The IMPOSSIBLE Ugly Jigsaw Puzzle!! (Level 10)

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Ugly Jigsaw:
Today, I'm going to attempt to solve the Ugly 4 Jigsaw Puzzle. This is a creation from a guy by the name of Bozo who believes angels communicated with him and gave him the inspiration for this puzzle... WILD!
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  • Scale of 1-10 what do you rate this puzzle in terms of originality?

    Chris RamsayChris Ramsay4 månader sedan
    • #chrisramsay its a crappy vid reply but, only due to situation and sircomstance .... loved this video BTW

      Daniel TarverDaniel Tarver6 dagar sedan
    • @Noah Paul same colors but that's not what he meant, hes talking about the originality of the way the puzzle works and the shapes

      Mr. RafikiMr. Rafiki8 dagar sedan
    • I'd say 10 because it is very unique in the sense that the pieces have very odd shapes

      Mr. RafikiMr. Rafiki8 dagar sedan
    • 3-5 cus' I solved some l i k e that one.

      Vilven SerbianVilven Serbian11 dagar sedan
    • 9

      Edbert WeislyEdbert Weisly24 dagar sedan
  • Right now Im in my bed, with the computer, 21:45 pm, and im just watching your videos because its been a while and I missed some of them hehe

    Georgiana ElenaGeorgiana Elena5 timmar sedan
  • What I do when I watch your videos is thinking of ways it can be solved. I love watching your videos

    Sheena SimpsonSheena Simpson19 timmar sedan
  • To fall asleep, calming. Also doing hw and to chill out before college exams.

    Aris TrussoAris Trusso23 timmar sedan
  • I have this video on while doing my homework I find it very relaxing. I also love the sound of the pieces clicking together.

    Willow BrickleyWillow BrickleyDag sedan
  • Im waiting for the buss and just watching the video

    AltairAquila11AltairAquila11Dag sedan
  • Brushing my teeth, getting ready for bed.

    TrespassingT-RexTrespassingT-RexDag sedan
  • I'm lesson planning while listening/watching the video in the background. :)

    Caramel MacchiatoCaramel Macchiato2 dagar sedan
  • Currently I'm nervously waiting for my laptop to turn on. I took off the bottom earlier to clean up the dust inside. Somehow a staple was in it too

    Random RabbitRandom Rabbit2 dagar sedan
  • This puzzle is pretty simple then other that you solved

    Ghanishth DhamaGhanishth Dhama2 dagar sedan
  • Am I a bad person? I use your videos to have something interesting to do during my workdays xD

    LFGoat RCLFGoat RC2 dagar sedan
  • I’m on my phone pooping in the bathroom...

    williamisaokwilliamisaok2 dagar sedan
  • Eating biscuits.

    CloakfiendCloakfiend3 dagar sedan
  • just watching you . .

    MarmandenMarmanden3 dagar sedan
  • i usually watch these videos while i’m doing something, currently making breakfast or while i’m cleaning the house, journaling, playing cards games on my ipad etc sometimes use these videos to fall asleep just cause your voice is super soothing. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    EricaErica4 dagar sedan
  • I play these videos while i do my own puzzles or when I’m going to bed since it’s relaxing.

    justin jamesjustin james4 dagar sedan
  • I watch your videos to calm me down. Because at the end it’s always so satisfying when you complete the puzzle:)

    AveryAvery4 dagar sedan
  • Eating poutine

    Courtney DugganCourtney Duggan4 dagar sedan
  • For once that was a pretty impressive solve I must admit. Well maybe not for once but one of your better thought out ones.

    Daz AlenkoDaz Alenko4 dagar sedan
  • These are my “chill videos” to watch after smoking

    Xytladis ReyesXytladis Reyes5 dagar sedan
    • *while smoking

      Robin ThiereRobin Thiere2 dagar sedan
  • I’m 20 minutes into the video test your timer is already at 16.09 so confused.

    BPPBPP5 dagar sedan
  • Playing fortnite

    Little Cade equals big boyLittle Cade equals big boy5 dagar sedan
  • Getting ready for work

    John WinstonJohn Winston6 dagar sedan
  • Cleaning

    Daishia b BarrentineDaishia b Barrentine6 dagar sedan
  • curently im shoping for puzzles on amazon while this is in the back ground

    Midnight RoseMidnight Rose6 dagar sedan
  • Eating

    The Peaky RatsThe Peaky Rats6 dagar sedan
  • #chrisramsay its a crappy vid reply but, only due to situation and sircomstance .... loved this video BTW

    Daniel TarverDaniel Tarver6 dagar sedan
  • I use these videos now when I'm working on modding/refurbishing retro game systems. Tonight was a Dreamcast with Black-Dog Tech's HDMI mod and other goodies. These videos are great but I'm starting to watch more of the playing card videos and practicing from the tutorials. It's great!

    No NameNo Name6 dagar sedan
  • I pet my cat and watch

    The gameing DoggieThe gameing Doggie7 dagar sedan
  • watching you video and doing some college stuff

    BoimeirellesBoimeirelles7 dagar sedan
  • All I'm doing is watching you solve it, while drinking my morning coffee. Your videos are the new-morning paper for me. Cheers mate.

    Wayward SonWayward Son7 dagar sedan
  • Gotta love these jigsaw puzzles.... So deceptively difficult! The first one i saw you do it was ‘Pftsh... that’s gonna be cake!’ And time and time again I’m proved wrong, and i love it! Such a satisfying solve and so many curve balls. And to do it in 38min is crazy! I tip my hat to you good sir! Also amazing intro as allwaayys ❤️

    Guy ChapmanGuy Chapman7 dagar sedan
  • working at urgent care in between patients 12hr shifts hahahah

    Jacqueline KeenanJacqueline Keenan8 dagar sedan
  • Donating plasma

    Tyler LovejoyTyler Lovejoy8 dagar sedan
  • Well since you asked. Taking a bubble bath contemplating doing homework.

    KH 'KH '8 dagar sedan
  • Background noise? I definitely watch every video with full focus on the screen. I can’t imagine it any other way!

    KissMyCreativeKissMyCreative8 dagar sedan
  • i play league and watch

    TheHypeWalrusTheHypeWalrus8 dagar sedan
  • Eating a muffin.

    Sarah OlsonSarah Olson8 dagar sedan
  • Song @14:30 ?

    Ernesto MarquezErnesto Marquez9 dagar sedan
  • playing cyberpunk2077

    A teens world POVA teens world POV9 dagar sedan
  • estou fumando um haxixe neste momento, seus vídeos são excelentes!

    pedropedro9 dagar sedan
  • I’m rolling a blunt while a watch right now

    ZRDZRD9 dagar sedan
  • I'm playing Minecraft

    dogekingdom959dogekingdom9599 dagar sedan
  • Plot Twist: *he was doing it upside down*

    ToXireToXire9 dagar sedan
  • I'm eating cereal

    Brock TulkBrock Tulk9 dagar sedan
  • Your tan and the table contrast does not go...

    Raul damoRaul damo9 dagar sedan
  • I watch these and restoration vids to fall asleep

    Ryan WilsonRyan Wilson9 dagar sedan
  • I normally either watch while I’m winding down to sleep, or I watch as I’m putting together a puzzle. It makes me feel like we’re doing them together 😁😁😁

    chaseferrellmusicchaseferrellmusic9 dagar sedan
  • I happen to be foiling labels for my handmade cold process soap!

    carrie woodallcarrie woodall9 dagar sedan
  • I use everything as background noise

    Lohgan PalgutLohgan Palgut10 dagar sedan
  • Bruh im cooking my food right now :D Awsome vid an puzzle BTW :P

    killmax113 HDkillmax113 HD10 dagar sedan
  • Im watching this whilst at a laundromat for the first time in a decade

    Brittney WilliamsBrittney Williams10 dagar sedan
  • I'm cleaning

    Ezekiel AlderferEzekiel Alderfer10 dagar sedan
  • Just lying in bed before I start my day.

    Zena MorganZena Morgan10 dagar sedan
  • i like to Paint my Deathguard (Warhammer) but often i get distracted from painting :D

    Varimnakk DudeVarimnakk Dude10 dagar sedan
  • What I’m doing? Watching to help me sleep

    Scarlett StonerScarlett Stoner10 dagar sedan
  • Eating a honey bun and listening to my girlfriend complain about how you are solving the first piece on the board 😂

    Hunter BrownHunter Brown10 dagar sedan
  • I legit just watched and pointed at the pieces pointing to the next one and when you put it in place gave you a thumbs up lol

    michael diazmichael diaz10 dagar sedan
  • I have your videos as background noise on my roku TV while texting and dozing off

    Sparkles WarmheartSparkles Warmheart10 dagar sedan
  • I usually do Jigsaw puzzle while watching these videos

    GreyhoundGreyhound10 dagar sedan
  • I’m carving a ham 😂

    Jessica StarJessica Star11 dagar sedan
  • I actually love your videos in your voice is soothing enough that it helps my daughter go to sleep for her nap time

    Nikki CalentineNikki Calentine11 dagar sedan
  • Chris: what are you doing while watching this. Me: (scrolling through r/furry_irl) well...

    Shadow KnightShadow Knight11 dagar sedan
  • I just watch while waiting for some stuff (or just randomly).

    Vilven SerbianVilven Serbian11 dagar sedan
  • Watching while taking a dump, normally watch for background while doing dishes/house work.

    leakyfaucet6leakyfaucet611 dagar sedan
  • Generally when I watch youtube I'm using it as background noise to focus on something else. There are few channels that can hold my attention for me too actually watch. Congratulations, yours is one. I watch every second.

    Nathan HopoateNathan Hopoate11 dagar sedan
  • I actually watch him do the puzzles

    Lighting KrampionLighting Krampion12 dagar sedan
  • Watching on my phone and eating spinach pizza

    ITSJUSTMOONWILLOW IrrelevantITSJUSTMOONWILLOW Irrelevant12 dagar sedan
  • Minecraft

    DJ RichterDJ Richter12 dagar sedan
  • I am doing coding right now lmao

    Royal RobichaudRoyal Robichaud12 dagar sedan
  • i was drawing sprites

    gothkuratagothkurata12 dagar sedan
  • I think what we need is a jigsaw that doesn't have corners or sides , combined with the good cuts used in this puzzle. Only to find out in the end that you are missing one piece, either call customer service and they will send it to you or they will tell you that the missing part is in another players possession and you need to trade ^_^ . would that be annoying because people might ebay that with astronomical price? haha

    Jaypee AnarnaJaypee Anarna12 dagar sedan
  • I play cookie jam puzzle on my phone and have you on tv

    Alfie RamacieriAlfie Ramacieri12 dagar sedan
  • I’m currently cross stitching a beehive with little bees flying out of it using my own pattern for a school project 😊💗

    Jaidan HanshawJaidan Hanshaw12 dagar sedan
  • I watch this kinda stuff for when ever I need nice background noise to block out other sounds

    TheoverheavenchickenTheoverheavenchicken12 dagar sedan
  • I just watch and maybe get food while I am at it. It is entertaining after all

    NuggetMacNuggetMac12 dagar sedan
  • I watch these while playing minecraft

    Waduuuhekkk WaduuuhekkkWaduuuhekkk Waduuuhekkk12 dagar sedan
  • Eating chocolate covered pretzels

  • Eating

    Ghaven PlaysGhaven Plays13 dagar sedan
  • I’m using my afk fish farm in minecraft

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  • Im actually just watching u :)

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  • I am cooking some badass mexican food right now!! 😍

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  • this puzzle is making me gag. lol

    Cayden NuttallCayden Nuttall13 dagar sedan
  • I am eating watermelon while watching xD I usually watch these kinds of videos while eating/snacking

    Nicky MüllerNicky Müller13 dagar sedan
  • I just love watching these videos I’m 13 rn 14 in 12 days and it’s just satisfying to watch

    Cup10Cup1013 dagar sedan
  • Usually working on my own puzzles while watching yours. Currently bored at work though lol.

    Jessica DJessica D13 dagar sedan
  • I'm waiting for my class period to be over

    Nicholas SteinkeNicholas Steinke13 dagar sedan
  • I use as background video while playing games on phone. The music and your voice are enjoyable when playing idle games lol.

    SilentPonySilentPony13 dagar sedan
  • I’m smokin a blunt and watchin you solve

    Julian RiojasJulian Riojas13 dagar sedan
  • "I wanna know what you're doing while watching..." "I wouldn't think you're just watching me solve" no you've got it wrong. It's 3 am and I have a history exam at 8. I'm watching you solve all these puzzles in the dark. You think too highly of me, thinking I'm doing other things.

    wow it's cold outwow it's cold out13 dagar sedan
  • I'm folding origami butterflies while watching this video :) very meditative

    Lia JamesLia James13 dagar sedan
  • how much rick and morty do you gotta watch to be able to come up with this?

    xdxd13 dagar sedan
  • rn I'm shitting

    xdxd13 dagar sedan
  • Im am fully focused while watching everyone of your videos

    Carlos KirklandCarlos Kirkland13 dagar sedan
  • I was eating alfredo and sewing while watching this video

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  • I am just learning biology, mitose maiose and mendels' rules and stuff.

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  • I’m smoking a fat ass blunt while watching these everyday

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  • I eat candy

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  • I making homework rite now

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  • Chillin in bed, calms me down between my work meetings now that everything is remote.

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