10 Pieces... Sounds Easy Enough!! -10 Piece Brainteaser

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    Amanda MoreiraAmanda Moreira2 timmar sedan
  • My Oleo 10 puzzle just arrived I haven't watch the video yet. I think this puzzle is INPOSSIBLE

    bill Hullbill Hull5 timmar sedan
  • intense puzzle noises

    BresBres2 dagar sedan
  • I cant lie yh that eye is scarring me

    AteyyAteyy3 dagar sedan
  • Bauhaus

    Tin Shack VideosTin Shack Videos3 dagar sedan
  • ❤️

    Touleen SalamehTouleen Salameh5 dagar sedan
  • even tho it may not be for you, watching his video especially with the jazz in the background is just so perfect and satisfying.

    Jose GarciaJose Garcia5 dagar sedan
  • Y am I obsessed w this channel

    Kat PopaKat Popa5 dagar sedan
    • I don’t even like watching the videos

      Kat PopaKat Popa5 dagar sedan
  • The intro is either an advertisement for sex or a serial killer documentary....

    Vanessa RaeVanessa Rae7 dagar sedan
  • Turn the left side topwise, TOPWISE

    G LG L8 dagar sedan
    • "My main finger?"

      Orange HandOrange Hand7 dagar sedan
  • To be honest I actually saw this on the Yuu asaka page thing and I was like “Hey Cris hasn’t done this one yet” then I found this

    derek linderek lin10 dagar sedan
  • Could you please tag yuu asaka or the other puzzlemakers somewhere in the title or so? I looked a lot of videos from you by now and i began to perfere some puzzle makes and yuu asaka is one of my favourite ones

    Zoey LinaZoey Lina10 dagar sedan
  • Do you ever make easy puzzles seem tough for the sike of the video or puzzle maker?

    Sha ReSha Re10 dagar sedan
    • You think he's faking his struggles to solve them?

      Orange HandOrange Hand10 dagar sedan
  • God I really wanna meet you

    Jonathon JohnsonJonathon Johnson12 dagar sedan
  • I would have launched this out the window after five minutes my brain wouldn’t be able to cope

    glen harperglen harper12 dagar sedan
  • In the bottom left right after the intro before he gets to the puzzle what on Earth is that blinking eye cube

    Josh StaffenJosh Staffen13 dagar sedan

    şansşans14 dagar sedan
    • How about no?

      Orange HandOrange Hand13 dagar sedan
  • Who else is just completely satisfied with the clicking sound the pieces make while he's trying to solve it?

    Stacy MStacy M14 dagar sedan
  • What’s the thing behind him

    CURSED -CURSED -14 dagar sedan
  • The clicking is so satisfying

    Melinda BrownMelinda Brown14 dagar sedan
  • When I see this kind of videos I keep thinking "no man, not this way!" Am I anxious? LMFAO!

    Guilherme PagelGuilherme Pagel15 dagar sedan
  • There is so much ASMR

    Jim MasonJim Mason15 dagar sedan
  • Pausing at the 5 minute mark. I would try doing some horizontal and one final piece vertical. Or maybe see if the small circular openings line up at all with the long ovals.

    Diana BuckDiana Buck15 dagar sedan
    • And I was wrong. But I do think trying the pieces horizontally would have helped to get towards the correct answer. I don't think this is a puzzle I could do just visually (like verbalizing the solution to another person). I would need to do it tactilely, physically manipulating the pieces.

      Diana BuckDiana Buck15 dagar sedan
  • You know what I would do, I would find which black one are almost the same and there would be two set of black almost the same and I would match the two other together

    Chiam WeiyinChiam Weiyin15 dagar sedan
    • Tagt way you would be able to solve it

      Chiam WeiyinChiam Weiyin15 dagar sedan
  • the clicking sound calms my soul

    Mari Wong-KureMari Wong-Kure15 dagar sedan
  • man the intro made me blind

    Muhammad IqbalMuhammad Iqbal16 dagar sedan
  • All what you hear: *Clickclack shhhhr* Nope, not like this *click clickcli clack tikclick shhrrr click* Like this? no The viewver: *Interesting*

    xXGlóredhelXxxXGlóredhelXx16 dagar sedan
  • At 2:55 if he had a big brain he would have found the solution

    Christian JamesChristian James16 dagar sedan
  • Right at 4:05 is when I knew how this thing had to be solved

    FloridaManHCFloridaManHC17 dagar sedan
  • These puzzles make me feel hurt when it’s so close to doing it but not quite.

    I like pieI like pie17 dagar sedan
  • The clicking of all the pieces moving around was so satisfying, like ASMR

    Penelopy MoonPenelopy Moon17 dagar sedan
  • so crunchy

    Will SkaggsWill Skaggs17 dagar sedan
  • Just here for the sounds 😌😭

    Jaylen AdamsJaylen Adams17 dagar sedan
  • am I the only crazy person here, who thinks that he could’ve solved it at 5:09 ?

    M. Р.M. Р.18 dagar sedan
  • Who thought that cutting food was going to be in a puzzle video.

    Henry BlanchardHenry Blanchard18 dagar sedan
  • I see the sulushun

    Emmalee BentonEmmalee Benton18 dagar sedan
  • I thought I clicked Gordon Ramsay's video then I realized its CHRIS RAMSAY's

    RANDOMRANDOM18 dagar sedan
  • too easy

    Hoki DenHoki Den18 dagar sedan
  • Ah, Jaaz

    Sam PersellSam Persell18 dagar sedan
  • Tava mo achando q era propaganda da Tramontina KKK

    Gabriel CarvalhoGabriel Carvalho18 dagar sedan
  • Karen (woman sloven puzzle) chalenenge you in time sloved. She win you in time in all puzzle. She hasnt something against you, she just cheak your time and she was happy when beat you in time. I have nothing against both us but was funny to do a life stream challenge. (Karen mainly sloved only this type of puzzle I mean 5000 piece etc)

    Dimitris KontoleonDimitris Kontoleon18 dagar sedan
  • Ya suck I could’ve done this in 2 mins and I’m 10

    Belly bumper BoyBelly bumper Boy18 dagar sedan
    • @Belly bumper Boy I'm 29 and have never played Fortnite, kid. Maybe you should go to bed.

      Orange HandOrange Hand13 dagar sedan
    • Well, I needed to do something your probably some kid who plays fortnite and yells and rages when they get killed and their teammates dance on them

      Belly bumper BoyBelly bumper Boy13 dagar sedan
    • "I'm 10" That explains why you can't spell.

      Orange HandOrange Hand13 dagar sedan
  • Wow! It was really unexpected & beautiful result. Thanks for sharing!

    GreenSun GreenSunGreenSun GreenSun19 dagar sedan
  • Next puzzle is a 100 level puzzle : solving earphone wires

    Rawya MomaniRawya Momani19 dagar sedan
  • I could never do one of these. I just watch you and Karen

    Paint and puzzlePaint and puzzle19 dagar sedan
  • Learn a cool card puzzle. seslow.info/u/fXmLqrTGrYyFmJo/video

    District of Merlin OfficialDistrict of Merlin Official19 dagar sedan
  • rip the all the fruits and vegetables

    Hanson LimHanson Lim19 dagar sedan
  • the puzzle is called: youasucker

    marcel davismarcel davis19 dagar sedan
  • Woooahhhh that eye dice :O omg it made me jump 😂

    Marilyne ThomasMarilyne Thomas19 dagar sedan
  • Where does Chris get these hoodies?

    Jake LeeJake Lee19 dagar sedan
  • I like your energy, you seem like a nice guy. I will continue to watch your videos.

    TesrtthTesrtth19 dagar sedan
  • Take a shot every time he says always:

    Noah De CarmoNoah De Carmo19 dagar sedan
  • Now i'm hungry.

    Pizza GamerPizza Gamer20 dagar sedan
  • The only thought I had that was right was that they're would be red circles in the middle. Aesthetics an stuff, know?

    Mojo HoloMojo Holo20 dagar sedan
  • His name is basically a taunt. You're a sucker.

    lalalalalalalalal567lalalalalalalalal56720 dagar sedan
  • Well done dude, 8.48, looked like the closest you were gonna get at one point

    Jale HowardJale Howard20 dagar sedan
  • Pencil

    Rawya MomaniRawya Momani20 dagar sedan
  • Chris’ whole desk is just an aesthetic that I am 100% behind and want for my own room 😂

    Oliver SpoonerOliver Spooner20 dagar sedan
  • I figured out the solution half way through when I noticed they could mesh together going the other way to add more space.

    Aaron RhodesAaron Rhodes21 dag sedan
  • So the end result is supposed to look like a sakura tree with cherries I'm guessing? Awesome puzzle.

    Dan FordDan Ford21 dag sedan
  • I thought it was one of those videos where you cut into the item and it’s cake.

    Nolan BennettNolan Bennett21 dag sedan
  • The clicking sounds are so satisfying just to listen to tho 9:23

    Andrew SYHAndrew SYH21 dag sedan
  • Gosh, had it correct at like 26 minutes but moved the black pieces around more instead of putting the red ones in

    Alexa AmarokAlexa Amarok21 dag sedan
  • Pearl and black pieces together first and then try to figure out the right pieces

    Eric HallEric Hall21 dag sedan
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    hanunijahanunija21 dag sedan
  • Just listening to you mess with the pieces is pure ASMR

    Neil PalfreymanNeil Palfreyman21 dag sedan
  • One given when solving a Yuu Asaka puzzle is that you never slip into the mindset: obviously that goes there, it has to. Thats where his puzzles gain their difficulty

    Sam LoosSam Loos21 dag sedan
  • U-a-succer get the joke?

    MOOYMOOY21 dag sedan
  • Can’t believe I watched that. Htf they come up with that?

    darren stettnerdarren stettner21 dag sedan
  • There's a few runs in the editing that are really satisfying in this vid. 8:00-8:30 I think is the first chunk I noticed it in. Something about the clicks and hands flowing from one clip to the next. Good job on that, in my very unprofessional opinion. Stood out for me. :) Chris seemed really engaged and satisfied with it, which is always fun to watch! That hot dang at the end got me tickled.

    PassiveEirePassiveEire21 dag sedan
  • Epic intro ❤

    Mamoru128Mamoru12821 dag sedan
  • Prediction: All the black bars go horizontal, with some aligned such that they fill each other's gaps, and the red dots fill the leftover space... Edit: YES! I'm honestly shocked at how the puzzle is just barely impossible when they're placed vertically. And when placed vertically it really looks like there is no other solution. Super genius.

    Logan HLogan H21 dag sedan
  • I actually figured it out first

    EmmaEmma21 dag sedan
    • It was like a swiggle but it's like tunnel

      EmmaEmma21 dag sedan
  • I really love this puzzle. The jigsaw has holes but its not random it still looks appealing and symmetrical

    Ashe FoxxoAshe Foxxo22 dagar sedan
  • This video gave me anxiety. I figured it out at your 10min on your timer mark...then you kept going....and going....and going... Like a horrible Facebook app ad with an easy puzzle but they keep trying to shove a square peg thru a round hole.

    Brock CassidyBrock Cassidy22 dagar sedan
  • Dude I’m so upset I’m just discovering your channel. Now Im going on a binge. 😂 #newsubscriber

    Matt BlavkMatt Blavk22 dagar sedan
  • Idk if this would work and I’m not finished watching but you do the 2 that fit together that hold two and then it goes diagonal

    Phillip RobinsonPhillip Robinson22 dagar sedan
  • I wanna watch an entire video of him just fidgeting with pieces. I love the sound of that

    TheIceTubeLCTheIceTubeLC22 dagar sedan
  • yo weiredest but coolest intro ever

    Adriann MinorAdriann Minor22 dagar sedan
  • Clicky sound so satisfying 🥰

    Mashie SmashieMashie Smashie22 dagar sedan

    Hussam MaskoniHussam Maskoni22 dagar sedan
  • This is how you sell puzzles boyo!

    Tim SpencerTim Spencer22 dagar sedan
  • Do a 19x19 rubik's cube

    Hex Agon27Hex Agon2722 dagar sedan
  • Eggplant😏

    Gianna HercoliniGianna Hercolini22 dagar sedan
  • the electronec dall house puzal room is at 33k likes

    Nicholas SeedersNicholas Seeders22 dagar sedan
  • Why do you have a flesh cube?

    Man of The MinuteMan of The Minute22 dagar sedan
  • Buna benzer bulmacaları Türkiyede nereden bulabilirim

    DoğukanDoğukan23 dagar sedan
  • There are several puzzles that I know I could never figure out and several puzzles that would take me so much longer than you to do, but this particular puzzle I figured out almost immediately and was screaming internally watching you not see the solution

    Jade featherstonJade featherston23 dagar sedan
  • hoooooly shit I think this is my favourite intro you have ever done 😍😍😍

    Reka KiralyReka Kiraly23 dagar sedan
  • He had the salosen but browke it

    Tamara Meta V1Tamara Meta V123 dagar sedan
  • 0:20 😳

    ShrekShrek23 dagar sedan
  • Hy Chris Ramsay, i love your videos and i watsch you from Hungarya. You are the BEST!

    Bence FarkasBence Farkas23 dagar sedan
  • karen puzzles was faster lol

    Christopher StrudwickChristopher Strudwick23 dagar sedan
  • Nice videos keep up the good work:)

    foxdenfoxden23 dagar sedan
  • This was the most infuriating one yet

    Anthony GAnthony G23 dagar sedan
  • Currently at minute 5... I'm thinking Put 2 of the black bars on the side and put the other two in between horizontally into the wider spaces of the black pieces? Could be totally wrong but it seems like a very Yuu asaka thing to do😂

    Mattis J.Mattis J.23 dagar sedan
  • bring back the cardistry tutorials :'(

    の男 CTRLの男 CTRL23 dagar sedan
  • Solve the snake cube puzzle and the hanayama Slide puzzle

    Katelyn PKatelyn P23 dagar sedan
  • Fun Fact: this puzzle is actually designed to look the exact same when you flip it upside down

    Cameron McDonaldCameron McDonald23 dagar sedan
  • O May 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯👍👍👍👍go man

    Miha KunstlerMiha Kunstler23 dagar sedan