Testing DaVinci's DRAWMATON and Other Magical Items!!

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  • What was your favorite item?? Mine has to be the solar powered spinny thingy

    Chris RamsayChris Ramsay2 månader sedan
    • Solar spinny was my favorite

      Dakota OvalleDakota OvalleMånad sedan
    • Same

      Abiel TenorioAbiel TenorioMånad sedan
    • That's a sterling engine that works from heat, or temperature differences... I want it...

      vovapsixvovapsixMånad sedan
    • The sumo in blanket. Definitely enjoy the illusions of things fitting where they don't look to be able to.

      Don.Don.Månad sedan
    • How do U have so much puzzled

      Zack PhilionZack PhilionMånad sedan
  • "pack so small and play so big" - out of context not so family friendly anymore.

    MoreVolumeNOWMoreVolumeNOW2 dagar sedan
  • The Spinning wheel is a stirling engine an easy search on the web

    Jerry GortmakerJerry Gortmaker7 dagar sedan
  • Only a man would use those BEAUTIFUL handkerchief to wipe the table! hahahahaha

    Teca ArantesTeca Arantes8 dagar sedan
  • Cool pen spin👍😎

    Jag BettyJag Betty8 dagar sedan
  • When i saw the coffee spinning thingy i just wanted to touch it

    Pancake77Pancake779 dagar sedan
  • Super cool stuff, really mesmorizing !!

    Nia PutriNia Putri14 dagar sedan
  • Chris, to learn more about your coffee engine, really known as a Stirling Engine, check out Steve Mould's video on SEslow. Keep up the good work my friend

    The Hairy BadgerThe Hairy Badger15 dagar sedan
  • Catan is my favorite board game. I feel like it’s one of the only board games where you can’t get lucky, it’s almost pure skill

    Ricky CarrilloRicky Carrillo15 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    Vinh Thanh Pham (David)Vinh Thanh Pham (David)16 dagar sedan
  • It is called a Sterling engine. It is set in motion by thermal differentiation. When one of the plates is warmer or colder than the other, the air contracts and expands and pushes the piston. The energy is transferred through a linkage rod to the fly wheel which temporarily stores the energy like a capacitor as it dissipates.

    FamuluFamulu17 dagar sedan
  • I'm from Australia mate! That's not how it works down here!

    Keidon KelleyKeidon Kelley17 dagar sedan
  • What is that monkey putting in and out of itself 😭😭😭😭😫😫

    LaDioLaDio18 dagar sedan
  • Can you list the prices.

    HermioneGirl1987HermioneGirl198719 dagar sedan
  • The kanji read “nihon” it means japan

    Orm11 VideosOrm11 Videos19 dagar sedan
  • the wooden earth clock, spinning anti-clockwise.

    Mr. Ice HeadsMr. Ice Heads22 dagar sedan
  • "spin it" *spins it* "ok now spin it the other way" *spins it counter clockwise and it starts going clockwise* " i s a i d s p i n i t t h e o t h e r w a y . "

    KenKen22 dagar sedan
  • Where do you find oll that cool staf bruh

    A.O 2021A.O 202123 dagar sedan
  • If you pay close attention to when you fully open the auragami they look like white Lotus flowers

    Wade GrenierWade Grenier23 dagar sedan
  • Reminds me of Tim from Grand Illusions

    Josiah GuthrieJosiah Guthrie26 dagar sedan
  • Went to high-school with a doppelganger of his I almost thought it was him at 1st the voice and everything I watch his videos and i think to myself...well I think of alot of things lol

    Harmony lifeHarmony life28 dagar sedan
  • 11:49

    Tor NilssonTor Nilsson29 dagar sedan
  • 11:48 villeger noice

    Tor NilssonTor Nilsson29 dagar sedan
  • The Drawmaton is one of the best devices I have ever seen. Need it!

    Classic GamingClassic Gaming29 dagar sedan
  • Chris, I am not sure if you go back and read these comments..... I just got to watching this video now late January. The little "Coffee Engine" it is called a "Sterling Hot Air Engine" and if you do a quick little bit of research Mr. Sterling was a wizard in his time! The "Sterling" Motion was made into full size engines that can power the whole mill, vehicles, etc. The Sterling engine is comprised of the least amount of parts... least friction and as such Longest Lasting Engines EVER! I have done a ton of research and found that the Sterling Engine "Hot Air Engine" is even used by NASA on the Space Station. The myriad of designs and the efficiency is incredible. I urge you to spend a short amount of time on the subject to get as intrigued as many of us have!

    Chilly O.G.Chilly O.G.29 dagar sedan
  • How does it work? It was built in Australia!

    Luca BarciLuca Barci29 dagar sedan
  • wait would that cool the coffee???

    Ty YagerTy Yager29 dagar sedan
  • 13:24 alchemist you mean?

    Freezing LapizFreezing LapizMånad sedan
  • Anyone else solved the handkerchief puzzle in their head like I did?

    Vincent Kim BuelaVincent Kim BuelaMånad sedan
  • I’m not Australian but I like that joke

    Salahuddin MansourSalahuddin MansourMånad sedan
  • Yea your right about the things spinning the other way

    chazzer YTchazzer YTMånad sedan
  • Whoa. That pen move was smooth asf

    Darin UngerDarin UngerMånad sedan
  • Please Chris, Where can I purchase that hand??? I love it!!!!

    bob ascanibob ascaniMånad sedan
  • 6:44 I'm Australian and the reason that it only spins one way it's because it's stubborn

    Jadon WuttkeJadon WuttkeMånad sedan
  • Your accent was way too funny and perfect

    Dakota OvalleDakota OvalleMånad sedan
  • hey im new and daiimn that pen spin is impressive

    BG GanaaBG GanaaMånad sedan
  • i'm actually watching this at 3 in the morning... o.0

    ana10gana10gMånad sedan
  • You heard my typing wrong. Me boomerang can’t be given to anyone else but me.

    Lewis LakeLewis LakeMånad sedan
  • I’m from Australia mate and that is what made me laugh

    Don't Mess AroundDon't Mess AroundMånad sedan
  • I went to the AoP website and literally just went, 'Oh my God that's so cool!' over and over and over again. So many neat things!

    OldCDawg75OldCDawg75Månad sedan
  • 'I'm a magician' i thought that was your wizard debut

    Ana Carolina Buzelim dos SantosAna Carolina Buzelim dos SantosMånad sedan
  • building my shopping list now

    Richard ForehandRichard ForehandMånad sedan
  • Hi bro How are u getting this stuffs

  • Hey Chris I had an idea. When you pulled out the inner part of the fabric in the Sumo puzzle it almost resembled a diamond, or rather a square standing on a corner of itself. It looked the same size as the square. Please let me know if this is not the solution if you happen to read this comment. Edited:Last month but I just watched the video.

    Joseph PurcellJoseph PurcellMånad sedan
  • Love the thing-a-majig's lol so steampunk love it...Canadian fan

    mark pottlemark pottleMånad sedan
  • A felt tip pen would work better with the Devinchi robot.

    NJM1564NJM1564Månad sedan
  • Hey, Australians are clockwise!!! :)

    zack Mcadamzack McadamMånad sedan
  • haberdashery

    Holden McGroinHolden McGroinMånad sedan
  • No disrespect to your other intros but this one is by far my favorite from all the ones ive seen so far.

    VapeyGamerVapeyGamerMånad sedan
  • Did you manage to get the Sumo in the bag?

    John ClowesJohn ClowesMånad sedan
  • I like the coffee engine

    Marvin SatparamMarvin SatparamMånad sedan
  • How did this video only get 998 comments

    whateverandstuffwhateverandstuffMånad sedan
  • Oh good. I thought he'd forgot the sumo's blanket. I've seen it before, but its always fun to see someone try it for the first time.

    Tzisorey TigerwufTzisorey TigerwufMånad sedan
  • Where does one obtain a coffee engine? I searched Ebay, all that came up were coffee stand engine blocks. Lol

    Jeremy MaloofJeremy MaloofMånad sedan
  • 9:40 he really is magical! WOW

    Jeremy MaloofJeremy MaloofMånad sedan
  • Coffee machine!!!

    LAAG ELAAG EMånad sedan
  • now hook up the engine to the drawing machine.

    Tantalis77Tantalis77Månad sedan
  • You’re a hairy, wizard!

    xXKing_ChaosXx RojasxXKing_ChaosXx RojasMånad sedan
  • Dying at “hankerchi”

    xXHoaCXxxXHoaCXxMånad sedan
  • I was about to set these thumbs ablaze if you didnt show the Sumo solve!! Well done, sir.

    Mr.WangrychtMr.WangrychtMånad sedan
  • The sumo in the blanket you need to do like you did and pull the inside of the fabric out and then kind of draw it inside out over the wooden piece. kind of roll it over the wood as if you had a pillow case inside out and drew it over the pillow. Sorry for my bad english but i think you understand =D är inte säker om det är rätt, men det är så jag haaade försökt göra . de va den första tanken jag fick

    Ricky JonssonRicky JonssonMånad sedan
    • hahaha. didnt watch the full video before i wrote

      Ricky JonssonRicky JonssonMånad sedan
  • The Australian accent kkkkkkkk lol

    Bruno HenriqueBruno HenriqueMånad sedan
  • Glad I stumbled across this channel I've been binge watching last 48 hrs

    PeraaBohPeraaBohMånad sedan
  • Bruh when he said " how does someone see these two objects a be like"oh this fits like this bdhdgskwndbdj" had me laughing

    PeraaBohPeraaBohMånad sedan
  • I need that solar powered thing! Would be great for my altar and meditating😍

    Sunflower BlvdSunflower BlvdMånad sedan
  • you know your about to get all shitty livered and tense...turn on your tapping hand....it sounds so calming in it rhythm 😊💜

    Dee TannerDee TannerMånad sedan
  • Chris, as an off the cuff aussie accent you actually did a pretty decent job, I'd say 7/10 at least when most other North Americans fail completely. Good job.

    Jumbo JymJumbo JymMånad sedan
  • Oh Chris you where a wizard and magic recitnize magic #wizardsforlife

    kyle langkyle langMånad sedan
  • Im from Australia MATE, thats now how it works down hear!

    James HoneywoodJames HoneywoodMånad sedan
  • Your a wizard Ramsey I couldn’t help myself I had to

    Crystal WaltersCrystal WaltersMånad sedan
  • The bored woman structurally play because particle coherently double times a painstaking mail. laughable, tender tense buffer

    Juan MecanoJuan MecanoMånad sedan
  • Me watching this at 3 am... *internal screaming* How does he know!!

    Jeffrey ShaffnerJeffrey ShaffnerMånad sedan
  • Gordon ramsay I found your nephew

    Nika BichinashviliNika BichinashviliMånad sedan
  • cookies

    Strom HawkinsStrom HawkinsMånad sedan
  • hands up those rewound,& played back in slow motion 50 times, the part where Chris flicked the pen round his finger, & after watching, and learning, you finally had it down, knew how he did it, figured out the secret, worked out the technique required, went and got a dang certificate for crying out loud saying you knew how it was done (albeit drawn by yourself), knew how he did it inside out and upside down... ...and still ended up flinging your pen across the room 50 times.

    D0S81D0S81Månad sedan

    D0S81D0S81Månad sedan
  • 8:47 wow, chris, what hand moisturiser do you you use? your hands when shot close up look almost feminine, down to the painted nails, thats some amazing stuff man!

    D0S81D0S81Månad sedan
  • That’s offensive and I’m Australian and that’s not how it works MATE Edit Also love your videos Chris I love the puzzles

    Bobby BibbyBobby BibbyMånad sedan
  • Chris, how come your intro's are usually 21:9, but your actual videos are only 16:9? Would love to have your videos appear in 21:9 as well!

    Kutlwano MakhobotloaneKutlwano MakhobotloaneMånad sedan
  • Him showing off all his stuff. Me: Thats a really nice table.

    LuthbrookLuthbrookMånad sedan
  • Bro I live in Australia and I don’t think we talk like that.

    TheEvilGodBoiTheEvilGodBoiMånad sedan
  • Wow everything about this video was amazing

    Paul CuenPaul CuenMånad sedan
  • The a weak and table makes ramsay look like he sunk into the floor

    Monster BatinatorMonster BatinatorMånad sedan
  • I remember reading a book a few years ago about this boy who loved working with mechanical objects. He lived in a clock tower and would help fix it. As he grew older he would work for this merchant fixing broken wind up toys. He ended up finding this toy that was like the da Vinci’s drawmaton and he ended up fixing it in the end.

    Duck_yuckington🦆Duck_yuckington🦆Månad sedan
  • This video was beautiful

    Logically LogicLogically LogicMånad sedan
  • Leonardo da Vinci from assassins creed ?

    King Legend OGKing Legend OGMånad sedan
  • I want the coffee thing and the wind teal power thing like art of puzzle play place is cool they about to get all my money 🤷🏽‍♀️

    LucyLoves_ ASMRLucyLoves_ ASMRMånad sedan
  • 18:17 that was pretty sick tbh

    Frans william RamosFrans william RamosMånad sedan
    • or 18:15 I mean

      Frans william RamosFrans william RamosMånad sedan
  • Where can you get those handkerchief?

    Scott RisserScott RisserMånad sedan
  • your a wizard Cris.

    Ben NortonBen NortonMånad sedan
  • Do we wanna talk about the moan at 0:56 ?? XD

    Jack JhonsonJack JhonsonMånad sedan
  • Here. at 3 am. in Australia. HE IS A WIZARD!!!

    G DawsonG DawsonMånad sedan
  • That sterling engine will actually cool your coffee off faster than it would just sitting their lol.

    Jared LumbertJared LumbertMånad sedan
  • Your a hairy Wizard

    pike venapike venaMånad sedan
  • the Australia part caught me hahah

    Khasem AlgusbiKhasem AlgusbiMånad sedan
  • i cant find the solar powered spinny thingy???? help

    deejay marshalldeejay marshallMånad sedan
  • I’m subscribing just in case you post the sumo in a blanket solve

    Val VialVal VialMånad sedan
  • built in australia hahaha love it

    sirspikeysirspikeyMånad sedan
  • did you ever solve the blanket puzzle?

    DragonFox84DragonFox84Månad sedan
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    princy nationprincy nationMånad sedan