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Could not find the DIY Puzzle.. Check ebay?
Today I'll be solving the Ironing board puzzle by the Karakuri Creation Group. As well as assembling a DIY Puzzle kit!
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  • I was thinking your setup was very similar to UT right before you mentioned it

    Alek LaMourAlek LaMourDag sedan
  • Love the vibe of this vid

    Aleigha R.Aleigha R.14 dagar sedan
  • Is that a Teddy Fresh sweater??.... a man of culture & taste I see

    bnenomorebnenomore15 dagar sedan
  • Your hat color is crazzzzzy

    Nofear At AllNofear At All15 dagar sedan
  • love from INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Atul SinghAtul Singh17 dagar sedan
  • Change it to "God damn!" to make it spicier.

    Galactic AvatarGalactic Avatar18 dagar sedan
  • Btw, you're wrong, youtube recommend this to me 🤣🤣🤣

    themiddleonesthemiddleones20 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone have an idea where to get that DIY kit?

    praiseworthy12345praiseworthy1234520 dagar sedan
  • Insane how you said this wouldn’t hit recommended, when this is the first recommendation from your page ive had in months.. lol

    Camryn CamrynCamryn Camryn21 dag sedan
  • Wenn einer sein Kind operieren lässt wegen den Ohren,würde ich sagen der hat einen Voll-Vogel,und gehört in die Klappse

    Rudi MerzRudi Merz21 dag sedan
  • 4:35 start

    ja wehja weh24 dagar sedan
  • I look for the puzzle. It really great 👍🏼

    koko vlog officialkoko vlog official27 dagar sedan
  • Was I the only one who went back to see if that was the thumbnail..........

    Hayley MatthewsHayley Matthews28 dagar sedan
  • I wanna put my money in that box

    MinT SugaRMinT SugaR28 dagar sedan
  • New sub here. Thanks!

    JammerJammerMånad sedan
  • real video start at 5:20

    Life Of A Digital Nomad ChildLife Of A Digital Nomad ChildMånad sedan
  • I would be so sure that i glued something wrong

    Ana Carolina Buzelim dos SantosAna Carolina Buzelim dos SantosMånad sedan
  • Hey Chris, thanks so much for your channel! Since first watching I immediately shared your channel with my son and we religiously watch your videos. Both me and my son now get each other different puzzles as gifts for different things. For Christmas we each got several Hanayama puzzles along with some different ones. Thanks for sharing your love for puzzles giving me and my son one more thing that we have in common and do together. He is 22 and in graduate school for his masters in math and in a couple months will be graduating and then starting school again for his PhD, who knows maybe someday he’ll use his incredible math skills to create a crazy complicated puzzle, who knows. I personally don’t know if the two connect in any way but it would be cool! Thanks man appreciate everything you do!

    Irving BrownIrving BrownMånad sedan
  • Cool art book

    Calum TMPCalum TMPMånad sedan
  • You should of shed exactly 14 secs from the video.

    J VillainJ VillainMånad sedan
  • Starts at 5:19 🙄, you can ramble bro

    UwUUwUMånad sedan
  • As an american some of you Canadians are just such better better people than us I find you guys cool and genuine like Chris

    RonRonMånad sedan
  • I only found this video because I was just looking/watching your latest videos but I haven’t heard of kakuri

    Da Potato kingDa Potato kingMånad sedan
  • Chris:"So many things that are always fun" Me: *looking on the top left of the book* "well I guess it was probably funnier at 1940's"

    FangsinatorFangsinatorMånad sedan
  • where is the sweater from? i love it

    marlene mhambimarlene mhambiMånad sedan
  • I'm getting childhood flipping through the Sears catalog with the siblings around Christmas vibes.🥰 Nostalgia.

    Jade SpadesJade SpadesMånad sedan
  • love the teddy fresh sweater! :D

    katesaccountkatesaccountMånad sedan
  • I genuinely thought that the box was bigger, because of your intro !

    Lola Valencia rodriguezLola Valencia rodriguezMånad sedan
  • He spent 5 minutes talking 😂

    ttoq gamerttoq gamerMånad sedan
  • He’s mispronouncing karakuri

    asbhkasbhkMånad sedan
  • the video is great and the puzzle is cool, but the way you always say karakuri bugs the hell out of me as someone who's taken japanese for a few years. it's CAR-AH-COOH-REE not CARE-UH-COOH-REE. other than that, love your stuff Chris

    Orion AlathornOrion AlathornMånad sedan
  • U talk way to much wtf ten min video

    Gidon SchersGidon SchersMånad sedan
  • omg just put the plug in socket

    Savage, bruh !Savage, bruh !Månad sedan
  • Plz do the wine glass

    Vanessa PerryVanessa PerryMånad sedan
  • Keep sayin’ hot dang. It always is a nice way to end a good puzzle video.

    DarkDragon 857DarkDragon 857Månad sedan
  • how much did they pay you?

    strawman xstrawman xMånad sedan
  • At the start i thought something was wrong with my pc... XD

    CibakroCibakroMånad sedan
  • You rock dude! will always have a consistent view from me

    milk dudmilk dudMånad sedan
  • it said "からくりころりん” (karakuri kororin) - can find it on

    HidekiAIHidekiAIMånad sedan
  • I really want to see Antuan In solving a puzzle instead of Ramsy Love how CR credits everyone for what they did where as notmany would ❤️ Cheers to CR and Antuan and the team❤️

    Yos AjiYos AjiMånad sedan
  • Cover the clear lid and have one of your crew try to solve it! Haha

    Jake DuncanJake DuncanMånad sedan
  • Love the humor, 🧢 Hot Dang! 🧢

    M WelchM WelchMånad sedan
  • i hate thumbnails with open mouths. it is the worse thing. pls dont do that, i like you too much

    Floyd BarberFloyd BarberMånad sedan
  • a whole video with you looking through that puzzle book? i would not be opposed to that idea

    Emerald GilanaEmerald Gilana2 månader sedan
  • Another +1 for hot dang.

    LoC-OLoC-O2 månader sedan
  • As a seamstress I NEED THIS PUZZLE 🤩 so dang cuuute

    Véronique SimardVéronique Simard2 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know the name of this song or where to find it

    Nightshade InariNightshade Inari2 månader sedan
  • awesome have an idea for the last puzzle you can add a small maze :)

    kudakwashe muchirahondokudakwashe muchirahondo2 månader sedan
  • Love the unbox therapy callout

    Rachel aRachel a2 månader sedan
  • Hot dang 😢🥺

    Josh MitriJosh Mitri2 månader sedan
  • When he said those puzzles don’t take long I thought maybe like 5-10 minutes...not 5 seconds...

    Bob SBob S2 månader sedan
  • Love the backdrop !!!

    Samantha Knies EiknerSamantha Knies Eikner2 månader sedan
  • Chris, I know it’s a very important aspect for your channel and business, but please don’t base your success on the view count. Your fan base will always come back to your vids, and love anything you spend time to create for us. Experimenting with new video styles / thumbnails to get the SEslow algorithm kicking again is good, but please never think that we aren’t enjoying the content! happy holidays

    John HaugeJohn Hauge2 månader sedan
  • That outlit on the wall behind u is so obnoxious

    Harry PokemonHarry Pokemon2 månader sedan
  • Very much nice? But yes how does one magic?

    Evan KindEvan Kind2 månader sedan
  • A ten minute video with 5 minutes of rambling.

    fizzy willfizzy will2 månader sedan
  • I mean, I like the "hot dang" catchphrase. I hope it stays. Heck, it wouldn't be bad for merch maybe, as it's kinda become part of the channel in a way.

    Scarlet SkinnerScarlet Skinner2 månader sedan

    princy nationprincy nation2 månader sedan
  • Hear touching😢 story of father at kisaan protest Share this video maximum & SUBSCRIBE us🙏.

    princy nationprincy nation2 månader sedan

    Tina MitchellTina Mitchell2 månader sedan
  • i found the diy box

    Rozh RasheedRozh Rasheed2 månader sedan
  • I'm subscribed and have notifications turned on, but feel like I haven't been seeing them when your content posts 🤷🏻‍♀️ Guessing it's the algorithm causing the dip in numbers not your content, but "hot dang" we're here! Thanks for being a highlight of 2020 🙏🏻

    RaquelRaquel2 månader sedan
  • Regarding the live thumbnail vote... I missed what you were showing cos I was laughing so hard looking at how it seems to your beard has grown all the way around your neck. Lol. (Then I noticed it was the collar on your jumper -accidental 'Black Art Magic' right there!). The iron box would have fooled me for a while cos Id have been trying to put the plug into the drawer handle button piece!

    Pen FoldPen Fold2 månader sedan
  • The intro was so chaotic

    Jaden ArbuckleJaden Arbuckle2 månader sedan
  • I care I love the puzzles in the background

    Cody BlackburnCody Blackburn2 månader sedan
  • Fcking hilarious intro xD

    Gabriel MolinaGabriel Molina2 månader sedan

  • Focus on the growth 🌱 - someone quite smart once said that I think 🤔😝

    clare1927woodclare1927wood2 månader sedan
  • The outlet on the wall: 👁👄👁

    Hayley McFaddenHayley McFadden2 månader sedan
  • I want “Hot gang” o stay plz :)

    Slime DuosSlime Duos2 månader sedan
  • Me: *actually ironing clothes* HOW CONVINENT

    SuppifierSuppifier2 månader sedan
  • Is that a teddy fresh sweater

    Travis SmithTravis Smith2 månader sedan
  • Do you only own that one hat Chris

    Travis SmithTravis Smith2 månader sedan
  • "I wouldn't purposefully make the video longer to hit 10 min..." Explaining that made video 10:14, haha. I don't blame you in the least (if it was on purpose), gotta play the game. I don't care if you did magic for 9 minutes because the puzzle only took one. I'd be upset if you didn't squeeze as much money as you could out of SEslow. Those few seconds are free for us, but mean a lot for you.

    CplUSMCRetiredCplUSMCRetired2 månader sedan
  • Hi Chris. Tbh i loved the one you couldnt solve as i would have done the same thing and cut the thing in half. !! Probably stamped on it too.! I know u got flack from people because u did it but hot dang it was really annoying.

    Sea LavendarSea Lavendar2 månader sedan
  • Keep the hot dang🥺

    Sunflower BlvdSunflower Blvd2 månader sedan
  • gonna miss the hot dang

    Mon jijiMon jiji2 månader sedan
  • But I like the hot dang!!

    btter710btter7102 månader sedan
  • I literally wait for the "Hot Dang" every video though 😭

    Charalambos ChristouCharalambos Christou2 månader sedan
  • Get the Camera!!!!

    Chris DurksChris Durks2 månader sedan
  • ❤️

    Stacie BanksStacie Banks2 månader sedan
  • While I have enjoyed watching you solve many puzzles of all sorts, how about checking out an elder Chinese gentleman (Grandpa Amu) who makes his own clever puzzle box using primitive hand tools?! Come on, Chris, the challenge to make your own by hand is on!!

    PianoPeg JPianoPeg J2 månader sedan
  • Solves a level 10 puzzle in 5 minutes. But has trouble solving one that he made. Thats why i love this guy. Stupid genius.

    bob robertsbob roberts2 månader sedan
  • “This is BURGER 🍔! “

    John TomlinsonJohn Tomlinson2 månader sedan
  • I would not ramble.. to make the video loooo- :'D love ur vids Chris!! . . . (You'd prolly never see this but hi :DD)

    Raylin Marie GuceRaylin Marie Guce2 månader sedan
  • Chris, just your enthusiasm, excitement and natural dialogue are catchy enough that not only have I gotten hooked on your channel, I caught my hubby watching your videos the other day (suddenly a puzzle wish list has appeared). Please don't change things too much. I will say that I went back through some of your older videos and I really enjoyed the virtual escape room episode! I'd love to see more like that in the future. Btw, I vote "hot dang" to stay!

    Ange FAnge F2 månader sedan
  • You better continue saying "hot dang" 🔥🔥🔥or else 👊👊👊👀👀👀😂

    Esmeralda GomezEsmeralda Gomez2 månader sedan
  • Love your puzzle vids man. Also where did you get that hoodie?

    Terry LiuTerry Liu2 månader sedan
  • I want a hoodie like that, where’s it from?!?

    SamSam2 månader sedan
  • Cheese=Cheese Wensleydale≠Gorgonzola Wensleydale>milk Milk≠cheese I have spoken

    Munch MooMunch Moo2 månader sedan
    • Cheese=Cheese Wensleydale≠Gorgonzola Wensleydale>milk Milk≠cheese I have spoken

      Munch MooMunch Moo2 månader sedan
  • Cheese=Cheese Wensleydale≠Gorgonzola Wensleydale>milk Milk≠cheese I have spoken

    Munch MooMunch Moo2 månader sedan
  • Glue, it's kind of important.

    Mattdean76Mattdean762 månader sedan
  • I'll watch every puzzle video you release, but I think the views are down because its a crazy year for everyone.

    Antonio LAntonio L2 månader sedan

    MMMaxMMMax2 månader sedan
  • நன்றி........ In my own language... I say to u... Chris... Is thanks a lot.... From india...

    PraveenPraveen2 månader sedan
  • I am magician.... I got.... Going... To this identity about me.... Discover... It every.... Second... Because... Of u 😘 chris... Bro...

    PraveenPraveen2 månader sedan
  • Magic tutorials...back to basics man

    BeauxBeaux2 månader sedan
  • ME: Subscribes to SEslowrs channel to watch all new updates. SEslowr: I know you guys probably don't care... ME: I literally subscribe to watch YOU of course I care!

    Joan LindorJoan Lindor2 månader sedan
  • Hot dang!!!!! Dont listen to the haters. You're an absolute pleasure to watch! Gets me thinking and opens up my mind watching your videos.

    John FlanaganJohn Flanagan2 månader sedan
  • *Hot Dang* should stay.

    Nipulkrad MsinatagrasNipulkrad Msinatagras2 månader sedan