How to MELT The Queen!! - Card Trick

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Today, I'm going to teach you a few handlings on how to melt two cards together!
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  • The damn yellow cat is stuck in my head now!!!

    Late Night EnergyLate Night Energy7 dagar sedan
  • We don’t offer shipping to the UK ! Gutted 😥😥😥😥 I really wanted a set of your cards man ! Thanks for all your videos bro! You are a truly great geezer 🙏🙏🙏

    Gaz ColleyGaz Colley8 dagar sedan
  • My son (5 yrs old) wanted me to tell you he loves your videos (specifically your card tricks). We watch them together as I’m just now getting into cardistry to impress my kids, nephews and nieces (I’m the cool uncle 😎)

    Judge DreddJudge Dredd11 dagar sedan
  • what do you guys are thinking about these cards? AREA 51 Premium Foiled Playing Cards

    Manfred SasseManfred Sasse14 dagar sedan
  • is it just in the v4s

    Luke WhiteLuke White16 dagar sedan
  • Just bought the deck, maybe something more at the back of the tuck case, but still simple yet phenomenal.

    jaydenthenogigojaydenthenogigo18 dagar sedan
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    hanunijahanunija21 dag sedan
    • Nah

      All SpaceAll Space20 dagar sedan
  • Cool

    Pratyush MehrotraPratyush Mehrotra22 dagar sedan
  • thank you ;)))))

    SERENDiPiTY __ TokyoSERENDiPiTY __ Tokyo23 dagar sedan
  • I've never really been a big magic fan but watching your videos has made it interesting to me because you make it fun and friendly. You don't make it all seem like a huge secret that no one can ever know, I like the mystery and challenge of trying to figure it out but I also like that I have the option of learning it and seeing how it works. You have restored my faith in magic, knowing how it works is way more interesting sometimes. Thank you for making magic come to life again.

    Cory ConnerCory Conner24 dagar sedan
  • could u teach us some of them cardistry moves at the beginning of the video

    Lights Camera MagicLights Camera Magic24 dagar sedan
  • Which card deck are we supposed to buy for the card trick? because there is the brick box and the playing cards. Love your videos

    Master SadnessMaster Sadness24 dagar sedan
  • Aw man that was a crazy 12minute ad for cards. Now on to the video..

    Anthony GAnthony G24 dagar sedan
  • I always wonder do u need those black mats? Honestly I think that is for the card to nicely move smoothly. If it is good to have those mats what should I get?

    Ad MyAd My24 dagar sedan
  • I like this channel being bother interesting puzzles and super cool magic tricks

    RockyRocky25 dagar sedan
  • People don't care about card tricks anymore.

    Jod ScienceJod Science25 dagar sedan
  • Hey Chris. A while back you suggested we buy a hanayama puzzle and you would solve it live. Well I have missed the live obviously. I have picked this puzzle up 100 times and everytime I am just missing something. Can you please do a solve so I can get over this puzzle.

    Marilyn Mc2BitzMarilyn Mc2Bitz29 dagar sedan
  • Nice tutorial trik card. It great 👍

    koko vlog officialkoko vlog officialMånad sedan
  • Is it strange that a yellow elephant first came to my mind? Maybe not right?

    Cr1mssyCr1mssyMånad sedan
  • You are 50% magician, 50% comedian. Pure genius.

    Christopher Dimitrious PhanaraChristopher Dimitrious PhanaraMånad sedan
  • I cant believe how creative you are. Love ya Bro!!! lol

    Christopher Dimitrious PhanaraChristopher Dimitrious PhanaraMånad sedan
  • Oh! Finally some magic stuff

    Zineddine BlackoZineddine BlackoMånad sedan
  • Dayumm dudes a certified Wizard! BUUUUT IS THIS A LIKE HEAT ACTIVATED CARD? Nevermind!

    Kenneth WilliamsKenneth WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Guy Fawkes tried that once. Aperently blowing up the houses of parliament is illegal. So he got punished for attempted Regicide.

    Mr.Mischief IknowyourpasswordMr.Mischief IknowyourpasswordMånad sedan
  • René Lavand's It Can't Be Done Any Slower

    RICO workshopsRICO workshopsMånad sedan
  • Sad I can’t get these in the uk 🥴

    P6TP6TMånad sedan
  • Mahjong Tile Cardistry, Chris you must see this. I like Japanese style Mahjong, and I’ve never gotten nimble with the tiles before, but you are in Montreal there’s a mahjong community there. I wonder how mahjong tiles have been incorporated in cardistry and magic tricks.

    Arterial BlueArterial BlueMånad sedan
  • LOL

    shaun georgeshaun georgeMånad sedan
  • I love your channel man. Very inspirational for people like me.

    Nathan VNathan VMånad sedan
  • Can anyone help me out? I've become really intrigued with slight of hand (i guess magic tricks) and I would like to start learning. Where should I start and what's the best way to start learning

    Wil RiveraWil RiveraMånad sedan
  • Here's a cookie for the algorhythm, couldn't watch it all, cause I don't want to know how it works, just want to see "the magic" 8D

  • ephemeral

    Tina MitchellTina MitchellMånad sedan
  • Or you could use this as the last trick if people are getting bored, then purposely make the patter very long, and when they look like they're ready to walk away, say 'you know what, if you're not interested, I can finish half way and get myself a drink' then throw the card on the table and walk away

    Pen FoldPen FoldMånad sedan
  • "don't think of a yellow cat...first thing you're gonna do is think of a yellow cat" me (an emo kid): i thought of the song Yellow Cat Slash Red Cat by Say Anything....not a cat that's yellow in color. anyone else? no one? bueller? bueller?

    tazmon122tazmon122Månad sedan
  • What kind of cards do u suggest for magic?...paper, plastic coated paper or plastic?...please i nee to know

    nobodynobodyMånad sedan
  • When u dropping the mask Chris?

    GravlinGravlinMånad sedan
  • Chris when you went on beast Scot talent you did amazing

    Prank PlaysPrank PlaysMånad sedan
  • I was going to buy this but they dont deliver to the UK 😭

    RRUFC2910RRUFC2910Månad sedan
  • I tried the second trick on someone and the reacted exactly as you said they (thought it was heat activated)

    Mc Inc.Mc Inc.Månad sedan
  • Yo it seems like every other videos gets good amount of comments then the others get less then 1 k

    whateverandstuffwhateverandstuffMånad sedan
  • Ok I know this is a dumb question but I’m getting into cardistry now and maybe magic in the future but when can you tell that a deck of cards is worn out. I have nice theory 11 decks but am using bicycle cards to practice

    Dalson LeeDalson LeeMånad sedan
  • Chris I have tried to order some of your v3s and your v4s however the website said you don't ship to the UK would you mind me asking how come

    Richard ChurchRichard ChurchMånad sedan
  • insane intro

    EtanEtanMånad sedan
  • Sou muito seu fã Chris Ransay

    Jenderson o mágico oficialJenderson o mágico oficialMånad sedan
  • Nice.

    Byron MacLeodByron MacLeodMånad sedan
  • Man I miss the tutorials

    Russ LoudRuss LoudMånad sedan
  • you should do a phasedt utorial

    Ahmad TarrenceAhmad TarrenceMånad sedan
  • I just bought this deck I can’t wait to get it.

    OneMoreRepOneMoreRepMånad sedan
  • The thankful celeste intrinsically remember because japan exemplarily clean up a unarmed march. unique, available broker

    Nate BNate BMånad sedan
  • omg i thought of a yellow cat

    Samuel AslanSamuel AslanMånad sedan
  • This trick is so cool that I will take the trick and run off with it

    Pro Gamerz ಠ_ಠPro Gamerz ಠ_ಠMånad sedan
  • I’m lost

    Billy McDanielBilly McDanielMånad sedan
  • He looked like Cicada from The Flash when he wore the mask.

    Luqmaan HajiLuqmaan HajiMånad sedan
  • Do you ship your cards to the Uk?

    Chris DaviesChris DaviesMånad sedan
  • I think an angle to play would be to check your watch like “Um hold on, so we’re sure about this right?” Or if they ask to look glance at your watch first and say “I guess you can” Also I think you could get away with it by starting saying “now that’s the four of spades not your queen of hearts, but wouldn’t it be cool if we could transform this four of spades into your card?” And once you hand it to them and they have it clamped between fingers make a quick scan through the deck and go “That was the four of clubs right?” Hopefully they’ll peek and you can finish the reveal.

    John BeauvaisJohn BeauvaisMånad sedan
  • i love the gaff card trick!

    Greg HuntGreg HuntMånad sedan
  • I hope to god Chris watches this lol

    Kasey RolowKasey RolowMånad sedan
  • Hello

    KEICOKEICOMånad sedan
  • I just got them a couple days ago I love them I’m trying to get the pharaohs shuffle down

    LA SurvivesLA SurvivesMånad sedan
  • don't ever stop doing card tutorials I love you so much ❤❤

    Mido TitoMido TitoMånad sedan
  • I just ordered another V3 and then both V4s (Rd and black)!! Keep up the great work!!

    Andrew AlawamiAndrew AlawamiMånad sedan
  • Song!!!!

    Gary RuizGary RuizMånad sedan
  • Bruh hectic hand skills ya mrs be happy

    Mounty CountyMounty CountyMånad sedan
  • Didn't believe you still knew card tricks!!!

    MartinStangManMartinStangManMånad sedan
  • I’ve missed these Chris! Nice one.

    astridastridMånad sedan
  • Intro delicious😁

    Trinity 369Trinity 369Månad sedan
  • Why am I not seeing mercy on

    Zach LemosZach LemosMånad sedan
  • @Chris Ramsay I follow you with passion, a wonderful job. I have a challenge for you. If you are interested in the most difficult puzzle, but I do not have the puzzle box in the game of chess. Your chance to succeed within ten days. 1 out of 1,000,000 I think

    naeem hanoofnaeem hanoofMånad sedan
  • Cool thing you can do to the second trick is add in there that the 4 of spades is going to help you find the Queen, and since you did a double lift, you can flip it over and ask them to sign the back of the card while its on the pack. Then, when you hand it to them, they see their signature on the back and they no doubt think it is the 4 of spades. When they reveal that it is now the melded card, it really sells that the 4 of spades really was transforming to the queen

    Merced FloresMerced FloresMånad sedan
  • Yo man, love your videos.. but not every video needs an intro. Just some feedback.

    Tony rinaldoTony rinaldoMånad sedan
  • Man can you do more of these I miss these. you could even redo some of your old ones cuz I know you don't want to expose stuff. I just miss you teaching

    Jacob LottJacob LottMånad sedan
  • Trick looks awesome. Unfortunately I am still waiting for my cards to come in the mail. Ordered 4 of each color and a couple more V3's. Can't wait to handle them myself, they really look sweet.

    Dave FaustDave FaustMånad sedan
  • So happy I can finally do this trick and use the card!!!

    Becky BonsellBecky BonsellMånad sedan
  • So simple but so precise. Mind = blown.

    Paolo RepettoPaolo RepettoMånad sedan
  • Hey Chris, I love this trick and your cards. I tried to buy them but it said they don't ship to the UK. Is there another way to get or would it be possible to get them sent here? Big love man Liwanu

    Liwanu TLiwanu TMånad sedan
  • Starting watching your videos today and I've spent half my day just bingeing video after video. Love everything about it

    Dereshan MoodleyDereshan MoodleyMånad sedan
  • Just before I go and buy this deck, because I love that design... Is there a source to buy replacement gaff cards?

    John IrvineJohn IrvineMånad sedan
  • as so often in yt videos: Wears mask to talk at the camera. Pulls off mask to talk to a human. bruh

    BaktillusBaktillusMånad sedan
  • ChrisR. I really enjoyed ur video when im stoned😉 Bro u look like UFC fighter Conor mc.gregor...

    Jason ByteJason ByteMånad sedan
  • Gahhh! Signed deck with brick?!?! How ooften will this happen???

    Cristhian OrellanaCristhian OrellanaMånad sedan
  • Don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but I think this would be a great finale to an ambitious card routine. Really solidifying that you were actually losing their card and it was magically coming back up

    RabidParana1RabidParana1Månad sedan
  • the "you ruined the trick" is genius

    Tonio KettnerTonio KettnerMånad sedan
  • Great tutorials mate! Loved the intro as well 1st class as always!

    Adam BlewmanAdam BlewmanMånad sedan
  • Another Brexit "bonus" can't buy 1st cards anymore from States, Freedom of movent gone now 1st cards. Brexiteers are dicks.

    MrCallcottMrCallcottMånad sedan
  • 1st. Love the brand name Alot of people post your brand on newly dropped YT videos. Rep

    users usernameusers usernameMånad sedan
  • this is such a neat trick, it makes me wish I'd kept up with practicing card magic growing up.

    toddnyallisontoddnyallisonMånad sedan
  • So I bought 4 of this new deck..2 red, 2 black. I loved them so much I bought a brick of the red decks. 🤷‍♂️. My first ever brick purchase. Thank you for my new hobby Chris 👏👏

    6illustrate6illustrateMånad sedan
  • Tried to buy, no UK shipping 😕

    Luke StantonLuke StantonMånad sedan
  • When is the next vlog coming

    famous magicfamous magicMånad sedan
  • So no more reacting to magic vids or redit...ok i get it

    Jesy AnoJesy AnoMånad sedan
  • Funniest video I have seen this week.

    torilesstorilessMånad sedan
  • I missed your tutorials so much thank you

    chip fantinichip fantiniMånad sedan
  • I just watched Mr Beats “Beast Got Talent”, and I think ur one was the best. Good job😎

  • Could you do a top 5 or top 10 card review ?! Want to see what cards are the new hype

    TTV BladeTTV BladeMånad sedan
  • mans just played 52 pick up with himself

    Ashley }:]Ashley }:]Månad sedan
  • Is it weird that I thought of a yellow submarine when he's called us out on that yellow cat? Otherwise, sweet moves Dude.

    a dudea dudeMånad sedan
  • Man Chris is snaggin in this video...outfit on 10 fam 🔥

    Dundrial BuelsDundrial BuelsMånad sedan
  • What I like to do with the color changing card in the spectator's hands is tell them to hold it tightly because I'm going to steal it from them magically, and they need to be sure that I can't somehow get it from them without using magic. It gets them to hold dowm tightly and I move straight into magically taking it from them. Hasn't failed me yet.

    CommanderCornerCommanderCornerMånad sedan
  • I really appreciate these videos as a dad getting in to cards trying to grow as my kids get older!

    jadebrecksjadebrecksMånad sedan
  • I came here because of mrbeast

    L0L AlexL0L AlexMånad sedan