosAna Carolina Buzelim dos SantosMånad sedan
  • 4:51 is when it starts

    UwUUwUMånad sedan
  • 4:50 is where he starts showing the puzzles.

    CarmenCarmenMånad sedan
  • this is your video you do you

    Ciara JensonCiara JensonMånad sedan
  • this video is an advertisement.

    Moon LightMoon LightMånad sedan
  • That was a pretty bad flash.

    Justin BlewittJustin BlewittMånad sedan
  • Yup definitely oranges

    VIRTUE and VICEVIRTUE and VICEMånad sedan
  • Wow...clickbait to sell merch...like jake Paul levels.

    nick pattersonnick pattersonMånad sedan
  • the subway puzzle is just how I cram anything into anywhere. you should see the console compartment in my car. Everything must come out to get something and then placed back in as it was, or you can't close it. Probably a mom thing.

    drivethrupoetdrivethrupoetMånad sedan
  • Nice peach, is peach orange and look like that where u come from?

    ItsukiItsukiMånad sedan
  • I thought the packed people were teeth in the thumbnail

    redgunnitredgunnitMånad sedan
  • Those are not peach slices. It’s an orange or tangerine.

    Yet Another JessicaYet Another JessicaMånad sedan
  • It's getting kinda easy to see what's happening now. With the first trick at least. Not sure how I feel about that though.

    Carmine GalanteCarmine GalanteMånad sedan
  • I seen him palm the card and then put it in his back pocket but after that I’m lost....😎😎

    Jag BettyJag BettyMånad sedan
  • Ramsay : I'm really attracted to unusual things Me : me!? ☺️

    David AceroDavid AceroMånad sedan
  • How in the world?!?!?!?!?! I think i saw a palm move idk how did you do that chris?!?! Please mind BLOWN

    Lucas McArdleLucas McArdleMånad sedan
  • I wonder if this guy can solve the millennium puzzle.

    Joshua VangJoshua VangMånad sedan
  • Awesome you should reach out to funko so you could get your own line of funko pops i would so buy one

    Paul CuenPaul CuenMånad sedan
  • i cracked the trick at the start he hides the card in his right hand then secretly put in under the phone , then when he pulls the envelope the pulls the card from the slot in the envelope and VOILA !

    Govinda NaickGovinda NaickMånad sedan
  • You had a friend under the table who grabbed your card, put it in the envelope and gave it to you behind your leg. Neat :p

    DooubleTapDooubleTapMånad sedan
  • Well executed at the start bro :D

    CibakroCibakroMånad sedan
  • That sleight-of-hand at the beginning was really interesting. I *think* I've catch most of the passing points and tricks, but some details are still pretty obscure to me

    NeRethil WolfssonNeRethil WolfssonMånad sedan
  • 0:54 he slid the card to his pocket

    Fun FamilyFun FamilyMånad sedan
  • The cell phone trick was pretty easy to see what was going on

    Billy ThorsonBilly ThorsonMånad sedan
  • This guy looks so damn ridiculous with all those tattoos all over. I just can't fathom the stupidity of people doing this to their bodies it's so disgusting. Sorry if you need to mark up your body like a Picasso painting to make you feel good about yourself or is it just a scream to the world for attention? HEY LOOK AT ME , PAY ATTENTION TO ME !!! I need to mark up my body all over to prove something !!!!

    PookieNumNumsPookieNumNumsMånad sedan
    • If it makes him happy, why is it any of your business?

      Cool CucumbersCool CucumbersMånad sedan
  • Was able to see the card when you went behind the back

    WiFi_5G JoshWiFi_5G Josh2 månader sedan
  • How you can do that without looking is mind blowing

    CPT 01 RCCPT 01 RC2 månader sedan
  • Those are definitely mandarin oranges. I'm from FL, we know oranges lol

    ZombieZombie2 månader sedan
  • Wtf was the intro trick

    Bread ZeppelinBread Zeppelin2 månader sedan
  • sentava

    ZaiZai2 månader sedan
  • I was going to write my stuff on my paper but im too lazy too haha Lol i saw the first part of the magic but the rest idk lol

  • Beautiful!

    dragade101dragade1012 månader sedan
  • Toyo makes tires :---D

    raaka24raaka242 månader sedan
  • Only half of the video is the actual puzzles.

    MR. FISHMR. FISH2 månader sedan
  • That's hindi written on ur shoes

    Atul SharmaAtul Sharma2 månader sedan
  • 0:54 He palmed the card brilliantly. Even frame by frame it's impossible to see.

    Tobacc0Tobacc02 månader sedan
  • Hi

    Everything GamingEverything Gaming2 månader sedan
  • 7:11 ain't those mandarines?

    emiliopzcremiliopzcr2 månader sedan
  • that is fucking adorable. I'm sorry I missed the sale of these little cuties

    Imani ScottImani Scott2 månader sedan
  • You said peaches lmao!!! I!! Im Dead!

    Britt The Boy MomBritt The Boy Mom2 månader sedan
  • Who cares I fell for it jajajaja

    Rogelio EnriquezRogelio Enriquez2 månader sedan
  • Incredible!!! I bought my 🍊 Puzzle at 1994 in Tokyo! And I use it every time when my fruit bowl is empty! Take aLook: photos.app.goo.gl/5QvpahMkuHdrBK8h8 :)

    Célio FirmoCélio Firmo2 månader sedan
  • It literally looks like a glass of beer from a distance.

    Nipulkrad MsinatagrasNipulkrad Msinatagras3 månader sedan
  • nice video!!✨👍👍

    Yağız KatırcıoğluYağız Katırcıoğlu3 månader sedan
  • 0:54 seconds he palms the card when he puts the deck down and slips the card into his back pocket right behind the phone and pack. It's never really in the pack it just looks like it from the sleight of hand !

    Nathanboy98Nathanboy983 månader sedan
    • @Jeffrey Droog gotta be at a level where you cant see how it's done to feel magic

      Nathanboy98Nathanboy982 månader sedan
    • Magic ruined! Burn in hell traitor!

      Jeffrey DroogJeffrey Droog2 månader sedan
  • What if the youtoo, was a puzzle to solve

    hxrle.y_hxrle.y_3 månader sedan
  • today is my great day.BECAUSE ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    Aisyah HumairaAisyah Humaira3 månader sedan
  • 4:50 is when he starts showing the puzzle but he just shows them

    carla tiradocarla tirado3 månader sedan
  • If the fruit one came from Japan it would be tangerines not peaches possibly oranges but Japan is obsessed with tangerines

    Derek AndersonDerek Anderson3 månader sedan
  • They're cool but I wouldn't want to solve them. I don't really like burr puzzles either. Kind of similar.

    Will LastnameguyWill Lastnameguy3 månader sedan
  • Chris has quick hands and the back of the envelope is rigged, MEHXT. (After the Houdini box puzzle reveal everything erm is rigged, to be honest)

    Pedro FabricioPedro Fabricio3 månader sedan
  • Even the box(youtooz) can be a puzzle to make it more interesting!😂😂😂

  • 4:50, when the puzzles are shown :D

    nufangldnufangld3 månader sedan
  • I thought I was going to see you actually solve the puzzles, not watch one long giant ad. 🙄

    Sarra CampbellSarra Campbell3 månader sedan
  • Worst video yet :/ solve some puzzles man, come on

    T BT B3 månader sedan
  • Those are most definitely oranges

    Jackson McCarthyJackson McCarthy3 månader sedan
  • Oh yeah, and the black version of your new cards are dooooppppeee

    Garth RappGarth Rapp3 månader sedan
  • Please do us a favor as your folowers and solve all three of these lol

    Garth RappGarth Rapp3 månader sedan
  • Puzzles start at like 4:50

    ZoePoeyZoePoey3 månader sedan
  • nice trick in the beginning

    King KirisutoKing Kirisuto3 månader sedan
  • I've learned magic probably 80% from this SEslow channel and the fact that I could figure out that magic trick speaks volumes about the quality here!

    Levi GilbertLevi Gilbert3 månader sedan
  • nice slight brother, clean

    KennyKenny3 månader sedan
  • Puzzles at 4:50

    Kacey SofckedKacey Sofcked3 månader sedan
  • That slight of hand was mean!!!🔥🔥🔥

    safari gambitsafari gambit3 månader sedan
  • That card trick was shit sorry dude

    86Smally86Smally3 månader sedan
  • Is anyone gonna ask why his hands were also orange? 😂

    George OrtizGeorge Ortiz3 månader sedan
  • Those are all pretty sweet! The 17th was my birthday! Have a great one Chris!

    George BryanGeorge Bryan3 månader sedan
  • Time to ruin the magic trick, the ink in the marker is out and he had a photocopied card

    Mr. PetersonMr. Peterson3 månader sedan
  • The sad part about getting to know magic is understanding what magicians are doing and don't get surprised :(

    Nathalia LeãoNathalia Leão3 månader sedan
    • But then when someone does something that actually surprises you again it's all the more worth it

      CitnilCitnil14 dagar sedan
    • I think it's kind of more impressive that they can do things that give the impression of magic.

      TrippyGSRTrippyGSRMånad sedan
    • The fun part is messing with people showing you magic now that you know what they're doin.

      redgunnitredgunnitMånad sedan
    • Yup...like the cell phone trick in the beginning of the video....

      Billy ThorsonBilly ThorsonMånad sedan
  • nobody: chris: p e a c h e s

    Melis AkarMelis Akar3 månader sedan
  • nice soduku thing mr lahey

    Danon WDanon W3 månader sedan
  • actual video starts at 4:50

    Mansour GMansour G3 månader sedan
  • I like his mind control on tyler

    doggo babbydoggo babby3 månader sedan