BOX ONE by Neil Patrick Harris // Review & Unboxing (NO BIG SPOILERS)

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  • Oh wow... I freaking want this game! How do I get in Germany!?

    Despairs MagicDespairs Magic2 dagar sedan
  • Where is that birthday scavenger hunt video

    Katie OKatie O3 dagar sedan
  • Very cool! Once solved, can it be reset for someone else, or is it like a legacy game where things have been changed permanently?

    ahchiu9ahchiu96 dagar sedan
  • What's with your watch at the end? lol

    Late Night EnergyLate Night Energy8 dagar sedan
  • Can you give a video link to his video. I can't find it on his channel

    Katy KnappKaty Knapp10 dagar sedan
  • Please post his youtube channel i can find it i would love to support his channel as well...looks very intereating

    Trina RabyTrina Raby14 dagar sedan
  • You leave random puzzles at places?

    Dan BDan B15 dagar sedan
  • Who all came here from the Matthius Channel?

    Jona BriggsJona Briggs20 dagar sedan
  • I'm a bit late to the party, but I saw the interview with NPH the other day and was so interested that I purchased Box One and played over the weekend. It was SO FUN! So glad that I watched the interview first, too, because that awkward moment in there made the game so much more interesting. So clever. Loved it. Wish I could do it again for the first time.

    Nalia DangerNalia Danger24 dagar sedan
    • Can the box be used by another person after you are done or does playing it once ruin it for anyone else to try?

      Kelly GubserKelly Gubser18 dagar sedan
  • I assume you don't actually need a floppy drive, but is there anything on the disk?

    Home_RowedHome_Rowed27 dagar sedan
  • What was your overall reaction once you completed this puzzle? I lost count how many times a new hint that was inside this amazing puzzle! I look forward each Wednesday to see the newest puzzle. Especially with the pandemic going on, the music in each video is always calming and helps me get my mind back in place!

    Rob IannaconeRob IannaconeMånad sedan
  • I want it so bad, but i live in Brazil, and does not have in here 😭

    Dudu SchubertDudu SchubertMånad sedan
  • OMG ... I need this game now. 😍

    SuluetiSuluetiMånad sedan
  • I love that NPH was giving clues for his puzzle game when he suddenly acted all weird in your recent interview. Definitely want to get Box One - but not yet available over here across the pond. Also is this going to be an ongoing series of puzzles/quests - Box Two etc..?

    MuddyDuckMuddyDuckMånad sedan
  • Ooooh I see what you did there...

    Joseph R3grETJoseph R3grETMånad sedan
  • having now gotten box one and discovered everything I will now watch this video. I could not bring myself to do it before hand.

    Tarot GuyTarot GuyMånad sedan
    • However, this... game?...... box... is.. when you get into it it keeps pulling you into it further and further. So, yeah its fun, intriguing, and will blow your mind at the end.

      Tarot GuyTarot GuyMånad sedan
  • Doesn't immediately look like anyone's posted having solved Box One, or knowing exactly why NPH acted so offended about there being two designers on this game. I'm waiting out my forced pause period , and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens tomorrow. I'm having a blast!

    Curtis HoffmannCurtis HoffmannMånad sedan
  • so will those of us ever get to see any of it that can not buy it

    Fuzz PuppetFuzz PuppetMånad sedan
  • Next version of this : box series s

    Jacob VegerJacob VegerMånad sedan
  • Plot twist: NPH tells you to put the card in the freezer to test you, because he's going to slowly ask you to do stranger and stranger things until you fully submit to his instructions, and then he takes over the world with an army of puzzle-solvers.

    Lt. Jek Tono PorkinsLt. Jek Tono PorkinsMånad sedan
    • Bop it! Twist it! Load it! Shoot it!

      Dali 888Dali 888Månad sedan
  • I"m stuck on card 23......trying not to go to the help page.....been thinking about it for 4 days now....

    humdrummerhumdrummerMånad sedan
    • Ok 10 days now and I had to go to the hint page. I guess I'm not smart enough to play the game because I'm still stuck on card 23. Time to pack it all back in the box and put it on the shelf......

      humdrummerhumdrummerMånad sedan
  • I just have to say, the box I got wasn’t as beautiful as the one you got. The black card wasn’t as detailed and the floppy didn’t have the label with the initials.

    Sabrina SPSabrina SPMånad sedan
  • I just finished Box One and it was so great! I was so surprised how much they could fit into one box.

    Epicurean BardEpicurean BardMånad sedan
  • I just got my box one I'm so excited

    Nicole ThorntonNicole ThorntonMånad sedan
  • Anyone got a link for Pete's channel?

    Chris BradleyChris BradleyMånad sedan
  • I got this game for Christmas, and I’m currently still playing it. It’s so much more than I expected! Really loving it!

    Melissa SpicerMelissa SpicerMånad sedan
    • So did I and I'm stuck.....

      humdrummerhumdrummerMånad sedan
  • I just finished Box One it is absolutely mind blowing. It's worth every penny and I will happily buy any more that NPH Games makes.

    JboyJboyMånad sedan
  • I love Box One and really hope NPH makes more! I just got his puzzle cards but have avoided watching your video on those so I don’t have spoilers.

    Heather JordanHeather JordanMånad sedan
  • Best Christmas gift ever, took two days but it was awesome.

    David VDavid VMånad sedan
  • Got this for my boyfriend and I as a christmas gift. I'm going through it right now and I'm blown away. I can't wait till he can play it too.

    Audrey HiltonAudrey Hilton2 månader sedan
  • Well Christmas came and I was so excited to open Box One from my brothers... but somewhere along the line of communication an error was made and they ordered Amazed.. Kind of sad because I was SOOOO looking forward to playing Box One over the break but Amazed looks pretty good too and we’re all going to play it tonight. Next attempt at Box One will be my birthday in April 😂😂😂

    Sam Does VanlifeSam Does Vanlife2 månader sedan
  • My girlfriend got me Box One for Christmas yesterday. I’m almost done with it just stuck on 1 part. so far it’s an amazing puzzle! It keeps surprising me the more I do. definitely recommend it to everyone!

    Nick CNick C2 månader sedan
  • Fellow Canadians!! How can we buy this???

    Daniela De FrenzaDaniela De Frenza2 månader sedan
  • At first I was eh about getting it.... totally getting it

    Cody CodyCody Cody2 månader sedan
  • I wonder if you can reset the box so some else in your family can play.

    TianaH1234TianaH12342 månader sedan
    • Easily. Super easy, even.

      Sean SquireSean Squire2 månader sedan
  • What is Pete's info to check out his vlog?

    Maria TamburroMaria Tamburro2 månader sedan
  • Your watch? The cards? What's in the box? Who's in the box? Is Neil real???

    Squirrel's SurvivalSquirrel's Survival2 månader sedan
  • Bought the playing, got game board ever, got Box One today.....MOST AMAZING ESCAPE ROOM-ESC GAME...the build is simple but soo fun. You CAN NOT complete in one evening. Buy this for anyone and everyone!

    GizmoinfGizmoinf2 månader sedan
  • What was the outro song

    CoffeeBoiiCoffeeBoii2 månader sedan
  • Are you gonna be missing out if you don't have a floppy disc drive? I'm not sure I know anyone with a floppy drive any more.

    lunarscoutlunarscout2 månader sedan
  • You do such a good job of making everything look so nice

    Aj LAj L2 månader sedan

    Sky-Anna BryantSky-Anna Bryant2 månader sedan
  • literally just bought this for myself bc of you! I'm wrapping it up and waiting till Christmas to start

    gurlsobexgurlsobex2 månader sedan
  • Will this have wider distribution before Christmas? I don't want to support Target for various reasons.

    ArvetisArvetis2 månader sedan
  • I wish youtube would stop doubled unskip-able ads

    Night LanderNight Lander2 månader sedan
  • The card/disk at 0:20 is the exact one my piano uses. It’s very very old, quite surprised you found one like that

    Night LanderNight Lander2 månader sedan
  • I have ONE. I’ve been working on it a little here and there. It’s really well made and done. Hard to imagine NPH came up with it all on his own like that. Impressive stuff

    DSP & LEO Spartacus143DSP & LEO Spartacus1432 månader sedan
  • I watched the interview, went out the next day and bought it. FUN.... I really enjoyed it!

    Bill VBill V2 månader sedan
  • Just got to know about this game. Does anyone know when it would be possible to get this in Europe, in Poland to be specific?

    Michał RobertMichał Robert2 månader sedan
  • Is it a one time game? Once solved, you can't play again?

    Kimberly DiedrichKimberly Diedrich2 månader sedan
    • Well, you could, in theory, but you wouldn't want to.

      Sean SquireSean Squire2 månader sedan
  • I waited till I have bought and solved BOX ONE to come back to the video! (I know you said no spoilers, but still) Phenomenal work!

    Huy LýHuy Lý2 månader sedan
  • This reminds me of a fan theory stuff it would be cool 😎 if he can do it. This is so amazing 😍

    snip3r416snip3r4162 månader sedan
  • athir conian doyle friends with eric weiss harry houdini plus writer of sherlock home books theres a mystery afoot young sherlock holmes movie the certain music copperfield used for the dinner car orient express train car vanish in mid air

    Bill GreenBill Green2 månader sedan
  • cool to the max in Christ

    Bill GreenBill Green2 månader sedan
  • Didn’t expect to see Pete Lol

    Tyler NeelyTyler Neely2 månader sedan
  • Hi Chris, I took your advice and asked my buddy to send me a copy of Box One (I live in New Zealand) He sent me this video and it is hilarious!

    ScottFitzgeraldScottFitzgerald2 månader sedan
    • I watch your channel constantly and love your content, I have recently got into escape rooms and my partner and I have done 20 escape rooms in the past 2 months. Stay tuned for Operation NZ Delivery

      ScottFitzgeraldScottFitzgerald2 månader sedan
  • i watched your interview with N.P.H. and was totally shocked by his reaction. I went to Target that night to see if they had the game and they had only 1 left, so i bought it. I have not finished it yet, but i totally love the surprises. I'm going to be like you and not give out any other info out of respect for N.P.H. , but i do agree, if you love puzzles this is definitely one to buy.

    pete medinapete medina2 månader sedan
  • Just picked it up. All I have to say is “Wow!”. It’s absolutely brilliant

    way2sh0rt07gradway2sh0rt07grad2 månader sedan
  • Thanks so much Chris! I was intrigued by the NPH video and my daughter was in the US. She picked me up a game, brought it home to Canada and I played it through. Awesome!! So glad the timing was right for me! Throughly enjoyed all the twists and turns. Had me stumped a few times but as you said - it is solvable. Thanks for your videos - a big fan. ~Annie

    Anne HoganAnne Hogan3 månader sedan
  • Wanted to ask about the cicada tattoo you have, did you ever solve the puzzle?

    Joni EnrothJoni Enroth3 månader sedan
  • This looks interesting

    GalaSpriteGalaSprite3 månader sedan
  • Can... Anyone... Buy this and ship it to me pls target won't ship it to me cause I'm in a different country I'll pay u pls cjdhsvskvidjbd

    Adrini AdamAdrini Adam3 månader sedan
  • Ok this is cool I’m gonna have to look into getting it

    KendallChaosKendallChaos3 månader sedan
  • Bought it, played it, loved it but now I don’t know how to put it back 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 I want my girlfriend to have a go and experience what I got to experience. Any ideas? Love all what you do btw!!! You rock and so does your entourage!!!!

    Isg00dIsg00d3 månader sedan
  • who is still waiting for peter Mckinnons Challange video? I sure as hell am

    benzbenz3 månader sedan
  • Love the impromptu vlog lol

    SS3 månader sedan
  • Does anyone have Pete’s channel name would love to watch that scavenger hunt

    Scottie NorrisScottie Norris3 månader sedan
  • I just beat box one last night. I enjoyed it a lot. Very Fun.

    Brian WilliamsBrian Williams3 månader sedan
  • Just finished Box One. What a great puzzle/game. Posted my end results on Twitter and Instagram

    Raising Freedom CorporationRaising Freedom Corporation3 månader sedan
  • So I had to stop watching so nothing was spoiled. I can't wait to get this game!

    Justin GrimesJustin Grimes3 månader sedan
  • I just completed Box One. It was an extremely unexpected experience. My only slight criticism is the forced wait bit. I got confused because I didn’t know if I had missed something in that waiting period. But I also explore a little more than I should and found a couple of things early, so that added to the confusion. Also! The internet component works much more smoothly on computer than phone. So anyone playing, I would recommend explicitly following the instructions so you don’t confuse yourself with out of order clues and also be patient and also use a computer if you have access.

    Finn VerboseFinn Verbose3 månader sedan
  • Could someone please tell me what Pete's channel is called?

    Emily VeronicaEmily Veronica3 månader sedan
  • Can you play it, and then put it back together and give it to a friend so they can play?

    Kendra LockmanKendra Lockman3 månader sedan
  • This is perfect I can play it 0 mates here

    Stephen TolmanStephen Tolman3 månader sedan
  • Do you need any items or objects to solve this puzzle?

    Rivera ScootsRivera Scoots3 månader sedan
  • Bought this game, started playing tonight and IM HOOKED! Such a great game. 100% recommend for all.

    Thomas McCauleyThomas McCauley3 månader sedan
  • Has anyone noticed that (box one) sound like (X box one) 👁👄👁

    Lego Star Wars builderLego Star Wars builder3 månader sedan
  • Is this a puzzle/game that you could reset and challenge your friends to solve? Or is it a one time solve and you'd have to buy it again to solve it again?

    Tommy GotMagicTommy GotMagic3 månader sedan
  • Very curious to know what one does with the game after you solve it. I assume you would not play it again. Can you pass it along to someone else to play? Or is it really "one and done"?

    Suze StjohnSuze Stjohn3 månader sedan
  • Tried getting this recently and it's sold out everywhere. Worse yet there's scumbags on ebay scalping this for triple the price.

    wingsagewingsage3 månader sedan
  • Is NPH a legit magician? I know he has cards and stuff and I love him as an actor but I don't know much about this part of his life

    dennis pughdennis pugh3 månader sedan
  • Just finished Box One! That was a trip, although I did stumble upon the goal earlier than I should of.

    James MatchettJames Matchett3 månader sedan
  • I'm so glad I waited to watch this video until after I made it through the first half of the challenge.

    SoCal SteveSoCal Steve3 månader sedan
  • Interesting... your black envelope is different than mine.

    SoCal SteveSoCal Steve3 månader sedan
  • Unavailable near me :-( hopefully I didn't totally miss my chance!

    Douglas VineDouglas Vine3 månader sedan
  • Can someone tell me the name of the background song playing at around 05:40 Would appreciate it, Thanks

    Saransh AgrawalSaransh Agrawal3 månader sedan
  • I really want this now.

    L DL D3 månader sedan
  • Now this really makes me wanna get it

    Charlie JohnsonCharlie Johnson3 månader sedan
  • I wish someone would spoil it, since it's gone now and I'll never have a copy.

    ArvetisArvetis3 månader sedan
  • I grabbed this puzzle a couple days ago, and it did not disappoint. The NPH is a legend.

    2JupitersTooMany2JupitersTooMany3 månader sedan
  • After winning are there instructions on how to put the box back together? I can’t remember where a couple pieces go.

    Charles BethelCharles Bethel3 månader sedan
  • I beat the box! This is the best game I’ve ever played!! Everyone needs to buy this

    Tyler_hughesTyler_hughes3 månader sedan
  • Def do this ALONE, I had my 8 year old helping because she loves magic and puzzles. She was snooping and found the end on me way ahead of time.

    Hammer SharkHammer Shark3 månader sedan
  • Im in the UK and managed to get a friend to ship 1 over for me 😁

    Morgan Finegan-ThomasMorgan Finegan-Thomas3 månader sedan
  • I bought this game and it didn't come with the card you need for later

    Dark DestroyerDark Destroyer3 månader sedan
  • Can you finish this

    Moniee OnieeMoniee Oniee3 månader sedan
  • dude NPH is an amazing actor, he had that planning...

    pahvalrehljkovpahvalrehljkov3 månader sedan
  • OMG I just completed Box One. It is fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks NPH please do more of these.

    Michael GendreauMichael Gendreau3 månader sedan
  • Can't see the arrow here, but I'm sure the bulb is out.

    Robert MillardRobert Millard3 månader sedan
  • Well done. you managed to review it without reaving it

    Paige nottellingPaige nottelling3 månader sedan