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Today we are going to attempt to solve Eric Fuller's Highly sought after, LOCKBOX! This is an incredible puzzle which is both a puzzle box and a lock. It is also a sequential discovery puzzle! Let's Go!
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  • i lOvE pOlAroiDs

    Chris RamsayChris Ramsay4 månader sedan
    • I don't wanna like this comment because its at epic number (420 at the time)

      Amelia ThebergeAmelia Theberge13 dagar sedan
    • YOU IDIOT never NEVER SHAKE POLAROIDS you ruin the collours :'(

      KittycatKittycatMånad sedan
    • Edse

      Toy Town NewsToy Town News3 månader sedan
    • N you are smart as hell.. i probably could figure some of these out.. it would take days not hrs tho and idk lol I just .. the story 1s are super cool and simple 1s.. the crazy off the wall 1 way win out of 300 thousand.. I'm good lol

      GOT CHYA BITCHGOT CHYA BITCH4 månader sedan
    • The way you explain everything is like I'm right there doing the puzzle myself. Very entertaining and relaxing. Good stuff bro

      GOT CHYA BITCHGOT CHYA BITCH4 månader sedan
  • I just wait for "Hello...?"

    MartoonMartoon5 dagar sedan
  • I just discovered your channel and I've been binge watching your videos. Who know watching you solve these puzzles, would be so satisfying lol. Keep them coming!

    keith Deladurantayekeith Deladurantaye12 dagar sedan
  • Spacestation gaming??

    Len LouisLen Louis16 dagar sedan
  • "No! Why? No! Why?!" - best part of the video

    DiatomicBlenderDiatomicBlender21 dag sedan
  • This is the lockpickinglawyer . A click out of 1 . Slight click out of 2 , no 3 is binding....

    Tirtha NagTirtha NagMånad sedan
  • I love the intro

    john lee,jrjohn lee,jrMånad sedan

    Michael DaigleMichael DaigleMånad sedan
  • This intro is absolutely amazing dude!

    Cheyenna SkarkCheyenna SkarkMånad sedan
  • Lock picking lawyer video length for this puzzle, 2 minutes 27 seconds

    Josh McAllisterJosh McAllisterMånad sedan
  • 3:16 "Understandable have a great day*

    Bilal RatebBilal RatebMånad sedan
  • You're not supposed to shake/flap Polaroids 😖, that's a myth, it doesn't help it develop faster. Doing that creates micro-rips in the paint due to it drying to fast while it's bent. It also can smear the paint due to outward force. This can lead to blurry pictures and them easily losing the paint due to micro-flakeing, its like dry and cracked skin. The best way to let it develop, is by just letting it sit. The development is a chemical reaction and not it drying. Here's a video about it and where the myth comes from:

    xC0DEB10CxC0DEB10C2 månader sedan
  • SSG FTW!

    Uchia18Uchia182 månader sedan
  • you shouldn't actually shake a polaroid

    N30N_C1T1N30N_C1T12 månader sedan
  • The paper: no banging 9:48 Chris: is that a- is that a coin in there?

    Kaylea ChoatKaylea Choat2 månader sedan
  • The intro is so dope I love it !!!

    LéthaLétha3 månader sedan
  • Look at that wood... Is what I say every morning upon awakening.

    Mickey SquintzMickey Squintz3 månader sedan
  • you didn't check the top

    Memeber BerryMemeber Berry3 månader sedan
  • im gonna design a puzzle one day that's literally just put the key in the keyhole, and then all the puzzle solvers who overthink things will just hate me.

    GekkoTadpole 247GekkoTadpole 2473 månader sedan
  • That was a sweet puzzle, one of my favourites!

    Silje FaberSilje Faber3 månader sedan
  • That space station hoodie tho

    Evan cEvan c3 månader sedan
  • that SSG sweater tho !!

    KyroskeKyroske3 månader sedan
  • The coin is from the Atocha shipwreck i believe

    Mike LyjakMike Lyjak3 månader sedan
  • Light bulb....arrow....this video must be after the one you upload next bc of the bulb that is out.

    Robert MillardRobert Millard3 månader sedan
  • Your intro had a Mac Miller vibe, damn u fine

    Kayci ProhaskaKayci Prohaska3 månader sedan
  • “No force required” starts smacking the box like it took his money lmao

    Axel UndinAxel Undin3 månader sedan
  • That intro is dope af

    Sebi BergaminiSebi Bergamini3 månader sedan
  • I got 1 of the polaroids!!!!! Thank you!!! Such an awesome surprise!!!!!

    HeatherHeather4 månader sedan
  • Is that SSG hood?

    Matheus MarafigaMatheus Marafiga4 månader sedan
  • Im just getting to this video but I noticed the Space Station Gaming or SSG Hoodie and want to say quality

    The Donut ManThe Donut Man4 månader sedan
  • Spacestation Gaming!

    KoiringKoiring4 månader sedan
  • The Polaroid shake made me cringe uh oh 😂

    Mister BushidoMister Bushido4 månader sedan
  • *snap* yup, that puzzles going in my cringe compilation

    guess whatguess what4 månader sedan
  • Send that lock on over to Bosnian Bill or The Lock Picking Lawyer, ASAP!

    ole9421ole94214 månader sedan
  • That intro was super fire

    Karthig1987Karthig19874 månader sedan
  • Shout out to the engineering of all these puzzle s

  • Even when you were counting the pics at the end I was assuming you were doing some kind of false count...shows you 5 pics but when you receive there are really only 3!

    Chas LaspataChas Laspata4 månader sedan
  • Layers! Ogres have layers!

    MrMonkey ManMrMonkey Man4 månader sedan
  • You know you're not supposed to shake polaroids right? Either way great video chris

    Josh WayJosh Way4 månader sedan
  • What’s the back ground music playing once he started the puzzle?

    Adarius HendersonAdarius Henderson4 månader sedan
  • Hey Chris.. love your content.. been watching for so long.. i was wondering if you have old puzzles you would be willing to send me and I could mail them back after trying to solve them.. I know it’s a stretch but I absolutely love the sequential puzzles but can’t really afford them..

    Brian ConlogueBrian Conlogue4 månader sedan
  • Coincidence that his intro was polaroids and the puzzle was all about polarity? Hmmm

    Crave the NameCrave the Name4 månader sedan
  • video starts at 1:59

    GregRyanGregRyan4 månader sedan
  • Nice click out of two, three is binding

    lukica555lukica5554 månader sedan
  • I love that your hoodie is space station gaming

    TheLazyLemonTheLazyLemon4 månader sedan
  • Hoooold on. Is that a space station gaming hoodie??

    TaiwaneseBoiTaiwaneseBoi4 månader sedan
  • One of the best I seen here!

    Jordi RossetJordi Rosset4 månader sedan
  • Come for the intros. Stay for the puzzles.

    Moosegops _Moosegops _4 månader sedan
  • Ugh i told myself only one Chris Ramsay's video today, and now I'm at the third one

    BoomahlyPlaysBoomahlyPlays4 månader sedan
  • im not joking !! so much effort on your into !!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Dana MarieDana Marie4 månader sedan
  • Man, I want this puzzle box!!! I build escape rooms for people to play at home, this would be amazing to have in my arsenal! ;)

    Down the Wrabbit Hole TravelDown the Wrabbit Hole Travel4 månader sedan
  • Give this to the lock picking lawyer! "2 doesnt move, set on 4, bind on 3"

    Fred latin MedicFred latin Medic4 månader sedan
  • “Beautiful little box...” I really need to make the joke?

    Matthew LemonsMatthew Lemons4 månader sedan
  • Like to see the Lock Picking Lawyer take a stab at it. ;)

    A RA R4 månader sedan
  • magnetized ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) magnetic*

    KillerGaming 1468KillerGaming 14684 månader sedan
  • This guy needs to take an IQ test

    Your side TingYour side Ting4 månader sedan
  • One of my favorite intros

    Christin ColucciChristin Colucci4 månader sedan
  • There was something scribbled on the part that came off

    Amitayush GhoshAmitayush Ghosh4 månader sedan
  • Dude you're video editing skills are crazy 🔥

    Who KnowsWho Knows4 månader sedan
  • When is the coin from? I wanna know more about it

    Martin DominguezMartin Dominguez4 månader sedan
  • I have a coin that looks exactly like yours but it looks brass or copper .CAN U SHOW A CLEARER PICTURE OF THE COIN

    Martin DominguezMartin Dominguez4 månader sedan
  • @LockPickingLawyer would've solve this in no time. Nothing on one... Two is loose... Nice click outta three... Four is binding...

    Jose LandaetaJose Landaeta4 månader sedan
  • Wow.. ! Super difficult puzzle!

    The Tipsy CookeryThe Tipsy Cookery4 månader sedan
  • You have really good intros. They look better than even some music videos

    Ink SoldierInk Soldier4 månader sedan
  • I guess it's time to call the Lockpicking lawyer xD

    Анатолий К.Анатолий К.4 månader sedan
  • My god, Chris! You're...You're amazing! How? Where? I can't believe you have it! Folks, this man is a miracle worker! Somehow, some way, through some kind of magical time portal, he has found film for a Polaroid Impulse. FILM! (For those that don't know, film was a chemical soup embedded on special material, often cellulose, that when exposed to light, created a negative image that could, with baths in other chemicals and a few other tricks, be turned into 'photos' or 'pictures'. Some tricksy cameras could do this without the need for having the baths and stuff. Real old-timer stuff, like, before digital was a thing, even.)

    SontarSontar4 månader sedan
  • Well the first puzzle im going to ever do is your logo collab puzzle

    Starman BootsStarman Boots4 månader sedan
  • Uh wtf Chris, in the into you say "say hi Lee" that honestly is messing with me as my name is Lee wood.... how

  • I wonder what the lockpicking lawyer would make of this?

    Beloit911Beloit9114 månader sedan
  • Chris when he reads all the comments, don't shake the polaroid, "I get it guys"

    robseyes35robseyes354 månader sedan
  • "That's progress. None the less." Life lessons!

    Splash _CSCSplash _CSC4 månader sedan
  • I noticed that you typically turn keys clockwise... If I were a maker of puzzles I would design rotating bits against that nature...

    SiN FPV 711313101SSiN FPV 711313101S4 månader sedan
  • Anyone else notice the picture on the top left throughout the video looks like tRump lmao

    WillWill4 månader sedan
  • My friends showed me your channel. I haven't stopped watching since last Monday.

    Back of the class GirlBack of the class Girl4 månader sedan
  • Soo that is an ssg pullover?

    JackielineJackieline4 månader sedan
  • accidentally leaves a pin inside

    N. A. MinchN. A. Minch4 månader sedan
  • "look at that wood'' "beautiful little box''(╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞

    Paul Warren ApuraPaul Warren Apura4 månader sedan
  • Pog spacestation gaming merch

    Axel KangasAxel Kangas4 månader sedan
  • Does anyone else feel like the hands and voice are out of sync 🤔😂🤣

    Car'a'CarnCar'a'Carn4 månader sedan
  • Did you know that you don't need to shake the polaroid picture, nevertheless it's cool to do it ;)

    Edwin OrellanaEdwin Orellana4 månader sedan
  • Slight click on 2, 3 is binding

    KsiazewskiKsiazewski4 månader sedan

    Alexander RoqueAlexander Roque4 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one who loves the puzzles but also loves his ink?

    Pamela HouckPamela Houck4 månader sedan
  • You should not wiggle your photo! This only damages your photo, and will NOT make the chemical process safer. Just don't..

    Melroy van den BergMelroy van den Berg4 månader sedan
  • Fun fact: Hey ya lied to you, shaking a Polaroid picture doesn’t do anything except bend the frame a bit

    What the What the 911What the What the 9114 månader sedan
    • @dont know don't care hat

      TheFunnyManTheFunnyMan4 månader sedan
    • @GamingNat 🧢

      dont know don't caredont know don't care4 månader sedan
    • A shame the kids won't understand this comment lmao

      GamingNatGamingNat4 månader sedan
  • I've watched endless videos of you solving puzzles. This is the first one in which I feel that I would have used fire to 'solve' the puzzle!

    Mitch BlackmoreMitch Blackmore4 månader sedan
  • Edit at the beginning was absolutely incredible

    BYT PixelHeroBYT PixelHero4 månader sedan
  • В 90-ые годы у нас паларойд был крутой штукой,так как некоторые всё ещё сами проявляли фотоплёнку или отдавали на проявку в салоны.А тут сразу фото проявлялись.

    AXEL 007AXEL 0074 månader sedan
  • Dude! I have the same Impulse!!

    Austin BowersAustin Bowers4 månader sedan
  • Gorgeous puzzle box

    AbOmB52 _AbOmB52 _4 månader sedan
  • Love the detail in the woodwork! Looks like a fun and challenging puzzle box!

    Angela CoombsAngela Coombs4 månader sedan
  • Did anyone realize that the magnetizing glass did nothing

    Porschemanthom EPorschemanthom E4 månader sedan
  • After 10 seconds I paused the video to have a look at the comments and thankfully a lot of people commented on the picture shaking, which made me happy. THE MASSES KNOW!

    Scary MeadowScary Meadow4 månader sedan
  • If you wanna watch someone actually solve puzzles watch Mr Puzzle

    Sean BuckwellSean Buckwell4 månader sedan
  • When will we be getting the puzzles i ordered the first day I think you had said you was selling them

    Rlr beastRlr beast4 månader sedan
  • You said if the room old sins got 20,000 likes you'd continue. Well the video has 29k, we obviously want more. Upload it! Please!

    Alice TitlerAlice Titler4 månader sedan
  • Do i even want to know how long that intro took? ... Screw it, tell me.

    Aetherius Aeterna de MortemAetherius Aeterna de Mortem4 månader sedan
  • Chris, I have learned that most every puzzle maker requests and almost begs that you not shake, spin and bang on the puzzles so why do you shake bang and spin the puzzles every time and several times while solving them. I gotta pull a biden...c'mon man!

    Michael MilesMichael Miles4 månader sedan
  • Can anyone solve my Sherlock puzzle?

    Harshraj DabhiHarshraj Dabhi4 månader sedan
  • ooooooo arghhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm lol

    tudor daviestudor davies4 månader sedan