Solving MY OWN Puzzle!!

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Today I challenged my best friends to solve my very own Puzzle! Winner gets $5000!
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  • Reminder: You are awesome and thank you for allowing me to do things like this

    Chris RamsayChris Ramsay3 månader sedan
    • Do you have any more of your puzzles?

      GODWINS77GODWINS776 dagar sedan
    • Tried to buy it from your link but couldn't find it in your shop.

      luckychuntluckychunt21 dag sedan
    • The puzzle isn’t showing up on your website from the link in the description??? I’m interested in getting your puzzle!

      Nick FulferNick Fulfer29 dagar sedan
    • When I click the link to get your puzzle, only the cards are on your shop. Is the puzzle no longer available?

      Jeremiah RamosJeremiah RamosMånad sedan
    • Can you link their youtube in the description or comments? I've watched like 389 videos and never heard their last name lol

      Drake FishDrake FishMånad sedan
  • ❤️

    Touleen SalamehTouleen Salameh3 dagar sedan
  • Hella clean

    Angel Lin AhnAngel Lin Ahn3 dagar sedan
  • a big hammer solve most problems

    DubiousDubious7 dagar sedan
  • That is the coolest puzzle ever !..I am just starting to buy some and looking for more always ..Lol so much fun

    Dezmo EskimoDezmo Eskimo14 dagar sedan
  • And the Oscar goes to....

    Green IgnitorGreen Ignitor16 dagar sedan
  • 5:26 Chris: the puzzle champion belt Me and Captain Holt: It’s a cummerbund!!!!

    Meghna VMeghna V16 dagar sedan
  • $9 for a 7 ounce box of "cereal". It's magically expensive.

    Uisce PrestonUisce Preston18 dagar sedan
  • So by the wayyyy got some of that Good Spoon cereal no one warned me that when you eat it turns to goo ...bro it's straight up nasty lol

    Dalton McmillanDalton Mcmillan19 dagar sedan
  • Learn a cool card puzzle.

    District of Merlin OfficialDistrict of Merlin Official19 dagar sedan
  • I'm pretty sure Wes Eric and Alex are the same dude but with different hairstyles.

    Nov 5062Nov 506221 dag sedan
  • This puzzle is great 👍. It shows even randomness could solve a puzzle but to get it back you have to remember everything you did while eliminating the unnecessary moves you did. Great content.

    Bilel CHERIFBilel CHERIF25 dagar sedan
  • If they helped each other out they each would have gotten $1,666.67

    The Sun Is A Planet The Earth Is FlatThe Sun Is A Planet The Earth Is Flat27 dagar sedan
  • In my mind Alex still won last robbed him of his victory.

    c20uxc20ux28 dagar sedan
  • That's a really cool puzzle and the content was fun to watch too

    Gary StewartGary Stewart28 dagar sedan
  • I got mine and it didn't take long to solve. I don't consider it a level 6 puzzle. But it was fun

    mattrozzzmattrozzz29 dagar sedan
  • The puzzle isn’t showing up on your website from the link in the description??? I’m interested in getting your puzzle!

    Nick FulferNick Fulfer29 dagar sedan
  • No more puzzles in the store 😢

    Daniel WeitzmannDaniel WeitzmannMånad sedan
  • Alex looks badass in the intro. Definitely got that "I'm here to win, and I'll do anything to win" style of determination.

    RedEngineerRedEngineerMånad sedan

    Anthony junAnthony junMånad sedan
  • I solved it twice and each time I struggle to get it back to the start 😭

    St. NicolasSt. NicolasMånad sedan
  • Would love to meet this guy! But I don't think that he would come to Dallas Texas!

    Kenneth WilliamsKenneth WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Magic spoon sounds good

    NectingNectingMånad sedan
    • Ima get some

      NectingNectingMånad sedan
  • Puzzle is gone 😭

    LiambrownzLiambrownzMånad sedan
  • His puzzle isn’t available

    bookaholic/gameaholic/vlogaholic 101bookaholic/gameaholic/vlogaholic 101Månad sedan
  • That's a super sweet puzzle Chris 🤘🏽

    Jay KughanJay KughanMånad sedan
  • Love the ad at the beginning that was enjoyable Chris Ramsay all the way

    RileyandkittyRileyandkittyMånad sedan
  • I love cereal

    Y/NPhobicY/NPhobicMånad sedan
  • This was prob your easiest puzzle I solved it quick

    Tttt TttTttt TttMånad sedan
  • Can I have 1. . I mean for free 😅

    Glen PamindananGlen PamindananMånad sedan
  • I can only see wheel chair and an gaming pc with an man that broken legs sitting on wheel chair playing some games

    Diana Acena EvangelistaDiana Acena EvangelistaMånad sedan
  • I miss when this channel wasn't about flexing about how much a puzzle costs but how hard the puzzle actually is

    bearpestbearpestMånad sedan
  • No thank you for the entertainment

    Cameron rukkaCameron rukkaMånad sedan
  • Are the puzzles still available? Looked on the link and couldn’t find any. Only found the decks of cards.

    Kydd GatsbyKydd GatsbyMånad sedan
  • Here's the gay comment no one asked for: All men in this video are FINE!! 😍 SPECIALLY the newly 40-year old Eric

    Pepe HerreraPepe HerreraMånad sedan
  • You should wear it as a necklace, straight baller af! My initials are SR or SWR. This is great craftsmanship and honestly mad props and much love bro!

    SSMånad sedan
  • Must be nice having friends.

    LiftOrGTFOLiftOrGTFOMånad sedan
  • you made me so hungry for those cereals! just went to the site until checkout and saw i can only choose United States... sucks to be in Europe!

    TapTapTapTapTapTapMånad sedan
  • No hate but the camera work while they were solving made me motion sick and I almost never get motion sick 😂

    NoNamesWorkNoNamesWorkMånad sedan
  • 03:32 the guy to the right looks like ashish chanchlani

    LEOLEOMånad sedan
  • at least he didn't spit on it this time

    Andrew SweebeAndrew SweebeMånad sedan
  • Every time I see this sponsor, I ask myself, Wtf is it made off? Did they really use cardboard this time?

    branak belledarbranak belledarMånad sedan
  • It's really cool.. Can I have one for free please buddy, I'm really, really poor.. 😔

    Butt Hand 0.1Butt Hand 0.1Månad sedan
  • Awesome puzzle

    My TherapyMy TherapyMånad sedan
  • Took me 15 minutes to solve it

    Justin HopperJustin HopperMånad sedan
  • Who the fack would pay 10$ for a box of cereal

    Diego CalleDiego CalleMånad sedan
  • 5:03 Eric looks like Brian Brushwood lol

  • i like how he didnt actually give their links down below lol

    L U C I F E RL U C I F E RMånad sedan
  • good friends would have solved it together, best friends would solve it first without helping them what so ever and brag.

    L U C I F E RL U C I F E RMånad sedan
  • When you've been watching Chris for over two years and you realize you're not subscribed 🤦

    MuzNeoMuzNeoMånad sedan
  • I was totally following chris’s explanation of how it works until that last move. That last move just broke my concept of what is possible in hanayama puzzle.

    BKMagykBKMagykMånad sedan
  • why did when he said what is sound like a goose

    kilby greenkilby greenMånad sedan
  • Please tell me where I can buy Eric’s red/black tye dye hoodie from!!!

    AlexDesignssAlexDesignssMånad sedan
  • Is it still available? I really want one and I've got the extra money now.

    Running GamerRunning GamerMånad sedan
  • Is the puzzle sold out? I can’t find it on the website

    hokage namhokage namMånad sedan
  • Actually a really easy puzzel to solve, idk why they were just fighting and not finding the pattern. Ohwe’ll

    xd DarkXxd DarkXMånad sedan
  • I wish public libraries had a "Puzzle section" you could check out like books and futz with until they're due for someone else to borrow!

    Elle pElle pMånad sedan
    • I mean correct me if it's already a thing? Haven't used a library in years!

      Elle pElle pMånad sedan
  • im twenty seconds in and im convinced you have one friend Edit: I'm three minutes in and they look more different than they did earlier

    Anna JullAnna JullMånad sedan
  • I only see playing cards on that website. Where is the puzzle?

    Daniel BundrickDaniel BundrickMånad sedan
  • ..guess all your puzzles sold out. Was really into that color variant.

    ElanauElanauMånad sedan
  • You didnt eat much of tht cereal just a couple pieces its nasty isnt it bahahah

    BigbriskBigbriskMånad sedan
  • Never Fails to impress!!! 👏

    catalina ignatcatalina ignatMånad sedan
  • 1:03 i am eating cearel like you

    red turtlered turtleMånad sedan
  • Bruh, I tried to find your puzzle on the website but it isn’t there. I’m hoping to buy it for my birthday this year.

    Gracey LouGracey LouMånad sedan
  • those cereals are expensive as F tho , 39 dollar its more or less 31 euros for 4 boxes, i can buy almost 15 boxes of a good and healthy cereal for that price here in portugal

    Diog0TKDiog0TKMånad sedan
  • I want one of these puzzles! Where can I find one they’re not showing on the store

    Ryan MorrisRyan MorrisMånad sedan
  • I got the ring off and now I can't get it back on

    twiztidstevetwiztidsteveMånad sedan
  • $40 for four boxes of cereal is a joke tbh.

    Devon CantrellDevon CantrellMånad sedan
  • I clicked the link to buy the puzzle but it’s not on the site, is it sold out or somthin?

    Terry OrrisTerry OrrisMånad sedan
  • So i went to the site and bought some cereal but i never was able to enter no promo code for free shipping. Fan of your page but not of your sponsor magic spoon

    skrapes01skrapes01Månad sedan
  • Very cool puzzle bro.

    Dimaratos GeorgiadisDimaratos GeorgiadisMånad sedan
  • Ok i may stuck at the last turn

    Beat MasterBeat MasterMånad sedan
  • I really want that puzzle

    HavanaHavanaMånad sedan
  • I want your puzzle 🔥🔥❤️❤️🙏🙏

    Mary Grace ViteroMary Grace ViteroMånad sedan
  • I got this for a Christmas present and loved it, didn't take long to solve but loved the smooth finish!

    Scott BennettScott BennettMånad sedan
  • I love these videos! Would definitely like to see more puzzle competitions with your friends! Also definitely trying to buy your puzzle but I can't seem to find it on your shop?

    Joshua HughesJoshua HughesMånad sedan
  • My 16yr old daughter and I loved our copy of this puzzle. Kudos to you and Hamiyama!

    Travis WeikTravis WeikMånad sedan
  • I want magic spoon but they only deliver to US not Germany :(

    GodnessGodnessMånad sedan
  • High level was even higher

    nick jordnick jordMånad sedan
  • 5:06 I just turned 50! But congrats on turning 40 Eric!

    Michael AntonioMichael AntonioMånad sedan
  • Well,this puzzle is JUST AMAZING,THE DESİGN,THE COLOR,damn...but İ AM BROKE😅 so instead of buying one,i am watching the video! Amazing job Chris,the puzzle looks amazing (hope i will buy it someday)

    Effy IronheartEffy IronheartMånad sedan
  • I got your puzzle for my 2 boys for Christmas well they are adults lol. The oldest took it and has spent HOURS and yet to figure it out. Thanks for the entertaining puzzle.

    Kathleen InmanKathleen InmanMånad sedan
  • When/where can we get your puzzle?

    Rosemary BenoitRosemary BenoitMånad sedan
  • Finally got to watch this video after getting the puzzle as Christmas gift. Had gotten it off and glad to know where I was messing up getting it back on. Thank you for the great puzzle!

    Rebecca De la RosaRebecca De la RosaMånad sedan
  • My time was 52 mins on this puzzle, I had it almost solved early but I was afraid to force it off and I eventually went back and forced a lil more and ring slide off. And the “limited edition” version is flame and I would definitely copp that

    Lil-g GuddaLil-g GuddaMånad sedan
  • You are awsome Chris. Just receive this puzzle as a gift. This is realy cool i like the engineering and the (tracks) on it. Your videos are so cool have a great day man.

    Marc-André ClaveauMarc-André ClaveauMånad sedan
  • Awesome channel. Just wondering if im missing something here? Went to the 1ststop site and i only see playing cards and uncut sheets. No puzzles. Sold out? Or is there another place to buy this?? Any additional info would be great. Keep up the great work. Love the vids, the quality of filming, the office etc....all on point! Terrific.

    Wolfgang ReitznerWolfgang ReitznerMånad sedan
  • loll attend minute presque pas quebecois haha

    chris schmittchris schmittMånad sedan
  • Yay! I ordered your puzzle for my husband for Christmas! We both were able to solve it, but both of us did curse at you quite heavily for that trap. Though, we knew you'd do something like that 😁 Thanks for sparking our appreciation for Hanayama. We got several more puzzles for each other, but one of them called "The Cylinder" really, really threw me. I thought I was never going to get that SOB back together!! Thanks, again, for a wonderful experience. Hope to see more where this came from.

    Audrey PogueAudrey Pogue2 månader sedan
  • Another dark video...can't see sh*t.

    Gabriela LambertiGabriela Lamberti2 månader sedan
  • I would have loved to try this cereal, but there's no vegan options. 😔😓

    Jay JayJay Jay2 månader sedan
  • I got the puzzle for Christmas and it was so fun love the videos man the puzzle was really fun

    Judah BarleyJudah Barley2 månader sedan
  • Also I like the black versions starting point with that one extra small move which looks to hold the ring in place 👌

    Jake PescaiaJake Pescaia2 månader sedan
  • Please make the black version!

    Jake PescaiaJake Pescaia2 månader sedan

    princy nationprincy nation2 månader sedan
  • Hear touching😢 story of father at kisaan protest Share this video maximum & SUBSCRIBE us🙏.

    princy nationprincy nation2 månader sedan
  • Ok roddy

    Tina MitchellTina Mitchell2 månader sedan
  • Race 5000 pieces .

    Tina MitchellTina Mitchell2 månader sedan
  • They don't send magic spoon to Aus :((

    FaZe PenguFaZe Pengu2 månader sedan
  • Can we get the source for that tiedye sweatshirt???

    Cris WoolaceCris Woolace2 månader sedan