Could THIS Be The GREATEST Magician??!

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Today I'm taking a look at Jeki Yoo's Instagram magic videos! He's honestly quickly become my favorite online magician! Enjoy and give him a follow!
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  • Honestly had so much fun making this video.. Does it show??!

    Chris RamsayChris Ramsay4 månader sedan
    • Hey Chris I’m no magician and 90% of tricks baffle me but I saw how the rope trick was done on the second watch email me and I’ll tell you what I saw

      Wyatt YipWyatt YipDag sedan
    • 43 thousand done Chris when do we get omegle video

      Riding MagicianRiding Magician4 dagar sedan
    • Well ...... not at first but Sure I Mean I guess

      Colin 4sECs BOo cColin 4sECs BOo c11 dagar sedan
    • I don't know who had more fun here. You watching him, or me watching both of you! 😆😆😆 This is my new favorite video of yours! Thanks man. I needed this.

      Jessica DavenportJessica Davenport15 dagar sedan
    • @Flisov where's the video he said he would release once this got 40k likes? Can't seem to find it

      Cody WoodwardCody Woodward21 dag sedan
  • That rope was just 2 ropes and a magnet. Super clean though.

    ShanknbabiesShanknbabiesDag sedan
  • pretty sure there were about 863 edits while you were talking about why not editing is important ^_^ I know it's not in the context you were referring to, but it's funny to me

    Velvet_TurtleVelvet_TurtleDag sedan
  • yellow balls at 11:00 were probably magnetic to the board or something and then he grabbed them as he flipped the board around

    CooksMcGooksCooksMcGooksDag sedan
  • My mind is just gonna let me think it's a camera trick so I can sleep 😴

    John John jacksonJohn John jacksonDag sedan
  • He had no idea Omega was like the men's room it's where the dicks hang out.

    Richard EdwardsRichard Edwards2 dagar sedan
  • He had no idea that Omegle valley of penises

    Richard EdwardsRichard Edwards2 dagar sedan
  • That rope trick at the start is incredible, at first I thought he swapped out the rope for a loop since it was obviously not connected once he showed the knot, but then I researched it and from one piece of rope to the loop there's not cuts, it's always visible. Which means the loop has to be the original rope, it has to be cut/spliced and reattached to make a loop as he's showing folding it over and making the first round of the knot. Then I researched that paying really close attention to his hands for any obvious signs of unsticking/resticking the rope. No go. Which means we've ruled out all other possibilities which leaves only the last one, he's a real wizard/warlock/witch.

    scragarscragar2 dagar sedan
  • I may be wrong but... are we sure is not video editing? At 4:23 while he's saying "in the middle" the rope under his left hand twists through one single frame, which is not physically possible (even assuming 30 fps). Slow it down and you can see it better. Perhaps you may have an explanation for that, curious to hear it in that case. Great video for the rest, as usual, I love your explanations and insights. Oh My!

    SoulSoul2 dagar sedan
  • the oh my is annoying as hell

    Kristian179Kristian1793 dagar sedan
  • Well, every magician is honored if poeple say: "yea it's video edited", that's a proove for every magician they are actually good (ok except if they really did that of course)

    Veoh#TechstarifyVeoh#Techstarify3 dagar sedan
  • At 11:02 how he got the cards is honestly the only thing I know for sure how he did. He had some magician's wax or tape or something stuck to the left pole with the cards stuck in them. Then when he shows that it's a frame you can see he covered the part where the cards would've been. Also at 11:33 He just had someone else spin in the coin with another coin in it.

    SirKolorSirKolor3 dagar sedan
  • Have a look again at the rings one at the end of the video when he is spinning the rings in his hands you can see the gap i the ring in his left hand. Still a great magician though and funny.

    Darryl ToombsDarryl Toombs3 dagar sedan
  • 4:40 its one of those ropes with i think twist screws because i have the idea that he didnt fully showed the "cirkel rope"

    brayden Cbrayden C4 dagar sedan
  • I have been watching your videos for a long time and this was my favorite of all of your videos - not because of his magic, but because of your genuine reaction. The pure joy on your face is one reason why I love watching reaction videos. Of course, I also watch all of your other stuff too, lol.

    Matthew MendilloMatthew Mendillo5 dagar sedan
  • I have noticed a ghost behind Chris!! Check out at 6:35

    CellXBreakerCellXBreaker5 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for introducing me to Jeki!! He is one of the funniest, cleverest magicians I've ever seen (present company excepted of course "-Ahem-") It's now mid Feb and Jeki just "Fooled" P&T!!

    Firstname LastnameFirstname Lastname6 dagar sedan
  • The dearly beloved part was my favorite

    Kryshana FeldersKryshana Felders7 dagar sedan
  • I also learned the hard way ramsay lol i was like wtf did i get into

    Frank CFrank C7 dagar sedan
  • 15:51 of course there is nothing inside, you took it all out remember?!

    Burnt Tuna ToastBurnt Tuna Toast7 dagar sedan
  • One of your funniest videos so far! Love it 😂😂👍

    DavidDavid7 dagar sedan
  • Mate. You must be pushing 40 please wear your hat the right way round.

    Aaron WaldersladeAaron Walderslade8 dagar sedan
  • Awesome

    Joachim MorgenthauJoachim Morgenthau8 dagar sedan
  • the rope trick is easy, the trick is in the rope for sure.. hahaha but he did it so fast and clean, still impressive..

    Burnt Tuna ToastBurnt Tuna Toast8 dagar sedan
  • How is that chocolate one not video editing?!??!?!???

    Lord GLord G9 dagar sedan
  • When he started doing videos, he had a wood table and people called him out on that. So he bought a glass table, also he uses dollar store stuff to creat new stuff. Really out of the box thinking.

    Fabian DiezigerFabian Dieziger10 dagar sedan
    • Also his fool us trick is amazing.

      Fabian DiezigerFabian Dieziger10 dagar sedan
  • The more you understand, the more impressive it becomes. For most of these, I know what movements to look for and when they happen. The handling is just so clean that it doesn't matter. He has taken the tried and true effects and elevated them to the point of being able to execute them in front of the professionals and skeptics and still get away with it. It's done at a level where camera tricks and editing wouldn't actually add anything. I can tell why Chris was envious. This is a lot of practice, engineering, and creativity, all while keeping things fair.

    That GuyThat Guy10 dagar sedan
  • I just watched this guy on a video fool pen and Teller, pretty amazing magic! He fooled them with a simple sticker hahaha 😝 so dont feel bad.

    Michael FloydMichael Floyd10 dagar sedan
  • Jeki Yoo is amazing.

    TheGodOfPezTheGodOfPez11 dagar sedan
  • I believe i figured out the coin trick with the glass table . Notice anything funny when he waves his hands under the glass table? look closely, if i remember correctly you did a video tutorial on invisible shield. Look familiar?

    Ben PattenBen Patten11 dagar sedan
  • I’m sorry dude... I like your puzzle solving videos but this is awful with all the annoying filler... just my opinion, bruh...

    John BlakeneyJohn Blakeney12 dagar sedan
  • Actual content starts at 4:19 Just sayin’

    John BlakeneyJohn Blakeney12 dagar sedan
  • How you gonna call me out like that😂😂 I started laughing so hard when you said some people who can’t explain what they’re looking at dismiss it entirely and just say it was video editing 😂😂😂😂 cuz I definitely do that to a lot of magic videos lmfao

    Larry BriggsLarry Briggs12 dagar sedan
  • For the third trick, anyone notice that the table make his legs appear bigger. This is due to diffraction and in my opinion, you can use this to hide the coin on your lap. 🤔 🤔 🤔

    Dark AssassinDark Assassin12 dagar sedan
  • I can’t

    DinoHatDinoHat12 dagar sedan
  • Should have raised that like goal, Chris. Now you have to edit out all the schlongs lol

    ThatScrubWolfThatScrubWolf13 dagar sedan
  • This is burber oh my!

    Alysha DaleyAlysha Daley13 dagar sedan
  • Where is our Omegle vid?!😁

    Kate TownsendKate Townsend13 dagar sedan
  • That dude is good. His glass table has a massive hidden shelf from the edge that is parallel to the perspective of the camera which is why its so convincing. He just slid the coins onto it. And the string is just a magnetically or mechanically joinable string that comes apart. He executes his tricks well. And he gets my thumbs up for his cheerfulness!

    CloakfiendCloakfiend13 dagar sedan
  • Chris's next tattoo "OH MAI" on his forehead

    AhmedTSNAhmedTSN13 dagar sedan
  • he hides/places the stuff behind the frames and he catches when the hand passes nearby, still impressive, smooth and astonish execution.

    Lionello SantiLionello Santi13 dagar sedan
  • trick photography bro

    HighXYHighXY13 dagar sedan
  • What about carbonara? Do you guys like him, even though I believe it’s all editing

    JbirdJbird13 dagar sedan
  • I saw the rope guy and slowed the video exactly at 0.25X speed.4:27 is the time I watched the rope guy and I saw 👀 how he did it I’m surprised nobody has found it yet but I saw it and let me tell you this he played you so hard because when you see him tie it you can see the circular rope if you follow the rope line he just put the circle in it and he pulled it out as if circle formed itself well there you have it folks - GetToTheChoppaaa

    GetToTheChoppaaaGetToTheChoppaaa13 dagar sedan
  • slip up 6:54 pause an see the coin in his left hand. he had the coin in his had the whole time.

    Project DynastyProject Dynasty14 dagar sedan
  • @4:20 I checked out this guy's video and if you slow it down, you can see him switching the rope piece with his right hand and flipping out the detached piece with his thumb. He's using slight of hand to hide the connected spots. I think the rope's ends have magnets. They're cut perfectly straight and when he dangles the loop, it looks kinda kinked weirdly in one spot (right where he let go). Some of these seem edited. For example, the black hole in the park looks like a matte job and you can see the area around the black hole smudged by a crappy job.

    CSPhobosCSPhobos14 dagar sedan
  • From Greece you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zerosmi MizerosZerosmi Mizeros14 dagar sedan
  • You know with video editing anything is possible.

    jitzmasterjitzmaster15 dagar sedan
  • Oh my!

    crow boicrow boi15 dagar sedan
  • Ripe trick has something to do with water bottle.

    Patrick MackinderPatrick Mackinder15 dagar sedan
  • This is the best close up Magician for last 20 years.

    Aleksandr GoldAleksandr Gold15 dagar sedan
  • I still cannot believe the talent of this guy. And the fact he *only* has 20k subs on YT (even after Chris made this video)

    PhobozPhoboz16 dagar sedan
  • In the trick around 9:10, it appears that the grey book that the black contraption is set on top of is using forced perspective to appear flat, when in fact at the back the book angles up to maybe a full 90 degrees, providing a place for the cards to disappear into or behind. I think...

    warriorpoetwarriorpoet16 dagar sedan
  • LMAO!!

  • I did it.. i caught what he was doing with the yellow ball and the black cardboard with the hole in it.... super clean

    BoJack PhotographyBoJack Photography16 dagar sedan
  • You need to go check out js magic on SEslow he is my favorite magician of all time! He is really really good at sleight of hand and illusions

    Jeremiah CarverJeremiah Carver16 dagar sedan
  • sorry, i drifted to jeki during the video 😜

    Re GreRe Gre16 dagar sedan
  • You got 53 k likes. Do it post it♥️

    Soap #Soap #16 dagar sedan
  • oh my

    superflyerizzerasuperflyerizzera16 dagar sedan
  • We got our 43k likes =) Looking forward to the Omegle Video

    Lamarias LymosariLamarias Lymosari16 dagar sedan
  • 9:08 I felt that.

    Nicolás ScarcellaNicolás Scarcella17 dagar sedan
  • The yielding squid coherently suppose because triangle differently gather opposite a woozy poultry. rabid, absent karate

    Preston BishopPreston Bishop17 dagar sedan
  • There is a way to flip a square card that keeps the same face showing to the audience. That's the yellow ball behind the card thing. I think ...

    rmhartmanrmhartman17 dagar sedan
  • Ok. I think I've got the method for the coke and burger. A cabinet painted to blend with the background is behind the "black hole" with a spring closing door. He reaches throught the hole, through the door, pulls out his lunch. Yea or nay?

    rmhartmanrmhartman17 dagar sedan
  • 10:50 his left hand is holding the yellow ball with his pinky and thumb and then when he flips it over the ball is on his Index, Middle, Ring, and pinky finger so he lets it roll in his hand the first time but to sum it up he is just passing the ball to each of his hands

    Dragon 0Dragon 017 dagar sedan
    • other stuff I can't explain, he's really good

      Dragon 0Dragon 017 dagar sedan
  • Where is the double like button? This guy is awesome!

    David NormanDavid Norman17 dagar sedan
  • " NO STOP!! "

    GoFastJamesGoFastJames17 dagar sedan
  • thanks for putting Jeki on, he is wonderful.

    just mejust me18 dagar sedan
  • Actually i know how he did some of those Who am i?

    No LimitsNo Limits18 dagar sedan
  • He is amazing at it, I just seen him on pen and teller

    Ted MosbyTed Mosby18 dagar sedan
  • Chris, Contemplating Jeki Yoo's glass table ... check out ~ 13:16 and pause it there. His hand is on the edge of the glass table with his fingers on top of the table and his palm slightly below the surface. You can see his finger-tips reflected but you cannot see the bottom of his palm under the surface. Meaning there is a space between him and the table that is NOT visible to the camera through the table where stuff can happen. If a small ledge were mounted in that space he could hide mini/large cards, coins, etc. I was trying to figure out if the glass was high refraction or something like that so I was paying attention to his clothes and his arms where they transition under the table. You've probably seen the illusion where you put a pencil or straw in water and it appears to be bent due to the degree of light refraction of water. I'm not familiar enough with the physics of the phenomena, or at least I don't want o overthink it for this post, enough to deduce whether the refraction index is normal or not. I was also looking at the distance from the v-cut in his shirt to the table top relative to the reflection of the v-cut in his shirt to the table edge. The closer he is to the table I *think* those distances should be near-equal, but the reflection of the v-cut is closer to the table edge suggesting he is sitting a little bit back. When his shirt and shorts are both black, if they were absolute black, then he could also have something under the glass closer to the edge of the table painted absolute black and he could hide whatever he wanted under it so long as when he put his arm under the table he didn't move it under the black cover. When he passes his palms over the top of the table his hands would reflect over the absolute black. Of course when he's wearing tan shorts that can't work. But the hidden space between him and the table could still work. As far as the sand falling from the ball, I feel like he was able to stick something clear and filled with the sand to the bottom of the table that dropped the sand through a pin-hole/small hole and he covered that with his other hand on top of the table. I think we see what is left of it when he moved his hand on top of the table after the sand fell out, knocking the yellow snake-y thing off with the hand under the table; that may be the closest thing to flashing in all the videos you watched. Anyway, your video was fun and the one thing that I can say is that the way Jeki did his magic was … effectively.

    Arthur CliffordArthur Clifford18 dagar sedan
  • I see over 43k subs

    lokolop1lokolop118 dagar sedan
  • I am still sure he has some secret quantum technology he just doesn't wanna share!!!!1111

    gettygermanygettygermany18 dagar sedan
  • 6:05 easy just never move the botton phase

    Dimitris KontoleonDimitris Kontoleon18 dagar sedan
  • Chris you are up 52 k now bud cmon do the edit 😆

    Shaun EversonShaun Everson18 dagar sedan
  • The sand trick was most likely kinetic sand and used a magnet. Once he pulled it away then the sand fell to the ground. That's why when he moved his hand it followed him because he had some type of magnet he was hiding.

    mixstamikemixstamike18 dagar sedan
  • That goofy Chinese guy is so refreshing. Magicians that take themselves seriously are not as interesting.

    neontetra1000neontetra100018 dagar sedan
  • The sand......magnet??

    Oreo WaingortinOreo Waingortin18 dagar sedan
  • "Chris's brain was something special and spectacular..." The reactions are just as good as the tricks 😂😂😂😂

    Oreo WaingortinOreo Waingortin19 dagar sedan
  • Chriiiis it's 52k likes plz post that video you said 43k sooooo ...😑

    Mehrab HmtMehrab Hmt19 dagar sedan
  • I think that sometimes, the angle of the glass table might have a plate or something like that so he can drop thing behind the table and nothing is seen from the cam

    RoirturRoirtur19 dagar sedan
  • 6:03 he just hide the deck of card in his left hand then slide it inside the box while rotating it

    RoirturRoirtur19 dagar sedan
  • oh my.

    MisterKMisterK19 dagar sedan
  • I know I am sitting there the whole time with my mouth wide opened. .... But It just so amuses me, that he freaks YOU out Chris.

    Wayne SmithWayne Smith19 dagar sedan
  • Black hole square with yellow balls DEFF had one in the Crook of his forearm And bicep

    Michael WalshMichael Walsh19 dagar sedan
  • Oh my he says

    Mr .roblox and locksMr .roblox and locks19 dagar sedan
  • I like you live in Canada

    Mr .roblox and locksMr .roblox and locks19 dagar sedan
  • Hey have to post your Omegle video 🙃🙃🙃🙃

    Srihariharan SSrihariharan S19 dagar sedan
  • I can't even follow the damn magic rings. This dude is amazing. He was just on Penn and Teller and now I am seeing him everywhere.

    marksherrickmarksherrick20 dagar sedan
  • Where are the going? You don't see a bit of elmsley in there?

    Richard JneiderRichard Jneider21 dag sedan
  • For the black hole you probably do know the method. But he used a similar effect with a "door" and a "door knob" live. His live performance was not as clean as the black hole effect here but the concept and method are the same.

    Richard JneiderRichard Jneider21 dag sedan
  • The only effect I can't figure out is the first one... The others though are super clean and his subtleties are amazing. This is true for everything of his I have seen

    Richard JneiderRichard Jneider21 dag sedan
  • with the black hole.... is the park background actually a wall?

    Kirk SheltonKirk Shelton21 dag sedan
  • I have been doing magic since I was 4 (as a hobby) and moved to purly mentalism after I discovered Corindas book, then back to close up after elmsley sleights were in a book on my table. I found Jeki through Fool Us (I also love being fooled) I then re-found you from a suggestion based on me looking for Jeki 😂. I stopped watching SEslow magic! But I'm glad to start again .

    Richard JneiderRichard Jneider21 dag sedan
  • i was thinking of a banana dipped in chocolate that is frozen try to get that

    zander blairzander blair21 dag sedan
  • Oh my...

    MasterFhylMasterFhyl21 dag sedan
  • wow...just f**kin' wow!

    Jake SmithJake Smith21 dag sedan
  • That guy has to have one of the fastest hands in the world

    Felix Ean James MalanaFelix Ean James Malana21 dag sedan
  • Me at the beginning of the video : That 'oh my' is kinda annoying Me at the end of the video: 7:51

    AsheAshe22 dagar sedan
  • Pause your own video at 4:23, you can see his editing mistake. The far left part of the rope doesn't line up with itself where the loop starts to curve. Hard to see, took me 4 times watching it at slow speed on a large 4k TV. But it's there.

    Ryan HolmesRyan Holmes22 dagar sedan