The IMPOSSIBLE Chocolate Illusion!!😦

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  • It depends on how you rearrange the pieces by there form and size

    AnikiAniki19 minuter sedan
  • No he didn’t

    Fresh NazFresh Naz29 minuter sedan
  • Inventory management

    SledgeDragonSledgeDragon31 minut sedan
  • It is just for content guys dont be mad on him.

    Nitsujin PlaysNitsujin PlaysTimme sedan
  • It was flipped over

    Isabella PlaysIsabella PlaysTimme sedan
  • Bruh the bonus was under the actual bar

    Sheldon DeckerSheldon DeckerTimme sedan
  • Duplication glitches IRL

    Super SniperSuper SniperTimme sedan
  • The bonus bar just creates more distance in the middle.

    MusicMillerMusicMiller2 timmar sedan
  • It fits perfectly because the word chocolate your putting it on is smaller than the whole box and that’s why your left with one bonus peice

    RaAwR_ Itz-m1kuRaAwR_ Itz-m1ku2 timmar sedan
  • Or, the bonus piece was just on top of the other pieces and wasn’t actually perfectly in line

    When youWhen you2 timmar sedan
  • Like literally how can you be magic it’s supposed to have like toys in it and stuff like a kinder egg weirdo

    Kimbra HarperKimbra Harper2 timmar sedan
  • My whole life was a lie🥸

    YOUR CRUSHYOUR CRUSH2 timmar sedan
  • Can someone explaine me this?

    Rj lord Pua vlogsRj lord Pua vlogs2 timmar sedan
  • What if some hungry delivery driver were to do this with a normal snack? You'd never know that you were missing out on a part of it without knowing this trick.

    Connor CSMMConnor CSMM2 timmar sedan
  • Matter can not be created nor destroyed its replace with an another object or substance of matter

    Max PrattMax Pratt2 timmar sedan
  • Yer a wizard, har- chris

    °•~sunflower gacha~•°°•~sunflower gacha~•°3 timmar sedan
  • Where can I buy this?

    Mr. Chip The Teutonic KnightMr. Chip The Teutonic Knight4 timmar sedan
  • I just made a slightly smaller chocolate bar and have the piece that came from the leftover chocolate

    Bailey MauleBailey Maule4 timmar sedan
  • Look at sides. Has 2 folds. Only low iq people would fall for this gimmick

    Chris GryderChris Gryder5 timmar sedan
  • Why are tiktok guys so dumb!! I just dont get it LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

    Sayantan PatraSayantan Patra6 timmar sedan
  • no you didnt lol

    Sociopathic reatard omg fortnateSociopathic reatard omg fortnate6 timmar sedan
  • The missing area paradox strikes again! Muahahahaha!

    Brian FinkBrian Fink6 timmar sedan
  • Dumb

    Tommy FrankeTommy Franke7 timmar sedan
  • *Vsause intensifies*

    Mr. SullimaMr. Sullima7 timmar sedan
  • Bro you put it in wrong

    Super_Slayer545 XxSuper_Slayer545 Xx7 timmar sedan
  • So we are back to 2013?

    ♠ Frith ♠♠ Frith ♠8 timmar sedan
  • No he changed package there is a small pause on the video thats when he switched it

  • Its like that bonus fri at the bottom of every mcdonalds bag 😂

    EnigmaEnigma8 timmar sedan
  • There upside down when you first open it

    Jo DaJo Da9 timmar sedan
  • "It fits in there PERFECTLY" XD watch Vscause my dude

    Antboy 64Antboy 649 timmar sedan
  • 99.9% can’t figure it out 😱

    The_green_goblin YodaThe_green_goblin Yoda9 timmar sedan
  • I want chocolate now 🥺😂

    T.J ThreadgillT.J Threadgill10 timmar sedan
  • Now put the big bar back in the first wrap. Let's see if it's the same size

    Mateusz KoprowskiMateusz Koprowski11 timmar sedan
  • its an exploit theyll patch it soon

    rgndrgnd11 timmar sedan
  • Its simple, if you notice there is the bonus piece in the middle when he opens it, the reason it fits is because there are smaller pieces of room on the sides which help make it fit.

    Hannah McFarlandHannah McFarland11 timmar sedan
  • You should have put [AS] on the chocolate ngl

    E v e r g r e e nE v e r g r e e n11 timmar sedan
  • image link before,i mean even a 5 yrs old can see the difference,sooooo

    O.R GamingO.R Gaming12 timmar sedan
  • Awww c'mon ,you're blind or what? The lines of the chocolate are different the first time,so it is placed in a different way than you did it the last time....Lame....

    O.R GamingO.R Gaming12 timmar sedan
  • Btw for those who don’t know this is famous street magician/artist Willy wonka and he used this trick to start a chocolate factory

    Ruben EnriqueRuben Enrique13 timmar sedan
  • Edited,different size of chocolate box

    Renaldy HertanuRenaldy Hertanu13 timmar sedan
  • V sauce has a video on this

    MN OutdoorsMN Outdoors13 timmar sedan
  • Hit it with a hammer

    Daniel ScottDaniel Scott13 timmar sedan
  • Its food so what?

    Random 40 yr oldRandom 40 yr old14 timmar sedan
  • We all watched Vsauce, you punk You cannot fool us.

    David James HenryDavid James Henry14 timmar sedan
  • Curious to know the measurements of this chocolate bar before and after…

    Anne NonimeAnne Nonime14 timmar sedan
  • You did it a different way

    Jacob WolstenholmeJacob Wolstenholme14 timmar sedan
  • You didn’t just make chocolate out of nothing

    Jessica BartonJessica Barton15 timmar sedan

    Banana BoiBanana Boi15 timmar sedan
  • Look! When you got it, the chocolate pieces wasn’t spelling any words and it was upside down. I mean the pieces wasn’t in the same area.(they where on other positions.)

    RageMouzeRageMouze16 timmar sedan
  • You made a smaller bar out of the original

    Finn MarshFinn Marsh17 timmar sedan
  • I woke up Chris breezy......

    PieceOfKurtPieceOfKurt18 timmar sedan
  • Oops I hit unlike

    John Clied MiñaoJohn Clied Miñao19 timmar sedan
  • God: wut have i done

    BreadzBreadz19 timmar sedan
  • I like if it isn't from tik tok

    CT-2938CT-293820 timmar sedan
  • See all those little cracks and the edges it's not touching to perfectly fit in there? Yeah, if you take the bonus chocolate and fill those cracks and edges, it would fill it up completely. You took out the amount of chocolate all that empty spaces adds up to. Still a cool illusion :)

    BappoBappo20 timmar sedan
  • He flipped the first piece which is why there is no longer any room fir the bonus chocolate

    Queen RoyaltyQueen Royalty20 timmar sedan
  • Wow, we too stupid to understand! Wow! Amazing!

    The OomphzThe Oomphz21 timme sedan
  • This trick is too old man everyone know how it works

    dio brandodio brando22 timmar sedan
  • Willy Wonker:And thats how i create chocolate

    Frosty!Frosty!22 timmar sedan
  • ♾ 🍫

    Im CoolIm Cool22 timmar sedan
  • I don't know anything about this but there space of cracks in the chocolate actually make up the piece of chocolate

    AzoryxAzoryx22 timmar sedan
  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 Wait what

    Joshua [GD]Joshua [GD]23 timmar sedan
  • It’s probably a bonus cause it clearly says bonus on the piece of chocolate

    Killua sucked off gonKillua sucked off gon23 timmar sedan
  • False

    Frantic gamer 1414Frantic gamer 141423 timmar sedan
  • the diameter shrinks once the piece is removed the black line gives the illusion of making more chocolate it is really cool to see and is clever!

    Jepy Is CoolJepy Is CoolDag sedan
  • If you give me the chocolate, I'll like the video

    BibiBibiDag sedan
  • It was possible lol...

    Mr. Senorita`Mr. Senorita`Dag sedan
  • The quantity of the chocolate is reduced

    hammockstand dangalhammockstand dangalDag sedan
  • I mean, _mass_

    ‎Can't Sleep 眠い‎Can't Sleep 眠いDag sedan
  • go watch vsauce

    Fob BurgersonFob BurgersonDag sedan
  • Did anyone else realize that when he shows the camera the chocolate the 2nd time the small piece is missing? Just me, okay.

    Katie SheldonKatie SheldonDag sedan
  • Infinite chocolate, stonks

    Snake The N00bSnake The N00bDag sedan
  • Teacher: "this is how you save food."

    seiom jvonyseiom jvonyDag sedan
  • Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

    Asia CrowAsia CrowDag sedan
  • My brain is too advanced for this video.

    MariokamoMariokamoDag sedan
  • I know it’s stupid but I’m stupid so… Does this mean by doing this you actually get more chocolate?

    Screen CuisineScreen CuisineDag sedan
    • You split a bill into five parts and end up with 2 ripped up bills too, still worth nothing.

      seiom jvonyseiom jvonyDag sedan
  • Lol ok illusion I figured it out in 10 seconds it’s easy


    Slava SmitSlava SmitDag sedan
  • I just lost brain cells

    ElfxsieMxchiElfxsieMxchiDag sedan
  • Oh God no I remember this tumblr post. XD

    fergalicious214fergalicious214Dag sedan
  • That's a mind fuck if I've ever seen one

    Charlie MartinCharlie MartinDag sedan
  • The power of MATH 📚📊

    Merve Naz AslanMerve Naz AslanDag sedan
  • There is spaces at the side of the bar at the end. That mass equals to a rectangle piece chocolate

    Hyper_PixelHyper_PixelDag sedan
  • It’s just a trick..and the video also cuts out right before he starts putting the pieces back together

    Axl DespawAxl DespawDag sedan
  • Teacher: "this is how you save food."

    sokin jonsokin jonDag sedan
  • That impoosibly fucking old

    ADamos PlayerADamos PlayerDag sedan
  • The package was Never in the box it sticked Out of the box thats Why he just took the bonus Out so it would fit its all just a lie

    MagnusHydraMagnusHydraDag sedan
  • You got 4mm less on the sides

    Gewuerz wanzeGewuerz wanzeDag sedan
  • Its called geometry

    Dimitris VlismasDimitris VlismasDag sedan
    • U can see how its not perfectly cut and the wrapper isnt big enough to cover

      sokin jonsokin jonDag sedan
  • U didnt create chocolate out of nothing there is just 2 ways to put it together and the 2nd way leaves 1 extra piece and u just didnt count the pieces correctly

    Springtrap 0Springtrap 0Dag sedan
  • You split a bill into five parts and end up with 2 ripped up bills too, still worth nothing.

    сykaсykaDag sedan
  • This was called an Infinite chocolate trick from years ago.

    Gabriel WaltersGabriel WaltersDag sedan
  • Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

    Bläk KneitBläk KneitDag sedan
  • Its how u line it in

    Bronzboi 324Bronzboi 324Dag sedan
  • Well actually its do to the excess of chocolate lost do to the cutting of the chocolate itself which causes it to look like you've made chocolate out of nothing (haven't talked about this in atleast 3 or 4 years so I'm open to correction if needed thx)

    Anonymous___ VibesAnonymous___ VibesDag sedan
  • Oh yes you may still be on the other version while we’re on the new one that got patched

    TheKillerDemonTheKillerDemonDag sedan
  • Woah that's so kool

    Shanice ShirleyShanice ShirleyDag sedan
  • If 2+2 is 4... and 5+5 is10... wtf is this?🤔🍫

    Raphael RodriguezRaphael RodriguezDag sedan
  • It's the same kind of thing sunflowers evolved their seeds are lined up in a spiral Form so more can fit in

    Relaxe dudeRelaxe dudeDag sedan