Solving The EPIC Victory Puzzle on a MOUNTAIN!!

Today, I'm going to be dropped off on a mountain by helicopter to solve the Victory Puzzle! Make sure to go Follow Bradley and his dog Bentley!
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  • This one's a bit different but enjoyed the heck out of it! Go Give Brad a Follow!

    Chris RamsayChris Ramsay22 dagar sedan
    • Yea different is right but sooooo nice great execution of everything!! Love your work! Keep on keeping on.

      Jakob SpringerJakob Springer8 dagar sedan
    • Scenic solves!

      UlrenvorgEscaflownexUlrenvorgEscaflownex14 dagar sedan
    • Ouaip j’ai adoré le concept de se donner du trouble pour trouver un endroit intéressant ou résoudre le puzzle

      ezcobar33ezcobar3316 dagar sedan

      Nikki BooNikki Boo16 dagar sedan
    • I have a puzzle it's called the 15 puzzle check out the link if you want to buy it

      Shadowkid skShadowkid sk18 dagar sedan
  • also that’s a 200 dollar puzzle!! 😱😱 holy heck is that expensive! I was like I’ll buy that looks fun and stuff but for 200 dollars that’s out of my puzzle budget 😦

    Lightning GamerLightning GamerDag sedan
  • Wait a minute... the helicopter you were in had a fatal crash that killed five people! 😱 ohhh heck nah I would never enter a helicopter after that! That’s way too close a call.

    Lightning GamerLightning GamerDag sedan
  • Everyone: Oh my god ! This puzzle is impossible. Chris: It took 5 minutes , should have brought more up here. Well done Chris !

    Vyaan GuptaVyaan Gupta3 dagar sedan
  • "With a tooney, that's our $2 looney" lol well yes indeed as I can't think of any other country with a loon on any of its coins!

    Alexis WilsonAlexis Wilson5 dagar sedan
  • Sweet puzzle.. and great shots of the Golden Ears peaks.. must have been quite a flight

    Canadian ObserverCanadian Observer5 dagar sedan
  • BORING!!😴

    Stoney DrewStoney Drew6 dagar sedan
  • Peeking at this peak has piqued my interest.

    Wayward SonWayward Son6 dagar sedan
  • If I can go... yeah, sure,,, lots of mountain vids :) #chrisramsay

    Daniel TarverDaniel Tarver7 dagar sedan
  • Damn it that was cool, doing it on a mountain

    Ciaran LynchCiaran Lynch8 dagar sedan
  • Tell him to take that canucks jacket off next time, it ruined an otherwise perfect video

    Dante AngottiDante Angotti12 dagar sedan
  • I love all of your videos. But this one was definitely very kool.

    Robert GoldenRobert Golden12 dagar sedan
  • Beers and puzzles on top of a mountain. 👍👍👍

    DazedMMJDazedMMJ12 dagar sedan
  • Should have done a much larger and difficult puzzle, but it still was a great vid bro.

    jack smithjack smith12 dagar sedan
  • -"This is a different helicopter" -"What?" -changes conversation 😂😂

    Victor Diaz IIIVictor Diaz III13 dagar sedan
  • Cool little desktop puzzle anyone can do on a break

    Jake BJake B13 dagar sedan
  • Loved it! Canada looks beautiful 😍

    emmawil75emmawil7513 dagar sedan
  • Easy peasy

    Siobhan WaltmanSiobhan Waltman13 dagar sedan
  • your videos are such high quality i can always turn a new one into an event with a nice drink and some sushi keep up the great work.

    cheapspacecheapspace13 dagar sedan
  • That was actually pretty cool.

    Jeff FromentJeff Froment13 dagar sedan
  • One of the best things I’ve seen today.... a doggo in a helicopter! 🐶🚁

    RikaCrazyBirdLadyRikaCrazyBirdLady14 dagar sedan
  • Omg that’s Bentley! I love that dog x

    Julie RaeJulie Rae14 dagar sedan
  • for some reason i really liked the music during "beauty shots"

    Alexander SannikovAlexander Sannikov14 dagar sedan
  • Look at the bird no shit!! Great vid!

    WaxestLowa732 RWaxestLowa732 R15 dagar sedan
  • ✔️

    WaxestLowa732 RWaxestLowa732 R15 dagar sedan
  • Do a three day camp out!!! I dare ya. I double-double dare ya. Bring all the puzzles you haven't yet solved. It'll be fun!!!

    cosmicdoggcosmicdogg15 dagar sedan
  • how about new cardistry video?? chris??

    sato psychosato psycho15 dagar sedan
  • Always top notch quality

    Luca HoldenLuca Holden15 dagar sedan
  • Hey Chris, I am coming up with problems with the Channel links you have in your description. I thought I would let you know. Also I very much enjoyed seeing parts of your country. God bless and take care mate 😊🤙🏼

    jrbarmontinojrbarmontino15 dagar sedan
  • Chris, honey...we need to commit. I have been binge watching your videos for almost a week now, and I would really love to subscribe to your channel but there’s a minor problem. My brain malfunctions when I see in a video that you promised to make a follow up video after a certain amount of likes and never did. I need consistency in my life, so here’s the deal...I will subscribe but please please please please please do your follow up videos. 😫 (Also, would like to move to Vancouver; any suggestions?)

    Queen BritallyQueen Britally15 dagar sedan
  • I’m so glad I subscribed to this channel, it no joke has changed my life. Seeing how thankful Chris is and how humble he is, is something that is totally lost in today’s society. Hes made me want to pursue magic. I’m so very sad that I missed out on buying his V1’s now people are charging ridiculous prices on eBay for them it’s such a bummer😔

    Koda KincadeKoda Kincade15 dagar sedan
  • I knew it the minute I read the title I saw mountain and helicopter and I thought it has to be Bentley

    Silver MansonSilver Manson15 dagar sedan
  • Should have done more than the puzzle

    27sspider2727sspider2715 dagar sedan
  • Update on hazmat jigsaw puzzle?

    derek Clarkderek Clark15 dagar sedan
  • I have to boast that I ordered a deck of cards thanks to you, and I've held cards like five times.. XDXDXD

    Big BunnyBig Bunny16 dagar sedan
  • Its not for women .

    Tina MitchellTina Mitchell16 dagar sedan
  • Well your videos have convinced me to learn magic... so I bought a bunch of your cards. Excited to learn some fun card tricks!

    MissNerdyNurseMissNerdyNurse16 dagar sedan

    Nikki BooNikki Boo16 dagar sedan
  • Imagine taking a bus ride to a helicopter that goes up in the clouds to a boat in a lake on a mountain on an iceberg in the sea. Epic

    Pen FoldPen Fold16 dagar sedan
  • Due to covid, i wanna thank youtube for introduce me to chris, really make my day

    hafiz zaidihafiz zaidi16 dagar sedan
  • Hey could you do a magic tutorial on first doing the back palming and then doing the front palming so that when we show both the sides the hand its dissapeared. Could you do a tutorial on that

    Shiya BinoyShiya Binoy16 dagar sedan
  • I’d call this video the puzzle of life. Great vibes Chris🤙🏽 Nice cinematic videography as well ❄️🌄🎥

    TKTK16 dagar sedan
  • Chris could totally run a show where it's basically Uncharted. That would be so fun to watch. Just give him a topic to research and throw him in an escape "house" using that theme.

    DJ ArchangelDJ Archangel16 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    Duke NukemDuke Nukem17 dagar sedan
  • Let’s see some more “cool gadget” videos (and let’s be honest, they’re toys. We need more toys, Chris)

    Meeshka VMeeshka V17 dagar sedan
  • aye i watched the mr.beast and thats how i found YOU BOI

    R YR Y17 dagar sedan
  • We’re all Canadiens 🤔

    Toriell SimonToriell Simon17 dagar sedan
  • I just watched now you see me and now you see me 2. If there is a real life version of the eye, then I swear Chris ramsey is or will be Invited to such society. Edit: spelling

    James ToyJames Toy17 dagar sedan
  • I be soooo amazed by u every time u ACTUALLY HAVE THE MOST BEST PATIENTS EVER🤞🏾🥰

    Nikki BooNikki Boo17 dagar sedan
  • I recently saw this thing, you should have it on your puzzle desk!

    Familie VermeulenFamilie Vermeulen17 dagar sedan
  • That’s crazy luck man

    IdkIdk17 dagar sedan
  • Incredible video! You're is number one Vlogger!

    Islands HunterIslands Hunter17 dagar sedan
  • More steampunk puzzles

    5A_Rania Thalita Aqila5A_Rania Thalita Aqila17 dagar sedan
  • Definitely do another video like this!

    Mandi EhnMandi Ehn18 dagar sedan
  • seems like a lot of build up to solve a puzzle that isnt even that good...

    GolbezGolbez18 dagar sedan
  • Go to Chris Ramsey's chanel for puzzles and flourishes and stuff like that. Go to oscar owens chanel for crazy card tricks.

    Camden SmithCamden Smith18 dagar sedan
  • Hi Chris, I was wondering what your big lens is, as didn't come up on the link. Thanks, Chris

    Planet Feel GoodPlanet Feel Good18 dagar sedan
  • Great video! Big Thanks! Very inspiring! As a photographer of many years, getting ready to finally 🤣 start uploading my Planet Feel Good videos and content, I found this supr inspiring on lot's of levels. Love the videography, great vibes all round. You guy's rock!! 😊🍀🌟

    Planet Feel GoodPlanet Feel Good18 dagar sedan
  • Learn a cool card puzzle here:

    District of Merlin OfficialDistrict of Merlin Official18 dagar sedan
  • Adda Boy

    Milo VasquezMilo Vasquez18 dagar sedan
  • I'm Canadian!

    Keidon KelleyKeidon Kelley18 dagar sedan
  • So 2$ canadian is like... 20 cents?

    John CartwrightJohn Cartwright18 dagar sedan
  • Any chance you could do a pokemon puzzle box that would have something like the first 4 gens or something i really enjoy the eletronic puzzles that you solve and i just saw the legends of runeterra and it just made me wonder if there were more game based puzzles like classics stuff mario zelda pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh

    lilman s96lilman s9618 dagar sedan
  • Nice change of scene. As a teacher, I would suggest making the puzzle link to the new location. Not just doing the fun location for the sake of it. EG If the puzzle has to do with water, then do it at the beach.

    Ben ParsonsBen Parsons18 dagar sedan
  • That puzzle is just a no-brainer. I find it funny, how Chris spends more time thinking about, what seems to me, a super easy move, but cracks down hard ones easily. Clearly, he thinks too hard. XD

    Hoki DenHoki Den18 dagar sedan
  • Chris Ramsay is an H3/ teddy fresh fan!! Hell yeah

    Bleach BombBleach Bomb18 dagar sedan
  • Outdoors really brings the Canadian out in Chris..... Ya know? Right Bud?

    828Nate828Nate18 dagar sedan
  • 🧩😍❄

    Heather HammerHeather Hammer18 dagar sedan
  • color grade sucks but great video

    Jack SoraJack Sora18 dagar sedan
  • Those beauty shots 🔥🔥 good way to pass time 😂😂💭✅

    Quintin LoftonQuintin Lofton18 dagar sedan
  • Great video! Thanks for all the hard work to get here!!

    DJRockinRobDJRockinRob18 dagar sedan
  • GO BACK! bring more puzzles and yes Beer!

    Ervin NierrasErvin Nierras18 dagar sedan
  • I vote to see you and the guys in a corn maze.

    Quaintly So27Quaintly So2719 dagar sedan
  • Dude I just found your SEslow channel. Your awesome and unique... Really cool content dude! Love it!

    Keyboard WarriorKeyboard Warrior19 dagar sedan
  • That was a neat puzzle even better back drop! Loved the tail cam on the way out!

    Currently PoopingCurrently Pooping19 dagar sedan
  • Hey Chris Ramsay did you see the comment that wrote

    Prabhjot SinghPrabhjot Singh19 dagar sedan
  • chris what is the name of that instrumental your playing in the beggining and end of video

    D EdwardsD Edwards19 dagar sedan
  • Sick video my guy! Even with out solving the puzzle part I was truly entertained and enjoyed this content 🥰 Amazing

    Dellah WallaceDellah Wallace19 dagar sedan
  • Learn a cool card puzzle.

    District of Merlin OfficialDistrict of Merlin Official19 dagar sedan
  • Awesome!! Love the mountains. I live in New Orleans, we have levees, not mountains. Haha

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  • Bradley: “How do you want this camera set up? 4K 30? 2.7K 60?” Ramsey: “That’s fine” 😂😂😂

    Ben EganBen Egan19 dagar sedan
    • Brad does amazin 4k tooo!!!😂🥲😭

      Ellezor RoseEllezor Rose14 dagar sedan
  • 0:42 what the actual fuck?...

    Scott BloxsomScott Bloxsom19 dagar sedan
  • Whooo!! Canada! I am also Canadian.

    Yessica SchieckoffYessica Schieckoff19 dagar sedan
  • Next puzzle happens under water without oxygen. Looks like some outside pressure helps you solving puzzles.

    Stephan - BladesAndRazorsStephan - BladesAndRazors19 dagar sedan
  • Perhaps sometime you could solve a puzzle in the woods!

    KekoaponoKekoapono19 dagar sedan
  • You should start a series where you do puzzles in strange places that you've never been. It may not seem like a very significant detail but it really adds a whole other layer to the video I think

    A.J GuyA.J Guy19 dagar sedan
  • Love you Chris Ramsay

    Kendra MccrayKendra Mccray19 dagar sedan
  • 3:29-4:39 is absolutely hypnotizing. 😍

    Jonathan BrattJonathan Bratt19 dagar sedan
  • That spot looks like it would be amazing in person.

    Colin LitchfieldColin Litchfield20 dagar sedan
  • In to the Wild

    PWheat23PWheat2320 dagar sedan
  • Love it man amazing video! Beautiful amazing puzzle wish I could get it! Already buying from you love the merchandise! Starting to grow my own puzzle collection hope one day to add this! Looking forward to future content, and future inspirations!

    Dustin HafermehlDustin Hafermehl20 dagar sedan
  • Can you do more escape rooms

    Amy DixonAmy Dixon20 dagar sedan
  • All that Work and Gasoline burned for a Video of 12 Minutes !!! 😂😅😂😂😅

    SkyLab Zaamslag, the Netherlands.SkyLab Zaamslag, the Netherlands.20 dagar sedan
  • Not going to lie... came for the puzzles... subbed for the magic XD Still enjoying the puzzles though

    Xyclone KillerXyclone Killer20 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for taking the puzzle outside in that beautiful scenery since I'm stuck home inside forever. You have made quarantine better say hi to Wes for me!!

    RJ ValleRJ Valle20 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful. Ridiculous and amazing idea.. . . On a glacier, on lake, on a mountain. . . as long as its on your dime, heck, yeah, more puzzles on a glacier, on a lake, on a mountain. . . ;-D

    Mojo HoloMojo Holo20 dagar sedan
  • You should do a collab with Daily Driven exotics, you can solve a puzzle, while Damon drifts you in a supercar on track

    Alessandro ZuccalàAlessandro Zuccalà20 dagar sedan
  • Chris i have a challenge to youu (hard?) solve all of your puzzles in 48 hours >:)

    Kirbo PoYoKirbo PoYo20 dagar sedan
  • I have the same winter jacket. Same 🤏😂

    Jattfi StudiosJattfi Studios20 dagar sedan
  • Chris I had no idea you were Canadian!! Much love and support from the Edmonton area :)

    SlimmySlimmy20 dagar sedan