Solving an $8,000 Wooden SNEAKER Puzzle!! (Retro Jordan)

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Today, I'm going to be solving a Sneaker puzzle made by Artist; Yoni Alter. This is 100% hand crafted made of Walnut. Along with this puzzle I'll be giving you guys a chance to win one of three UGEARS Kits. To enter, simply like, sub and comment your favorite puzzle I've ever solved!
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  • Happy Humpday. Hope everyone is doing well :) Don't forget to drop a comment for the contest!

    Chris RamsayChris Ramsay2 månader sedan
    • plz pick me i need it

      nawras hassannawras hassanMånad sedan
    • I loved when you solved The Room because it was a game I had played online and solved myself.

      shauna coopershauna cooperMånad sedan
    • I really enjoyed Mechanigma.

      Joe MorgueJoe MorgueMånad sedan
    • Chris since you had asked in the video the differential basically allows the rear tires to spin at different speeds when cornering to allow less tire wear and to accommodate the different length of travel and angle to tires are going as a result of how sharp your turn it so therefore the outter tires will spin faster since the inner tires will spin slower bc smaller distance traveled. Love the video bro big fan for many years

      Everett HobdyEverett HobdyMånad sedan
    • I loved the $20,000 puzzle where you had to solve it as if it was an elaborate bomb. I also like the other big expensive videos that connect to it. Being a sneaker head as well this was a cool little puzzle I wish u had this sitting on my shelf. Follow me @rmc3_kicks on Instagram.

      Robbie CrockettRobbie CrockettMånad sedan
  • My favorite puzzle you have done is the water torture cell. Cool concept simple puzzle but really fun story and awesome to put on the desk.

    Lightning GamerLightning Gamer2 dagar sedan
  • Honestly that was pretty cool. I’m not an asmr person it doesn’t do anything for me but what I like about your videos are the super clean shots with the puzzles so this was that but with nice music lol 😂 I enjoyed seeing how clean these pieces are and the beautiful wooden finishes c:

    Lightning GamerLightning Gamer2 dagar sedan
  • ❤️

    Touleen SalamehTouleen Salameh3 dagar sedan
  • This honestly stressed me out

    Cocoa2582Cocoa25824 dagar sedan
  • UFO!

    Daniel SanabriaDaniel Sanabria4 dagar sedan
  • Cool, but not $8000 of cool. For that you could buy shares in Adidas. And there ain't no 8 grand worth of materials and labor in that thing.

    Uisce PrestonUisce Preston5 dagar sedan
  • that hourglass is rough, RL

    Dustin AllenDustin Allen6 dagar sedan
  • #chrisramsay i think my favorite is, the 1930's magician's box.... I know it wasn't a total 'puzzle' but,,, it was cool.... 4 ugly pieces too

    Daniel TarverDaniel Tarver6 dagar sedan
  • My favorite puzzle you solved was the davincis puzzle (codex silenda)

    CthuluCthulu7 dagar sedan
  • Love the noises so long as it’s wood. Also enjoy the metal ballbearings. The plastic puzzles can sound a little annoying but still satisfying 🥲

    Cigars of LondonCigars of London7 dagar sedan
  • 8.000$ ? Is a Joke, no way. Is tooooo over prized

    Souzuke SagaraSouzuke Sagara7 dagar sedan
  • Great video! My favorite puzzles always have been the impossible jigsaw puzzles. It's just so different and satisfying

    Nicolás NollNicolás Noll8 dagar sedan
  • is this contest still going? probably not right?

    Daniela MichalakDaniela Michalak8 dagar sedan
  • I’m in Vermont

    Amanda CookAmanda Cook8 dagar sedan
  • watched liked 30000 of your puzzle videos the last days and i am sad to say... i love the sneaker puzzle but it is frustrating to not see you getting frustrated on solving ;)

    marc kaehlermarc kaehler9 dagar sedan
  • Puzzle furniture bro. Awesome solve

    2nd generation 60802nd generation 60809 dagar sedan
  • I love 3d puzzles think my favorite one I've put together was one of the Original 3D Crystal Puzzles the transparency of the puzzle makes them a little more challenging than a traditional puzzle

    Raging_MooseRaging_Moose10 dagar sedan
  • My favorite puzzle you’ve ever solved was the one where you had to plug it in and it was personalized for you! The intro and stuff was so cool 😂

    Andrea ElsenAndrea Elsen10 dagar sedan
  • the intro was very soothing and satisfying, you should do these kind of intros more

    Saif AhmedSaif Ahmed11 dagar sedan
  • Hey. I really enjoyed the let's-get-to-it approach; the music fit perfectly, not being distracting. For me, I see this a deeper and more interesting way to puzzle-solving; more focus, the minimal sound boosts creative thinking and the dual adrenaline of spectator-Chris solving; and of course, the afterward commentary and funny whatnots to decompress. I think it would be a logical refreshment to the channel! Cheers from Madeira Island! Keep "experipuzzling" ;)

    KDDBKDDB11 dagar sedan
  • When I didn't hear the intro and just heard the building of the puzzle I thought it was to show reverence or respect to the puzzle. Not sure why. But, ey I thought it was pretty nice.

    Ryo ToriMRyo ToriM12 dagar sedan
  • You know what I can't put together? The price of some of these puzzles.

    Tino RivasTino Rivas12 dagar sedan
  • Glad you like it I just don't get it I would be mad if I paid 8 grand for that... smh

    Lucky13Lucky1313 dagar sedan
  • My favorite was the Labsterium!

    Band TreeBand Tree14 dagar sedan
  •'s a prank?

    gabry 01gabry 0115 dagar sedan
  • Best puzzle you ever solve is the Lego Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda. I'm a huge Zelda fan. Absolutely die hard Zelda fan. I thought is one of the coolest thing I've ever saw. I was smiling the whole time as well as in tears.

    Stewart LeeStewart Lee16 dagar sedan
  • My fav was the jewel thief puzzle

    theking ofdogstheking ofdogs18 dagar sedan
  • Neat

    nayeli daltonnayeli dalton18 dagar sedan
  • i solved it before you an i don't have it solved at 1:08

    Douglas LegerDouglas Leger19 dagar sedan
  • Titan is my fav

    Mitchell O'BrienMitchell O'Brien19 dagar sedan
  • Learn a cool card puzzle.

    District of Merlin OfficialDistrict of Merlin Official19 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes I needed this 🙂🙂🙂

    Jannett PerezJannett Perez20 dagar sedan
  • It's so refreshing to see Chris relaxed and excited to share his beautiful little treasures with his audience. The ASMR aspect was so lovely. My fave vids *are* the jigsaw types and the novelty themed ones. It's hard to pick a favorite, but the snack machine puzzle was so fascinating to me. It resonated with the right mixes of showmanship and music and discovery. It's one that I think back on alot.

    PassiveEirePassiveEire21 dag sedan
  • This was just beautiful..!

    Lilee SanchezLilee Sanchez21 dag sedan
  • I loooooooved this!!! You should definitely do a puzzle asmr!!

    TaTyana PayneTaTyana Payne23 dagar sedan
  • The LEGO one! The Zelda puzzle box :) it was really cool and creative

    AndyAndy23 dagar sedan
  • I love ASMR. Great video

    van life in the cityvan life in the city23 dagar sedan
  • The jigsaw puzzle hehe because you had a hard time solving that

    Gammaliel DuenasGammaliel Duenas23 dagar sedan
  • My favorite puzzle has been the most recent super expensive stuff. Not only is a phone needed but also your insane intuitive mind deductions.

    Art SantoreArt Santore24 dagar sedan
  • Loved the quiet and beautiful music. 😁

    Kathryn St. AubinKathryn St. Aubin24 dagar sedan
  • Dude my favorite puzzle was pretty recent: the drawers that had like 15 different puzzles at once. So much going on.

    jchodesjchodes24 dagar sedan
  • that puzzle was REALLY worth $8,000?......idk man other than the fact that it was made from mahogany theres nothing really special about it

    John SmithJohn Smith24 dagar sedan
  • That was a very beautiful way to display the puzzle! I think that type of setup is perfect for the puzzles that are more aesthetically pleasing than challenging. Well done 😊

    Kayla ConnorKayla Connor25 dagar sedan
  • $8,000 is a kinda ridiculous for a wooden puzzle. I wouldn't pay even $800 for it no matter how rare they claim it is.

    largol33t1largol33t125 dagar sedan
  • My favourite was the Lotus puzzle with the hidden coin. It started my love for your videos x

    Andrew CroweAndrew Crowe26 dagar sedan
  • Really liked the minimalist approach x

    Andrew CroweAndrew Crowe26 dagar sedan
  • Waste of money

    rdr2 prordr2 pro26 dagar sedan
  • Definitely lvl 10

    Treylee Ping pongTreylee Ping pong26 dagar sedan
  • 🍪🍪🍪

    Amanda BrownAmanda Brown27 dagar sedan
  • if TheRelaxingEnd was a magician

    crudocrudo27 dagar sedan
  • Nice!

    Peer HoetsnapperPeer Hoetsnapper27 dagar sedan
  • i wont lie i was watching this and it almost put me to sleep lol

    Nickolas ShultsNickolas Shults28 dagar sedan
  • Mjolnir puzzle was super cool

    William SeurkampWilliam Seurkamp28 dagar sedan
  • You are a really nice guy, love your content! Keep going!

    Daniel BeckerDaniel Becker28 dagar sedan
  • One of my favorite videos is the zelda sword

    Allen InskeepAllen Inskeep28 dagar sedan
  • Not sure if you’ve drawn the giveaway. Somehow we missed this upload. We love most of your puzzle videos, but our favorites are the jigsaw puzzle ones that make you think outside the box.

    Kristina SilvaKristina Silva28 dagar sedan
  • This is definitely ASMR material and funny that all of Yosaka's puzzles have the same kind of effect... I love it to be honest I can relax while watching Chris solve insane puzzles

    OutSpokenOutSpoken29 dagar sedan
  • The Labsterium Puzzles are all excellent solves

    Joseph DoranJoseph Doran29 dagar sedan
  • I'm tremendously thankful I found you Ramsay 🙏

    John FlanaganJohn Flanagan29 dagar sedan
  • I thought the Labsterium puzzle was AMAZING start to finish 👍

    John FlanaganJohn Flanagan29 dagar sedan
  • From time to time yes please.....

    John FlanaganJohn Flanagan29 dagar sedan
  • ASMR for sure. Chills and goosebumps. Very well done 👏

    John FlanaganJohn Flanagan29 dagar sedan
  • I myself find ASMR cringing but loved the puzzle itself!

    Alysha DaleyAlysha Daley29 dagar sedan
  • My favourite puzzle was watching you solve the T11 Popplock by Rainer Popp! The artistry that went into making that puzzle and satisfaction in watching you solve it was unmatched

    Sam GuaySam Guay29 dagar sedan
  • Best puzzle I’ve seen solved is the steampunk one

    kyler davinkyler davinMånad sedan
  • Relly like this one. Keep up the good work!

    Jason HeathJason HeathMånad sedan
  • Very relaxing

    Summer MarieSummer MarieMånad sedan
  • My favorite puzzle you solved was the T11 - all your content is great!

    Sean KellySean KellyMånad sedan
  • When you do Hanayama's lvl 10 XD so awesome to watch you struggle! Keep up the good work, cheers from Lanaudière to The Laurentides!

    oliviersicardoliviersicardMånad sedan
  • Love it

    Mike ThomasMike ThomasMånad sedan
  • If I had to pick a favorite, the most memorable puzzle video for me was of the T-11 Lock Puzzle. I'll never forget the moment it ate your key!

    ShamrockχShamrockχMånad sedan
  • I like this puzzle, a diferent video, assembling

    Ana Carolina Buzelim dos SantosAna Carolina Buzelim dos SantosMånad sedan
  • My favorite and one that I often watch again is the lotus puzzle solve.

    Walter WebberWalter WebberMånad sedan
  • The Riot Games Runaterra Box Puzzle!!

    ALANALANMånad sedan
  • All the old puzzles from the old magicians trunk

    Corey NicholsCorey NicholsMånad sedan
  • I would absolutely love one of those puzzles! I came across your channel recently and am fascinated by the puzzles you're doing! I watched the mystery playing card reveal last night. So cool!

    Sasa plays gamesSasa plays gamesMånad sedan
  • I'm glad he didn't edit out the part where he struggled a bit to put all the pieces makes it more candid and appreciable instead of being fully perfect.

    Nightcore GamerNightcore GamerMånad sedan
  • Nice craftsmanship but NOT worth $8000!!

    khenscheid0213khenscheid0213Månad sedan
  • The steam punk puzzle

    mwsittmanmwsittmanMånad sedan
  • Love these puzzle videos. Helps that your production is high and you have good camera presence.

    FailtasmagoriaFailtasmagoriaMånad sedan
  • My favorite puzzle is that 3d printed steampunk cube. I love your vids so much I watch one every night XD. Keep up the good work Chris!

    -ForgeMPH --ForgeMPH -Månad sedan
  • When the asmr hits

    Fem PortagalFem PortagalMånad sedan
  • the lotus puzzle.

    Jayson SantJayson SantMånad sedan
  • The riot games box was pretty cool. But the futuristic antidote ones were my fav

    Abs SimpsAbs SimpsMånad sedan
  • Hopeing the giveaway is still going. Lol. Live the series with the custom puzzles

    bushnakabushnakaMånad sedan
  • Worst Jordan’s 🤮

    Stoner JonezStoner JonezMånad sedan
  • My favorite puzzle is definitely the Legends of Runeterra puzzle!! Great video as always :)

    Roninator inc.Roninator inc.Månad sedan
  • Probably already picked someone, but figured I'd give it a shot. Favorite would still be the NPH Puzzle.

    Jordan ConnollyJordan ConnollyMånad sedan
  • Vending machine puzzle was my favorite one you did or broken radio

    Autumn KingAutumn KingMånad sedan
  • My favorite puzzle has to be the wooden set of drawers. Not because I'm impressed with the puzzle itself but the wood used is so freaking beautiful. Also U-Gears is great, I love the hurdy gurdy puzzle.

    TheBodyguard13TheBodyguard13Månad sedan
  • I love the Electrifying TESLA BOX puzzle. it was amazing to watch you being scared, and the puzzle was so amazing made and I loved how the light worked. I would love to et one of the give away's they are så beautiful.

    Ane RasmussenAne RasmussenMånad sedan
  • My favorite puzzle that you solved is the DaVinci book thing I can’t really remember what it’s called

    Lio PrimeLio PrimeMånad sedan
  • Song during the shoe placement?

    Karissa BekkeringKarissa BekkeringMånad sedan
  • the excalibur puzzle was the best one imo

    pirihapirihaMånad sedan
  • That was so soothing.

    Cara PonderCara PonderMånad sedan
  • Oof! I love the Japanese boxes like the MultiBox or the Binary one as well! I also love the Puzzle Box mainly bc there’s so many options to do on each side!! My kids and I watch you and we love all the vids!!

    Adam RobinsonAdam RobinsonMånad sedan
  • My favorite puzzle on the channel has got to be the Minotaurs labrinth. I doubt that's the actual name of it but you get the idea

    iaKaNiaKaNMånad sedan
  • My favorite of your videos are all

    Shienna MendrijeShienna MendrijeMånad sedan
  • YES! More ASMR please!

    Connor RoseConnor RoseMånad sedan