The INFAMOUS Water Torture Cell Puzzle!! (Can it be Solved?!)

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Today, we're going to attempt to solve the elusive Houdini Water Torture cell sequential discovery puzzle by Bryan Young! The goal of this puzzle is to free Houdini from the Water Torture Cell!
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  • The other piece must be a magnet to manipulate the ball

    Alek LaMourAlek LaMourDag sedan
  • I would have filled it with water...

    Gerry KrenzGerry Krenz3 dagar sedan
  • I love watching you figure out all your puzzles.....BUT I have a migraine from screaming at the screen how to solve this one🤯😂

    marcaira sheltonmarcaira shelton4 dagar sedan
  • What headphones where you wearing in the middle of the video? ;p

    Mark KizhnerMark Kizhner10 dagar sedan
  • Just curious if anyone actually tried to "ADD WATER" to the Water Torture puzzle?? just seems like "something missing"

    Shawn CarnShawn Carn10 dagar sedan
  • what would i attempt? unscrew so there is a hole for the ball to sit in then carefully screw it up

    skittlesmashskittlesmash10 dagar sedan
  • video starts at 2:33

    JbeezyJbeezy10 dagar sedan
  • Current stamp: 7:49 Thoughts: What if you use the base to magnetize the screw and hold the ball somehow onto the center, and since its magnetized to the screw, it wont fall over...

    iiRoNiCxDeathiiRoNiCxDeath11 dagar sedan
  • take pin out to magnetise it.

    Tom HazellTom Hazell12 dagar sedan
  • i'd put the screw just the right length and try to shake the whole thing to let the ball stuck between houdini and the screw....then who knows

    Rocco SpezzaferriRocco Spezzaferri12 dagar sedan
  • Was not expecting that!

    Henry LeHenry Le12 dagar sedan
  • Let it get wedged between neck and head and let it roll in between the screw and head. (5:29)

    Greg YeisleyGreg Yeisley13 dagar sedan
  • All of your puzzles look complicated, I don't think I've ever once wanted you to do 1 specific thing, I just relax and see what you do lol

    Jake WJake W13 dagar sedan
  • These should be live with comments turned on haha

    BigSh00tsBigSh00ts13 dagar sedan
  • Take houdini out with the magnet you used to get the ball in place. By putting the magnet on the button of houdini

    Anton HørlyckAnton Hørlyck13 dagar sedan
  • Noticed you weren't using the kove headphones at 8:02 😏

    JBnovataJBnovata13 dagar sedan
  • Lower the screw till it's just below flush with the bottom, position the ball bearing over it, carefully raise the ball bearing and push Houdini's head up...came to me at 5:12.

    bbq gurubbq guru13 dagar sedan
  • I would have magnitozes the screw but in screwed it so then I would try to drop it onto the middle so I could then just push it up

    csgamerandmore 666csgamerandmore 66613 dagar sedan
  • Should fill it up with water

    Scotty PhikScotty Phik13 dagar sedan
  • I think maybe remove the screw and put the magnet over the hole. That probably would have allowed you to get the ball to stay on top of the hole inside. Then slowly turn the box upside down and pull the magnet away so the ball drops onto his head. Then put the screw in.

    101perspective101perspective13 dagar sedan
  • You got him out but he's way dead

    right hand of satanright hand of satan14 dagar sedan
  • I would Un screw the bolt perfectly flush with the deck then balance the ball on the pin and slowly turn it up

    casper The ghostcasper The ghost14 dagar sedan
  • 2:33 video start

    nothingnothing14 dagar sedan
  • i would probably balance the ball on the screw and then when i will screw it slowely it will pop the "hudini" out :P ez katka

    Acid BurnAcid Burn15 dagar sedan
  • 4:53: my prediction would be to screw it down further till it can roll on then screw it up

    bransen MacDonaldbransen MacDonald15 dagar sedan
  • I got this one right! Out of the five I’ve watched, I figured out this one! Granted, very few pieces... not much to think about. But I’m proud of myself! Lol!

    IrritatingTruthIrritatingTruth15 dagar sedan
  • i've noticed that there are a diferent space from "houdini" to the box walls on some directions... I would try to put the ball on that corner, then screw the screw at maximum and then, will try to regulate it until the ball fits in the middle to then screw the houdini off. (I guess I need more vocab to fill this comment... haushaushua)

    Guilherme PagelGuilherme Pagel15 dagar sedan
  • 1.48 in and you still haven't got to the point . i'm out.

    stuart houselanderstuart houselander15 dagar sedan
  • Fill it with water then the ball would be able to land on the pin better

    P3 8bit3vxl M3M83RS 0NLYP3 8bit3vxl M3M83RS 0NLY16 dagar sedan
  • If the block and Houdini are both magnetic place the block at the base of Houdini to increase the magnetism to make it easier to catch the ball on Houdini’s head then use the screw to push it.

    Gaming with RynoGaming with Ryno16 dagar sedan
  • blow into it?

    Cerebral DadCerebral Dad16 dagar sedan
  • When you picked up the base it seemed like it was two pieces.. continues watching. Now thinking the screw bit can go in 1/2 way and pull part of the bottom out but whats the ball for!

    MrSudomachoMrSudomacho16 dagar sedan
  • you put the base on the bottom of the puzzle without the screw in place then the ball will go onto the metal bowl shaped thing then you put in the rod and add the base to the bottom of the rod, you proceed to screw until you are done!

    Myst1K WizMyst1K Wiz16 dagar sedan
  • The pale digestion prudently grin because end neurobiologically scribble into a needy roof. hoc, watery brain

    Sara AdamsSara Adams16 dagar sedan
  • Video starts at 2:34

    Adrian MalinowskiAdrian Malinowski17 dagar sedan
  • as its a water tochure i would add water so the balls easier to move turn it upside down so dini is standing up then screw the screw down

    Nigel CastleNigel Castle17 dagar sedan
  • No timer!! Booooooooo

    Aaron 88Aaron 8817 dagar sedan
  • Fart in it then the little person inside will come out cause it smells in there

    Andy kAndy k17 dagar sedan
  • 4:25 ... the fine tuning and elegancy of a meteor hitting earth ^^ THAT way, you'll never get the ball to land on the pole.

    Falk HammermüllerFalk Hammermüller17 dagar sedan
  • put the mafbet on the screw? magnetise the screw while it is recessed to create a pocket for the ball to sit in?

    charles norrischarles norris17 dagar sedan
  • beats are better then those headphones and they cost the same

    Jerry GeardingJerry Gearding17 dagar sedan
  • use it like a pinball pull back pin hits hudini up?

    Magnum OpusMagnum Opus18 dagar sedan
  • I think there's a better solution to this... 1.screw in the screw 2.magnetize the screw 3.get the ball to stick to the screw 4.unscrew the screw until the ball goes ontop of the hole 5.screw carefully up =D

    Blink CPTLBlink CPTL18 dagar sedan
  • u r 2% off :(

    James SchreuderJames Schreuder18 dagar sedan
  • Unscrew right down and get the ball in the whole then carefully screw up balancing the ball ?

    Elaine CameronElaine Cameron18 dagar sedan
  • I’ll just let it rot for 10000 years

    Mr.mcdeathMr.mcdeath18 dagar sedan
  • 5:16 screw the bolt into the bottom. Pull the cone down, bearing lands in groove. Carefully push the bearing back up and screw the bolt in far enough to pop the top block out.

    captainKtscaptainKts18 dagar sedan
  • unscrew it down to flush then screw the ball up

  • Unscrew the bolt till just the tip is recessed. Magnetize the ball and turn the whole over so the ball drops to the center of the insert. Slowly flip it back over remove the magnet and thread it in 🤷‍♂️

    vdubn4evrvdubn4evr19 dagar sedan
  • Magnetize the screw while its down get ball on crater and keep Magnetized while screwing in.

    Pear D BearPear D Bear19 dagar sedan
  • Ur a genius

    Lilly’s Really Dumb L R DLilly’s Really Dumb L R D19 dagar sedan
  • He would be a good chef if his first name was Gordon

    ImlonelyanditstruImlonelyanditstru19 dagar sedan
  • that wasn't the solution. magnetize the screw when the screw is exposed on the inside and the ball will climb up the tapered stand

    Ryland ChristensenRyland Christensen19 dagar sedan
  • can you remove the screw enough so the hole would settle the bearing? paused @4:50

    jers montjers mont19 dagar sedan
  • I would've submerged it in water, make it easier to accommodate the ball.

    Randall DiazRandall Diaz20 dagar sedan
  • @4:57 I'd pull the screw to see if the cone was springloaded, that would be what I'd craft instead of the insane task of trying to make the ball land on it. @7:30 Magnet has been found i'd magnetise the screw when it's just under the top of the cone and make the ball jump up on the cone. The screw would then catch the ball and it can now be screwed up to free Houdini. @Done! Very nice puzzle. Thinking of making one but round instead of square. Think it can be made mostly on a lathe and then add screws, cone, magnets and ball.

    Viktor Hierta GustafssonViktor Hierta Gustafsson20 dagar sedan
  • i would break the glass

    Rhjklgrt MaaxsdgosnRhjklgrt Maaxsdgosn20 dagar sedan
  • put the ball in the middle then turn the screw thing?

    ssshlurrpp 86ssshlurrpp 8620 dagar sedan
  • Im reading the comments on this and im astonished by how many people didn’t think to back out the screw so its flush with the wood, use the magnetic base to have it stick to the tip and then just screw it all the way in while holding it up straight so the ball doesn’t roll of the base

    gamerG23gamerG2320 dagar sedan
  • You take out the screw put water inside the puzzle and the float the ball into the spot and then screw the ball in

    Abel Will ReckAbel Will Reck20 dagar sedan
  • U magnetize the screw when its barely in the hole so it rests on top, then screw it up lol

    Christopher ParksChristopher Parks21 dag sedan
  • your headphones in 8:08 is not a Kove :D :D Great video i like you ;) :)

    Dokumenty World Wide News CZDokumenty World Wide News CZ21 dag sedan
  • use a magnet

    Giveit AllyougotGiveit Allyougot21 dag sedan
  • Ok, I'm at 6:12 of the video. I think you should add water into the hole until the compartment is full. Then screw the bolt back in. The pressure should push the top off without the use of the ball. If that is not the case then still use the water and the metal ball will be more boient and you will have a better chance of balancing it onto the stem. Maybe even use dish soap instead of water as it is thicker. Just a thought but maybe you are not suppose to use liquid at all. We will see and if I am wrong I wonder if my idea would have worked. Lets see......

    Victor PoulinVictor Poulin21 dag sedan
  • Magnetic

    Jaccari BuckleyJaccari Buckley21 dag sedan
  • Blow into the hole?

    PsymonksPsymonks21 dag sedan
  • 9:04 my guess: unscrew the device to where the bolt is under the cup. then magnetize it. the ball will roll up the slopes and onto the desired position then with magnetism retained, screw in the bolt going into the Houdini head hopefully solving the puzzle

    Collaboris GamingCollaboris Gaming22 dagar sedan
  • Before finding out it was magnetic, I was gonna suggest filling it with water to drown Houdini... and also making it easier to line up the ball on the screw to push him out

    Alex PanagakosAlex Panagakos22 dagar sedan
  • magnetize the screw (if it's made of iron)

    sachin rajsachin raj23 dagar sedan
  • Honestly I’m not gonna say I could do it better but if he listened the screw where the bell would sit on the hole then he could screw it back in to push the ball onto the head

    Kevin FranklinKevin Franklin23 dagar sedan
  • honestly i would have just filled it with water... instant win. the weight of the water will pop the top off and if not the water will slow the movement of the ball.

    jimbobbyrnesjimbobbyrnes23 dagar sedan
  • you could just have magnetized the screw and held the ball on the nozzle, turn upside own and screw the screw in basically the same solution just a lot easier :D

    Patrick R.Patrick R.23 dagar sedan
  • And the link doesn't work think the website is broke

    SilverBackOfficialSilverBackOfficial23 dagar sedan
  • Code doesn't work for headphones

    SilverBackOfficialSilverBackOfficial23 dagar sedan
  • magnetise the pin with the base!

    R De SousaR De Sousa23 dagar sedan
  • lower the screw till its level with the base then balance while you carefully extend it the ball should pop the head out like a cork, can be the only way? hopefully those 4 screws ontop arent holding it down (6 min into the video)

    R De SousaR De Sousa23 dagar sedan
  • Or magnetize the screw with the magnet to attach the ball then twist 7 min in lol

    dizzle fshizzledizzle fshizzle23 dagar sedan
  • Back the screw out till the ball falls down into the top then screw it up slowly. Maybe idk I'm 5 minutes in so I'm sure I'll see how it's done lol 😂😂

    dizzle fshizzledizzle fshizzle23 dagar sedan
  • Back the screw out till the ball falls down into the top then screw it up slowly. Maybe idk I'm 5 minutes in so I'm sure I'll see how it's done lol 😂😂

    dizzle fshizzledizzle fshizzle23 dagar sedan
  • Put in water

    Bruh BryhBruh Bryh24 dagar sedan
  • Ya I was thinking magnet at the bottom without the screw being in the way so it might be easier to pop up like u were trying to earlier then screwing up but ya ur way worked lol obviously

    James HernandezJames Hernandez24 dagar sedan
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    Богдан БлаговирнийБогдан Благовирний24 dagar sedan
  • Message from Kove, "We currently do not inventory available in your region. ".

    Patrick Roy LaprattePatrick Roy Lapratte24 dagar sedan
  • Consolodating with edits all my thoughts to one comment. @4:55 (little before to be honest) : I'd unscrew the bolt to below the level of the internals, allow the bearing to drop into the hole then (carefully) screw the bolt in to lift the bearing to "houdini's head" @7:24 : with the bolt through to the metal nipple inside i'd pull the bolt to see if it is perhaps sprung and create the divot referred to previously. @9:47 : using the magnet to magnetise the bolt and the bearing against the bolt, invert everything to (hopefully) get the bearing to "slide" down the bolt into position

    Andy BlackmoreAndy Blackmore24 dagar sedan
  • Unscrewing the bottom screw was the real solution, as it lets the water out and Houdini can breath again.

    Whiskey RatWhiskey Rat24 dagar sedan
  • I can’t tell if you tried but maybe pulling on the screw ?

    Concerned CitizenConcerned Citizen24 dagar sedan
  • I think it is the right solution because it's the water drop torture puzzle. The ball is the water drop that tortures the player with the continues tries that are the same. Just like the real torture.

    BEANS TunnelbaumBEANS Tunnelbaum25 dagar sedan
  • not a fan of such dexterity puzzles :-/

    RadimentriXRadimentriX25 dagar sedan
  • Unscrew the screw all the way out. Then use the magnet to magnetize the fixed metal. Then maneuver the ball onto the fixed part (it will be much easier now that its magnetized). Then just use the screw to lift the ball up.

    mazda64lifemazda64life25 dagar sedan
  • I really like your videos they're awesome. With this one I think you could magnetize the pin in the center. Roll the ball up against it and slowly tip it upside down and gravity will cause the ball to be on top of the metal piece in the center and then you can take the magnetize screw and screw it down to push on Houdini's head there and push him out

    Ken FrikujKen Frikuj25 dagar sedan
  • Constantly uses the kove headphones? 8:01 they don't look like love 😏

    Financialstorm7Financialstorm726 dagar sedan
  • Can’t help but notice that his fingers are so thick 🤤😍

    _fighting.alone __fighting.alone _26 dagar sedan
  • its a easier way but great catch

    monica melendezmonica melendez26 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely missed the WATER part... How does water torture work? Drips of water slowly drops on head of the person. The solution of this puzzle? (Magnetize the screw) and let the ball (water) slowly drip on his head.

    Denis G.Denis G.26 dagar sedan
  • 8:03 made me laugh out loud

    Lord CastielLord Castiel26 dagar sedan
  • I’d prob smash it with a hammer

    Wild MustangWild Mustang26 dagar sedan
  • Starts at 2:31. Wastes my time to watch bullshit

    Darth NihilusDarth Nihilus26 dagar sedan
  • Maybe screw the screw all the way in an get ball on top with magnet an screw up

    John CombsJohn Combs27 dagar sedan
  • 5:39 I think screw it off more and move the ball in the hole. It wont just jump in.

    Marzipana1Marzipana127 dagar sedan
  • you can unscrew just a litle bit and just role ball in hole and then start to screw in again

    V_V_GameRV_V_GameR27 dagar sedan